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  1. Ramp and asparagus pizza.
  2. Shavuout is coming. Boy helped me make a chocolate swirl cheesecake.
  3. Happy birthday. Your wife rocks!
  4. Per Liquor.com using Bourbon is a more modern addition. I could always make one with cognac and one with bourbon and decide which I prefer.
  5. bloviatrix


    So envious. I saw him play Summerstage many years ago on a joint bill with Teddy Thompson (son of Richard and Linda Thompson) and Ollabelle (which features Amy Helm, Levon Helm's daughter). And the Old '97s never disappoint.
  6. Anyone familiar with the Suffering Bastard? It has a split base of London Dry Gin and bourbon. Looks intriguing and I have everything on hand.
  7. bloviatrix

    Jim Brown

    My brother is a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan because of Jim Brown. Amazing athlete. His best sport was actually lacrosse.
  8. I appear in a photo on Page Six in the NY Post today.
  9. I think it was $6/lb. But I could be wrong.
  10. Kid got on the bus at 7:50 this morning and I was at the 97th street greenmarket by 8:00. Picked up a lovely fennel, potatoes and leeks for vichyssoise, strawberries and RHUBARB.
  11. We had a lot of challah left from last week so tonight was "breakfast for dinner" - French toast! With regular maple syrup for the boy and bourbon barrel aged maple syrup for me.
  12. FWIW, I typically buy two bunches at a time and use them both in a single dish.
  13. So you're only using 2 or 3 at a time and not a whole bunch? (I've never known someone to use less than a bunch at once!)
  14. Just how many bunches of ramps do you buy at a time?
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