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  1. Never trust anyone over thirty.
  2. Yep, it does that for me. Are the menus the same in Firefox on PC and Mac? If so, in Firefox, go to preferences >privacy >cookies > and you can set Firefox's cookie management to save cookies until they expire (if Firefox saves the cookies, the site should recognize you). Edit to add: preferences >privacy >passwords lets you have Firefox remember passwords.
  3. Denver Post on the death of Duffy's. Edit to add:
  4. In August, in Lafayette, Colorado, a 22 year old was killed by police using a taser. His crime? Growing a small patch of marijuana. Here's an article about the incident that also includes more general info about taser use from the Colorado ACLU .
  5. And another echo of best wishes for your health from me, Bob.
  6. The Corner Bar at the Hotel Boulderado. (Menu served daily Mon-Fri 11:30am-11:45pm, Sat-Sun noon-11:45pm.) Then there's always Harpo's Sports Grill (Arapaho and 28th). (Open 11:00 AM to 2:00 AM daily.) Can't say that I've been in there, or tried the food, though.
  7. Casa Alvarez, if this info is still right. Cheap Eats: Casa Alvarez
  8. The Hungry Toad is open til 10. (Bar food.) Edit: Juanita's (Mexican bar food.)
  9. Golly, it was quiet when I had it. What did you say? I threatened to send it to Missouri if it didn't hurry up and come to a boil! You can't quite tell but the bottom is scorched from the fire and it's beautiful. I want to cook something with it on a BBQ and have some of the flames go up the sides a bit. I really love it. That's quite the dish. Great curves.
  10. Had lunch at Pupusas on N. Broadway near Yarmouth–A great hole in the wall in the grungy strip that's also home to North Boulder Cafe/Dragon cafe. It's mostly a Mexican taqueria; they serve soft tacos (and boast of making the tortillas constantly throughout the day), tortas, burritos; meats include carnitas, lengua, carne asada, adobo. They also have pupusas, a Salvadoran specialty. We tried the pupusa prepared with chicharones. They have a good selection of salsas. Their green chile is chunks of pork, little liquid; not soupy. We had a feast, for about $11.00 for two of us. The tacos are $1.2
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