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  1. Clover Club using Dorothy Parker Gin. Although I used some homemade gooseberry jam since I didn't have raspberry.
  2. Getting into the Negroni variations - Rothko No. 2 2 oz Ransome Old Tom Gin 2 oz sweet vermouth 2 oz campari Tonic water Lemon zest twist
  3. A little something from the Mouthfuls archives. Who woulda thunk back then....
  4. We had left over tzimmes with beef for dinner last night as well. And I'm in complete agreement. It was significantly better last night than when we ate it fresh on Friday night. Some things do better with a little age on them.
  5. We put the hummus down on the plate, made a bit of depression in the middle and mounded the lamb on top so the fat oozed into the hummus and as we help ourselves everything got combined. The one missing was man'ousche (za'atar flatbread that I make) because of the oven issue.
  6. @Sneakeater - since you included a Hot Toddy among your drink recommendations this week, have you ever considered an improved Toddy? Instead of hot water, use a flavorful tea (i really like Trader Joe's Autumn Harvest for this). Honey, cinnamon stick, and muddled lemon. Then add the bourbon (or rye if your prefer).
  7. I made way too much food (what a shock!!). Yesterday's lunch of hummus with ground lamb was outrageously good considering the hummus was made on Friday. Chickpeas were cooked until almost mushy which resulted in beautifully smooth, silky hummus. The Sammy Tamimi recipe from Falastin is my new go to when I don't want to go through all the Solomonov steps in Zahav. Ground lamb cooked was well seasoned. Hummus came out of fridge early enough to come to room temp and with the hot lamb - just joyous. This is not fancy food. It's simple, good, and immensely satisfying.
  8. Oy. Just saw the email.
  9. Oh man, that looks good.
  10. Columbia greenmarket this morning - went early and was pleasantly surprised by how reasonable the lines were. Haven't seen a line this short at Samascott at such an early hour ever. Among my many purchases were black-eyed peas from Lani's - it's a Syrian tradition to eat them at Rosh Hashanah. And golden raspberries. Glad I brought my bubbie cart as I had a lot of purchases (corn is heavy when you have a mile walk home!).
  11. I just order my Apple/Raisin/Cinnamon/Honey/Brown Sugar/Crumb Challah from one of our local bakeries. We had it last year and it was insanely good. They also do an apple honey twist sourdough boule for the holiday which we ordered. And a mocha cake since I can't bake.
  12. Flipping through Netflix last night and discovered the newly dropped Young Wallander, which is basically a re-boot of the Henning Mankell series of novels. Instead of being set in the 70s when the Wallander of the novels would have been a young detective, it's set in current day. And the actor playing Wallander looks like a young Jonathan Groff (Spring Awakening, Hamilton). First episode is gripping, I can see that it's ripe for binging (although only 5 episodes). But, if you're like me and massive Mankell fan, the current day setting will be jarring.
  13. After yesterday’s crisis of having no ice which forced me to improvise (amaro abaño, lemon juice, sugar syrup, seltzer), tonight I was able to fix myself a whiskey smash using a pumpernickel rye whiskey.
  14. What’s she going to do with the buckwheat?
  15. Different synagogues are doing different things. Of the two we're members of, the one we're not attending (and has has many COVID- and Mask-skeptics) is mostly doing services inside with a single small service in the sukkah. We've decided to go to the one that received the permit from the city to close off the street and is putting up a large marquee to hold everything outdoors. Meanwhile, one of the local high schools has 4 confirmed cases with a number of tests pending. They're closed and we received an email from the school today saying that any kids who have siblings in that school ha
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