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  1. If you know a homebound senior living NYC who hasn't been vaccinated yet the city is putting a plan in motion for delivery the J& J shot. Sign up is here. https://forms.cityofnewyork.us/f/homebound And share this information with anyone you know.
  2. There are two independent pharmacies in my neighborhood that are offering vaccines which pleasantly surprised me. I thought they were sticking with the big chains.
  3. The recipe I used called for topping with club soda which diluted it.
  4. I should note that spouse was reluctant to try cuz it was "pink"
  5. Baroness Collins. Lovely, but seasonably inappropriate. Something to think of on a hot steamy day.
  6. Boy is playing video games with one of his besties via Face-time. It's so funny to listen them. I feel like I'm getting a peak into his world.
  7. Sicilian Negroni. Equal parts gin, Campari (or in this case Luxardo Bitter Rosso) and freshly squeezed Blood Orange juice.
  8. It tastes good. It's just dense - doesn't have the big air holes. It was strange - I tried shaping it and just slumped into itself. What am I doing wrong? Want to try and diagnose?
  9. I give up. This is a disaster. I have no idea what I did, but I let it rise, and when I tried to shape it it turned into a blobby mess. I suck.
  10. I've decided to attempt the loaf AGAIN!!! And yes, I added the salt. As much as I love bread, there's no way I"m going through about 7 pounds of bread flour between now and Passover.
  11. I thought she was referring to this - https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/birkenstock-hermes-birkin-sandal-bootleg/
  12. you referring to the ones made of Birkin bags?
  13. Who was it who recommended Ted Lasso? I was doubtful after episode 1 but really glad I stuck with it.
  14. About 20 years ago I called Ossie's Fish looking for sushi-quality tuna and they scoffed at me saying "What do you mean sushi-quality tuna? Tuna's tuna."
  15. Sourdough on Shabbat? Inside the City’s Kosher Food Revolution I'm not sure what's worse - the article or the fact that all these fucking millennials seem to think they're on to something new.
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