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  1. I'm sorry you've lost a beloved companion.
  2. I really need to look up the history of the jigger (particularly the etymology) in The Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails.
  3. I actually have one of those for Passover and I don't love it.
  4. Not sure how many of you play Spelling Bee, but one of the words yesterday was Balalaika, which is a cocktail in addition to a stringed instrument. I did not make one but 2 of my friends did (and purchased a bottle of Cointreau in order to make it) Per Difford's the recipe is as follows - 1 1/6 oz Triple sec 5/6 oz Vodka 1/2 oz Lemon juice 1/3 oz chilled water BTW, I don't have any vodka in the house. 10 bottles of gin. But no vodka.
  5. Operation Mincemeat on Netflix. I read the book it's based on years ago. Riveting story about some spycraft/misdirection during WWII. Why they felt they needed to add some sexual tension is beyond me. Nonetheless, a decent way to spend 2 hours.
  6. I think I made fava beans once. So much work. And the spouse didn't even like them. Never again!
  7. I really love this timer. Gave it a serious work-out during my Passover cooking madness. When you have 3 things on the range and something in the oven, AND you're in the midst of prepping to make the next dish, having your timer is telling you what needs to be tended to is a god-send.
  8. I finally got ramps. And asparagus and lilacs. It's officially spring.
  9. Has anyone been to Sugar Monk Lounge? @Wilfrid, I think it's up near you.
  10. So it's what Lenny Bruce would call goyish?
  11. Kid strapped on pads and a helmet at lacrosse for the first time today. He looks like a bobblehead, the helmet is so big. It's so much fun watching him go against the bigger kids. He's tiny and fast. And made a couple of them look like statues today.
  12. My son is constantly coming home from his friends and asking if we can move. Many live in the fancy condos that have gone up on Riverside Blvd which have a ton of amentities. Our building is of the 1950s vintage and looks like it belongs in an outer borough. What can you say when your kid has sleep-overs at full floor penthouse apartments and the kids fly private? I don't think his friends even realize how privileged they are. It's actually kind of gross.
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