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  1. We're headed down for JazzFest 4/25-5/2. We decided to do a very traditional visit: Antoines, Aranud's, Galatoire's, Commander's. After annual visits for the last ten years, this will be our first visit back, post Katrina. I'm a little bit scared to see it.


    We are also planning to begin our hunt for a small place. I think the Lower Garden has some value. While I acknowledge the appeal of the wharehouse district, I don't think that will work for us.

  2. Maresca's Country Style provisions, in Sergeantsville, Deleware Township, Hunterdon County. They are a gem, and a trip back in time. ..it is worth a trip from across the state to experience this place..and don't worry if the glass case is empty, they have pretty much everything in the meat locker. Pick up their pate Louise,(smoked ham pate) , pancetta, and their slab bacon . Dry aged meats, and home baked breads from a neighbor if you get there early enough.

  3. TREO, all the way. It has the benefit of touch screen or button controls. I love my stylus and the touch screen for browsing, email...and the push buttons for the phone capabilities. IMO, it is a much better phone that Blackberry, and cuts down on what I need to carry. And, as mentioned, a hand held that syncs with a desk or office unit is invaluable for keeping info safe from los phones or crashed laptops.

  4. Hobeau's was one for sure...

    I worked there in December '85.



    wow, do you remember Richie, one of the owners, and Marguerite, his girlfriend? Ray...or Roy?? the young guy who kinda ran all the restaurants? Most importantly, do you recall the inverted garbage cans/salad servers? And the lazy susans filled with Russian, Italian and Blue cheese?

  5. Hobeau's was one for sure...butterfish hole sounds strangely familiar so that must be the other one.


    The fish was fresh, if not best quality. Back when swordfish was one of the cheapest fish, and the salads were delivered pre made to the restaurants, in 10 g. garbage cans that would be inverted. The salad was then funnelled down into a small door, which was blocked by a piece of plywood that you would shift to the right to let the salad fall into the family style bowl.


    So it goes.

  6. For a period of time, (1986ish) I was the manager at Squid Roe, on 77th and 3rd. The owner of Squid Roe, Cockeyed Clam and I think one or two other UES fish factories with equally cutsie names, lived in the same building as Vonnegut. On occasion when the owner needed cash at night ( you all can make your guesses as to why he needed large amounts of cash late at night) I would deliver it to him after closing out the registers.


    I shared the elevator a few times with Mr. Vonnegut, and he was gracious to my bumbling attempts to express my enjoyment of his work. Of course, it was 2am, and I was carrying one of those plastic bank zipper things. I'd be nice to potentail crazy people in confined spaces too.

  7. it's just so sad to see how convoluted you all twist this... with that said, the idea that academics falls apart around the same thme that hormones kick in...duh???


    ah, Brangelina..the new one is beautiful..how can one object to their glorious diversity? dark, medium, white..blond, brown, black...round, squinted, slanted...its all good. Better if the prettiest woman in Hollywood loves you...but if she inspires the dumpiest woman in

    Pittsburgh to do the same, then its double good.

    And double the lucky kids... Angelina's might be a wonderful writer, but Pittsburg's kid might change astrophysics. Or genetics..or cure your kids disease. Let it go...all love is good love and Angelinas love won't hurt any of us.

  8. Beautiful Michael Kors white peasant style blouse with eyelet and lace...peasant style as in pirate 3/4 sleeves, loose neckline..but thankfully not peasant style as in no shape, is she pregnant??? style.


    Actually I have to admit that I am just looking old enough that pregnancy would not be the assumed condition...in a way, its a relief. In a sad, surrendering kind of way, but still a relief! :blink:


    Those are very cheap rates. It takes my housekeeper about 3 hours, unless creepy boss/husband/money collector guy helps, and it is $90 every week. It's about 4000 sq feet of wood floor, a few area rugs, a kitchen and 3 baths. No other dusting or cleaning, I do that. No bedrooms, kids are responsible for their own space. I keep the kitchen very clean, I'm a bit crazy on that, so she only does the cooktop but not the oven, and mostly a wipe down of everything else. We have 5 baths, so she does the master and jack and jill bath every week, and then alternates on the lesser used ones. Every other week she does the finished basement, just floors: mops the ceramic floor and vaccums the stairs and area rug, and it is another$45.


    I am pretty sure she is competitively priced for this area, and she's really friendly and thorough...Russian. In the summer, she usually has a young family member who is visiting who helps her out. This summer, it was her niece..about 18 yrs old, spending the summer here and then returning to Russia to go to University..absolute knockout. My sons would somehow magically appear in the kitchen when she was there, at the countertop eating cereal and gawking. I made them stop, and apologized to her aunt...who assured me it was common place. "Man", she says "magically wake up with pretty girl, yes?" Wisdom in any culture, LOL.

  10. Calvin Trillin: " Either your children are the center of your world, or they are not. The rest is commentary"



    Thre is a lot of commentary on this thread. And big words, complex judgements, enough to make your head hurt. I think it's simpler, though certainly simplifying is not a strength of Mouthfuls. :blink: There are parts of parenting, like parts of work or parts of going to school, or parts of a 10 course meal, that are less enjoyable than other parts. Was the meal fantastic, and are you glad you dined there? yes, but amuse bouche and intermezzo courses were a bit dull, didn't like the way the vegetables were braised, and the lamb in the seventh course was just a bit past rare as I prefer it. But all in all, I am so glad I dined here. Was parenthood great, and were you glad you did it? yes, but I didn't like the part when he was super fussy and I felt isolated, and her princess phase was tiresome because it seemed so predictable, and the car accident and lsot cell phones really set us back on our retirement fund..but all in all, I am so glad I had them.

  11. What a fond memory, trying to make eye contact with a River Cafe guest so that they would have no opportunity to glance down at the rodent munching happily away at whatever tidbit the previous table guest left...easily, East River Brooklyn rats were foot long, with another foot for the tail.

  12. The View. I love Rosie. Hate the cross talk. but love Rosie.

    Jon Stewart. I usually delete it, but sometimes my son who is at U of Vt. refers to something, and so I can watch it and connect with him...priceless. Jon Stewart should get an award for bringing generations together.

    Sometimes, I review the TCM list and then optimistically record some of the choices..I think I have All About Baby recorded for life...and all the Thin Man's...Asta is my hero.

  13. Ironically, I haven't signed on to either site in a bit, and today had some downtime and decided to catch up. I read, but rarely post. I was very suprised to see that Mayhew Man is also retired or whatever..I really looked forward to his Katrina insights and updates. Then, I came on here and see that egullet is a subject here as well. It's hard not to care about what happens over there.

  14. I love xm...have been a subscriber since Al Franken started on Air America..I've given up listening to that program, but I love the music channels, and they have one that is old time radio shows, I like that a lot too for a long drive.

  15. I have one teenaged son who does chores without complaint, doesn't procrastinate, and generally doesn't give attitude. My other teenaged son treats each request to take out the garbage like I asked for the donation of a major body organ. I realized, thankfully relatively quickly, that I was requesting more of the cooperative kid simply because it was easier on ME...but in the long run, I didn't help anyone out...the spoiled one, the worker, or the men they will someday become.


    An employer, however, sees the worker bee as profit, not a child to help grow towards successfu adulthood. If a devoted mother falls prey to favortism( or actually anti-favortism?) then a "for profit" supevisor will certainly take advantage of a devoted, go to work sick employee.


    Just my two cents.

  16. I have been to Witherspoon Grill twice and was not overwhelmed either time.. I felt the menu choices were above the abilities of the kitchen.. I am glad to see the shortribs worked.. I just cant see how that kitchen bangs out something memorable..



    the Grill's reservation/wait list policy has to change. I was w/ a party of 8, gratefully from a group of local private school parents, not business. Called and "got on the list" for 8p...seated at....( this is PRINCETON, people!) 9:45. Horrific shellfish hd, followed by mediocre everything. not just diappointed but FRUSTRATED and disappointed.


    Went three months later, party of 4, signed in at 5:45 ( was told that some folks were able to call in...'regulars", they said. When I inquired w//the mgr, he assured me that I was misinformed, you have to be here to put your name on the list. whatever. At the end, a mediocre meal. at best. Give me BigFish or Tiger's Tale, at least the 45 min wait resulst in a good meal, or in the case of the TT, great beers on tap.


    Never actually got to the point of analyzing the real food...simply never had the service experience that was even acceptable enough to consider a return visit.

  17. A lot more work, a lot less non-business dinners this year. Local, I've stuck with Deanna's in Lambertville for Pasta, Harvest Moon for a casual bar dinner, and Blue Bottle...good enough to forgive its BYO status.


    But Ixora (antoher BYO!) is dependably wonderful, and I agree with the oyster fritters rec. I had a memorable lunch at Ryland Inn, he's still on his ccooking game...though the menu was a teeny bit stodgy. But good enough to remind us to come fo dinner.

  18. Henry's End was a dependable choice when I lived at the Eagle Warehouse in BH...that was in 1986-91...has it changed hands or is it the same set of owners. Great staying power. that is truely one neighborhood that will always be very special to me...maybe because the boys were born there, that idyllic time of play groups and strollers and days in the park. I seriously need to visit.

  19. Thanks for the input. I wound up last night at Ruth Chris, solo. Those are very liquid-y steaks. Tasty, but "wet". I was back watching Jennifer Anniston in "the Breakup" by 8:30, with two frangelicos from room service. Lovely. Tonite I will be at Borgata with a small group, who preferred Flay's to Mina's..so I'll miss Seablue. However I am going to check it out a litle more closely so that I'm more prepared for next years convention. I might join them at the slots for an hour, but my plan is to be back as early as possible, to watch Little Miss Sunshine.



    Liza, I think all the NY Board of Realtors have their big party events tonite.


    We were evacuated this morning from the AC convention center, BTW. Its amazing how differently I react to a fire alarm now as pre-911. What a world.

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