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  1. bigbear


    Don't you people ever have any work to do?
  2. bigbear

    Dumb Burger

    Are you kidding me? This shoulda been posted under "art you really like."
  3. I don't see why not, but I'd shock them in ice-water in an effort to retain as much green color as possible.
  4. My thoughts and prayers, Stephanie.
  5. Bingo. It's at the top of my list of reasonably priced chain restaurants.
  6. bigbear

    Posh Nosh

    Great stuff. When I have seen them, they were used by NY area PBS stations as shorts to fill out an hour.
  7. Don't tell me that she advocates killing your pet leopards and using their hides for upholstery. I won't do it.
  8. Couldn't be as bad as mine. Unless we share a birthday. I think I have you all beat. My birthday song was "Mr. C's" first, #1 hit.
  9. I am in Quito, Ecuador, altitude 9,300 feet, to see family during the holiday season. One of my grand-nephews came to see me. As usual, we talk about life and have a few drinks. I introduced him to my favorite rum. He looks at the labeling on the bottle and reads, “Aged at high altitude.” He says, “Hey, so was my mother.”
  10. Crutchfield is one web site that I would look at to gain some knowledge.
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