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  1. No, 'atmosphere' is pineapple scented candles, smooth jazz, and a mirror on the ceiling. That's just a weird fishy smell.
  2. What happens at Corduroy stays at Corduroy.
  3. Man, there sure isn't going to be much of a turnout. "Ten to 30 protesters expected"??? I'm surprised the Post didn't put in a graphic showing our planned happy hour get together tonight. There were four (4) when I went by there to Breadline for a my weekly fish sandwich.
  4. Yeah, I've been wondering about that, too. I've been on their email list for a while, but have never gone to anything.
  5. Macpherson Square, then walk a block down, and three or four over.
  6. Now accepting bets on how long it will take before this torrent of poll threads gets us drummed right off of this board in the name of Signal To Noise Ratio.
  7. We cannot celebrate until the polls have closed and the polling system implemented so that a suitable location for celebration can be duely elected. You'll probably be back by the time that's all done!
  8. The ballot is confusing. (Yes, we should at least give the poll idea a shot) Edited to realize: Guess this means we do in fact need a new poll for each outing, if the previous poll can't be edited or reset.
  9. Would the poll author be able to change the options each week, or would we need a new thread?
  10. We seem to operate more as a stack (Last In, First Out) rather than a queue (First In, First Out).
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