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  1. I made another cobbler last night with a strawberries, blueberries, rhubarb, and some sour cherries that had been sitting in the freezer since last summer. And today - SOUR CHERRY SOUP!!!!!!
  2. Isn't gefilte fish basically a fish sausage already?
  3. bloviatrix


    That photo is just cruel.
  4. Badminton Cup 1 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice 1 ounce simple syrup 2 ounces gin 4 or 5 slices cucumber 5 mint leaves Club soda, to top Mint sprig Muddle cucumber and mint. Add lime juice, simply syrup, & gin and shake well over ice. Strain into a Collins glass, as seltzer to top.
  5. My condolences @paryzer. I love the photos. He looks like he was quite the companion.
  6. We're reached peak Greenmarket. Came home with 3 kinds of berries - straw, rasp, and blue. Sweet cherries! Green beans! Shelling peas! A massive basil "plant" and more. I'm very happy.
  7. The worst musical ever was Urban Cowboy. We left before the end of the first act.
  8. Strawberry Rhubarb cobbler. Right out of the oven.
  9. bloviatrix

    NY Rangers

    Boy made this sign tonight and made us all hold it up to the screen. I'm feeling very pleased with myself.
  10. Is there such a thing as fresh leftovers? As part of my Shavuot prep I made the mixture for swiss chard fritters but never shaped or fried them so we had them for dinner tonight with the last bits of Dorie Greenspan's Lower East Side Brunch Tart and a farro/ramp/mushroom salad.
  11. They won 7-3. So he contributed to a serious chunk of their offense.
  12. I know this is meant for MLB, but since the title is generic baseball, I'm going to use it as a place to brag that boy had his first hit of the season (smoked it into left field) and three walks on Sunday, drove in two runs and scored a run.
  13. We noticed that as well.
  14. Holiday of Shavuot started on Saturday night. I pre-made some food to be re-heated but I also did some prep so that we could eat fresh food. One of which was falafel on Sunday night ( I made the mixture on Friday and the shaped and fried a la minute). With homemade hummus and lot veg. Followed by cheesecake (bought) for dessert.
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  16. Don't we have a "When complaining is really bragging" thread? Perhaps it should be revived.
  17. Congratulations! Hope this gives you the relief you've been looking for.
  18. bloviatrix

    NY Rangers

    Surely you knew that about me. I will NEVER root for the Rangers. It's easy to root for the Yanks even if you're a Mets fan because they're in different leagues. But the Rags are in the same division as the Islanders so my second favorite team will always be whomever is playing them. I'll admit it was painful to root for the Penguins, because I feel about them similarly to the way I feel about the Rangers. And Tampa knocked the Isles out in the Conf. finals in '20 and '21 so it's not like I have a lot of love for them either. But I stand by my principles.
  19. bloviatrix

    NY Rangers

    Tampa lost game 1 last year too and I think you know how that turned out. Looking forward to seeing the Rags lose in 6. (and I hate Tampa too, FWIW). Let's go Western conference!
  20. First ice cream of the season-strawberry sour cream
  21. I still stand by the fact that one of the things that makes a cocktail a cocktail is the adherence to ratios.
  22. Michael Solomonov has a recipe in Zahav for pickle-juice infused fried potatoes. And while it might sound gross, they're actually pretty good.
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