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  1. Hummus w/manousche Roast salmon Barley with ramps and asparagus Garlicky sautéed yellow chard w/toasted sesame oil and sesame seeds And an excellent Sancerre to drink. Considering I was already thinking about drinking at 10 am, this really hit the spot.
  2. Just looked up the Jungle Bird. Sounds excellent. I need to get some demerara sugar (and some pineapple juice)
  3. You don't have to go back as far as the '50s. In the early '90s when I spent a lot of time in Nashville for work they would look at me like I had two heads when I asked if they had FISH on the menu and didn't want lardons on my salad.
  4. Just learned from a reliable source the teacher isn't vaccinated (we were under the impression she was) because she's afraid it will negatively impact her fertility. I know the school can't mandate the vaccines for faculty as long as they're EUA but the fertility stuff is bullshit.
  5. Actually, they threw off a lot of dirt when washed.
  6. First rhubarb of the season called for my sous chef assisting with making buttermilk biscuits which were eaten with roasted rhubarb.
  7. Market-purchase still life.
  8. Friday night dinner - Seared tuna (I need work with the sesame coating, most of it ended up on the griddle) Quinoa with ramps and asparagus New broccoli rabe, shallots and butternut squash - sautéed. Buttermilk biscuits with roasted rhubarb for dessert.
  9. Kentucky Flyer. 2 oz Rye 3/4 oz Luxardo maraschino 1/2 oz lemon juice Shaken over ice and strained into a chilled coupe. Garnished with 2 boozy cherries.
  10. Just received an email that one of the boy's teachers tested positive for COVID and now the entire first grade has to quarantine for a week. Just kill me now.
  11. Early morning visit to W. 97th street - spring is here. Ramps!! Asparagus!! Rubarb!! Lilacs!! (and some young broccoli rabe and apple cider for cocktails)
  12. Tomahawk. (completely un-PC name for a very tasty cocktail). Suggestion came from one of Sneak's emails where I saved the recipe. I used Rye in place of Seagram's 7.
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