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  1. I re-read it earlier this year (I had read it sometime in the early 90s) and I didn't think it held up. If anything, I found her annoying and tiresome. Whereas I found it charming the first time I read it (I managed to find my original write up in my book journal)
  2. What else has she done? My god - that's awful. I know it's near impossible to get someone evicted in NYC, but I hope they do so in this case. I hope she isn't judgement-proof.
  3. @Sneakeater - regarding the Masala Martini, what gin do you suggest? (to be fair, I'm currently dry. But I want to know for when I start drinking again)
  4. As my beloved father used to say "I won't be disappointed if you never make this again."
  5. Although having a handheld shower head option would be great, if won't work in this situation as the shower head drops down directly from the ceiling of the shower. Somehow the old super/handyman fucked up the shower about 15 years ago when it needed to be re-tiled. Before that I never had a problem with either temperature or water pressure.
  6. I wish I could use the shower in the second bathroom. But it doesn't keep a steady temperature so you move from scalding to ice and the water pressure sucks. (and yes, I keep saying I'll try a shower head with no restricter plate)
  7. The super in my building has told me that you need to pour water down an unused drain with regularity to avoid this.
  8. Not watching yet, because it hasn't dropped, but eagerly awaiting season 5 of Big Mouth.
  9. Chicken Soup. Because it's always a good night for chicken soup. With lots of pieces of chicken.
  10. I'm eager to see the show as well. My schedule is crazy so I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to go.
  11. Now imagine how much more damage they would do if they had opposable thumbs!
  12. I really love having left-overs. Today I turned the last piece of roasted salmon into a salmon salad with lots of dill and mayo on a challah roll with slices of green zebra tomatoes.
  13. How long did the marriage last if this is how it started? And how is it that no one else has asked this question?
  14. Fancy leftovers from the holiday that just ended - Tuna steak with tomato, preserved lemons, garlic and capers. Wonderfully savory.
  15. @hollywood - they own. It's a co-op. And @joethefoodie is accurate on the drill. Often, as ConEd starts poking around they discover other internal building work that needs to be done as well. So it's really a long nightmare. And yes, my initial recommendation was for a pair of induction burners and a good countertop oven. Someone lent them an Instant pot. And I think they already owned a crock pot. Fortunately, they have ample counter space in their kitchen.
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