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  1. The images on the Pace web site look spectacular.
  2. I save mushroom stems to make mushroom stock. A pint of stock adds some additional richness and body to mushroom barley soup. Vegan too!
  3. If you have $506, I found a copy of the Kodava book.
  4. We’re doing a family Zoom call, which our acknowledgment that things are “off” this year. Considering the epic blowup that occurred 4 years ago perhaps it’s better we’re not together this year. Friendly piece of advice - if a cousin has royally pissed you off and you’re venting, do not send a text meant for one person in the family group chat.
  5. Well, she has acquired a nasty addiction to tranquilizers.
  6. Best part of making Thanksgiving is the leftovers!
  7. We watched the first episodes last night as well. You got to love the Shakespeare quoting orderly.
  8. Being that I still don't have a working oven I wouldn't be surprised if we just order a pizza a call it a day. (I really have no idea what we're going to do)
  9. I actually have a copy of My Bombay Kitchen.
  10. We finally bought a "new" car. It's new to us - a certified pre-owned Volvo. Considering I've been driving a '99 Camry, there's a lot learn with all of the electronics. Our fear is that we won't recognize it when we go to look for it.
  11. 8.5 months working at home and laptop crashed yesterday. Spent several hours on the phone with one of our IT guys. Dell is sending a tech to repair it. As a result, all I can do is respond to email and attend meetings via Zoom.
  12. Whisky Sour variation - Rye Homemade peach chipotle jam Mole bitters
  13. I'm enjoying it although I think it could have done with some additional editing. I feel like there's a bit of repetition. I loved his description of how to prepare chicken in a pig's bladder.
  14. Is there anything better than a freshly cooked pot of Christmas Limas? I made a batch for the purpose of using in a salad but needed to grab a quick bite to eat in a 15 minute break between meetings so I ladled a generous amount into a bowl and ate them plain.
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