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  1. Rick Bishop still have ramps! Bought them and asparagus (as well as some lettuce). Looking forward to having them with pasta on Tuesday night.
  2. bloviatrix


    Photos like Voyager's is why I will never, ever share photos of my suppers.
  3. I don't want to tell you how many half sheet pans I have. And then I discovered two brand new ones at the top of a closet the other week. I have a sickness.
  4. This is what I buy. I think it's the cheapest pan I own.
  5. I buy the pompelmo just for this purpose. I get very cranky when the spouse drinks it WITHOUT tequila. Speaking of which, I need to buy more tequila. I think I have about 2 ounces left. And I said kaddish over a bottle of Aviation Gin on Sunday night (mind you, I have plenty of other bottles of gin). I feel a order coming on.
  6. Use in place of oil for roasting potatoes. And, although it's not the season - instead of butter in matzoh brei.
  7. I do love a Paloma - tequila, lime juice and San Pellegrino Pompelmo. Went perfectly with the the pizza we ordered.
  8. Visiting grandma in the time of the virus... she sat on the deck and we sat on the lawn. We brought our own food and utensils. Never the twain shall meet. We hadn't seen her in person since February and there's only so much Facetime you can do. On plus side, it was a gorgeous day to be outside and we had an opportunity to play some soccer in the yard. And there was absolutely no traffic at the entrance to the Holland Tunnel!
  9. He was so funny and made everything he was in better. He was the "secret sauce"
  10. Thanks for the explanation @joethefoodie.That helps a lot.
  11. The No. 1 and the No. 2 have absolutely nothing in common. So why the same name? I don't get it.
  12. bloviatrix


    Thanks. I would prefer that the braids were better defined. The dough is wonderful to work with - very silky.
  13. Spouse attended one of their virtual tours on a day when the weather was particularly miserable. Fortunately, we made it to orchid show when it first opened.
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