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  1. Speaking of RLB - has anyone looked at her new Ice Cream book?
  2. Now that we have ice, tonight's cocktail was a Gin Daisy (Old School) using Dorothy Parker Gin.
  3. @joethefoodie - you might want to consider getting something like this to store ice cream. (it's what I use)
  4. Last time I bought beans I think they were something like $8 or $9 per bean. And to add insult, they were dry so their only use was for extract when I wanted them for preservess I didn't realize they had come down in price to such an extent. $4 each is a bargain. I'd be ok buying 1/4 on my own. The problem is storing them so they remain supple.
  5. I checked Hello, My Name is Ice Cream out of the library when it first came out a number of years ago. I'll check out some of the web sites. Thanks.
  6. I'm paying $.75/ear this year at the greenmarket.
  7. Last night I was so looking forward to mixing myself a cocktail using the new bottle of rye I had bought only to discover as I started assembling everything that we had actually RUN OUT OF ICE! What the hell? I was NOT very happy.
  8. So now you only have to take out a small mortgage? The price of beans had gotten to be obscene! Please report back on their quality because I'm in desperate need of a reasonably priced stash (my vanilla extract is running low)
  9. How do you find her (Jeni) recipes? I have her first book but I've never used it. Her addition of corn syrup always turned me off.
  10. That's so painful - it's such an awful feeling when that happens.
  11. Amex is running a promotion that will give you credit your account $5 up to $50 for every purchase you make from a small business. We've maxed out, but they applied it to a bunch of my greenmarket purchases and my recent order from Rancho Gordo.
  12. Started the McPhee piece. Can you imagine paying $1 for 3 pounds of heirloom tomatoes? Or $.10 for an ear of corn? Those were the prices back in '77,
  13. Woke up at early this morning only to realize we were in the midst of a black out. I actually think the thing that woke me up was the extreme quiet. Power came back on about 45 minutes later - and what I noticed is how "noisy" quiet can be. I heard a hum start seconds before every turned back on - there are these ambient noises around that you don't even notice when you think you're experiencing silence.
  14. Here's the one good thing about this morning's rain - it made the lines practically nonexistant at the the greenmarket! Yesterday's sungolds from Lani's were so good that the pint was finished by the time we went to bed. Finally got my hands on heirlooms (from Lani's).
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