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    Nick's Menus

    Nick, how about a description, for new MF'ers, of your clientele/market..and then a contest to determine top selling app and entree? I already have my choices, b/c I AM your market, LOL.
  2. This is the summer of the college quest for the soon to be HS Senior....two and three day trips to Ithaca NY(Cornell), Middlebury and Burlington VT ( Middlebury, Uof V), DC ( American, Georgetown, which is a longshot along w/ Cornell) New Orleans, (Tulane) and Boulder CO ( U of C@Boulder). We'll plan some more southern schools in the Fall. However, we just came back from VT, and he's so crazy about Burlington and U of VT, he's now lukewarm to go anywhere else. Friends are going to San Fran and Wine country in Sept, but I am working the campaigns again and the timing seems near imposs
  3. Kim

    Katie Holmes

    But really, look at that face. Could she eat organ meat? Um, I mean, could she dine w MF'ers and be adventurous, engaging, even moderately interesting? Could she join the NYC clique? I think not.
  4. I have recently greatly curbed my cel phone use while driving. 6 months ago, I would have advocated that people are capable of driving and talking on the phone, with headphones. However, within a short period of time, I had 3 seperate instances where I was engaged in a phone call, and drove to the wrong destination. On my way to the cleaners I rec'd a call..and wound up on the road I take to my office. Another time, I was on my way to the book store, and drove automatically to the grocery store...on the same road, but not my destination. It was apparant that I was on auto pilot. If I wasn'
  5. Kim


    I have two blue Herons in my pond. A big one, and a medium sized one. Placid. Really really cool.
  6. That was such a fun blog..I caught on late, and spent WAY too much time catching up . I missed it when she was done...I look forward to buying the book and rereading it.
  7. Georgyi vodka for us, too. We would cut it in half , scoop out some, and then poor the vodka on it, then kinda "drink" the vodka from the melon. Lots of photos in my HS photo albums of friends faces obscured by tipped up watermelons. Hey, do kids have photo albums anymore? I don't thins so, mine don't...it must all be on their computers now. That's a shame..
  8. During the cooler months, I've been stuck on Dolce and Gabanna's Sicely. For the past few years, I've switched over to Michael by Michael Kors, but that's become too common, I smell it everywhere, so I've been experimenting with some scents. Has anyone tried Beach, by bobbie Brown? It smells like coppertone... too strange for me, but its interesting.
  9. Kim

    Katie Holmes

    had dinner with four generations of family last night, and all agree Tom is a wanker, once someone explained to the older members what a wanker is.
  10. I order my crawfish from the net, packed and shipped from LA...is is still the season for crawfish? Sorry to sound ignorant, I had always thought it was in conjuction w/t he rice crops and flooding the bogs...
  11. Kim

    Katie Holmes

    ditto on the handwriting. edited tro delete rambling thoughts.
  12. Generally speaking, I feel most people are better off concealing. Not, as noted in other posts, with giant baggy sweats...but concealing a fat butt with a longish vest or a squishy tummy with a shirt that covers it, or cottage cheese thights with a skirt to the knee area....these strategies can make you look thinner...or at least, draw one's eyes to your assets rather than your weaknesses. Me? For business, I wear Talbot's petite plus sizes, with some Chico's, RL, and Anne Klein mixed. All of these manufactureers ( I wouldn't call most of these brands designers, as they are more licensee
  13. Kim

    Katie Holmes

    One time, I really wanted to look better in a gown that I was wearing to a black tie affair. So my friend and I went to one of these wrap places..ie..they wrap your body in these ace bandage like things, every inch, very tight. Then, you mummy walk your way to a tread mill or exercise bike, in a overly warm room. YOu exercise and move around a bit..after 10 minutes thay bring you into a shower like room, and squeeze the toxins into little baggies..so you can SEE the toxins and incches melt away. exert, squeeze, drain off toxins, repeat, repeat. At the end of an hour, I lost four inches, (r
  14. I had a cat taht started to bite, after never having such behavior. turns out he had allergies, and his skin, under the fur, was very sensitive...raw, almost. You couldn't tell unless you really pulled the fur apart ( he was ally cat, but with a very dense, thick coat) Anyway, I agree that a visit to the vet is in order...and be adamant that your nephew was gentle..I think too many vets will lump it under the "he's not used to kids" banner. I switched to an all cat veternary clinic for my cats, I prefer them over the all species kind of vet. The mastiff goes to a vet who specializes
  15. Kim

    This Magic Moment

    Promenade in Brookln Heights, specifically the playground area.
  16. Kim

    Katie Holmes

    WE were house guests this weekend in Bayhead, at the Jersey shore. A wonderfully relaxing/lounging/margarita sipping kind of day, with loads of back issues of People Mag and Vanity Fair. TomKat became the topic of conversation, and I proceeded to spew useless TomKat information garnered from this fine thread. I was in a lounge with my sunhat over my eyes, so I was talking without seeing my audience...when I finished and turned to view them, 4 close friends and my own husband were staring at me, drop-jawed, dismayed that I had this kind of TomKat knowledge. I can't say they were necassarily
  17. Kim

    Katie Holmes

    Is She really going out with him? Is he really going to take her home tooonite Is she really going out with him, Cause if my eyes don't deceive me there's something going wrong round here... was that Joe jackson?
  18. For me to reveal that, we'd need to move this to the "Cheerful" thread.
  19. Wow. I would never have thought of such a thing. Pavlovian really. Yes, even after many years of marriage, I can still ring his dinner bell
  20. Kim

    Katie Holmes

    wilfrid will be right over! Actuaally, she's here with her twin sister.
  21. Kim

    Katie Holmes

    My son's 17 year old girlfriend is here, and I'm watching Oprah..she asked if I saw the Tom Cruise one, and went on to expalin how 'totally creepy" he is...then she pointed out something,a nd came on line to show me...her observation is spot on: in every photo, he's really CLENCHING her...if you fill the screen with it, you can actually see indentations and white marks on her skin from the pressure of his grasp.
  22. Kim

    Mara's Home Made

    is it beef, or chicken?
  23. Negro modello and lemon. I just finished weeding a good portion of flower beds, about 8' x 5. edited to add craving somewhat satisfied: Corona, with lemon.
  24. I'm sorry- I wasn't clear! I think women who just sit there and demand it are the beached whales. My grandmother did what I think was very sweet and clever- she stalled and made the gesture seem so natural and my grandfather got to feel like a hero. When a woman says, "Aren't you going to open the door for me?" either verbally or with The Look, all she does is make him feel like a shitheel. My grandparents played a nuanced little game that was charming. aaahhhh...."nuanced little games"...those are wonderful too, like old fashioned manners! like when said partner is helping you out of the
  25. I really want ice cream. It's not a favorite of mine, but I'm really thinking a lot about ice cream. Chunky Monkey. But in my persoanl quest to be a less chunky monkey, I will refrain.
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