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  1. kids are farmed out for dinner...did some weeding, started the grill, got sweaty, and jumped in the pool....nekkid.Bob came home, we had b ig fat burgers for dinner. Now going to watch the NJ GOP tear themselves up and watch the primary results. Mediocre day, but a nice evening.
  2. alas, for some of us, shorts season is in the "annoyances" thread..
  3. I agree taht lunch should be representative of the chef, style, etc. However, I prefer to judge a restaurant on the entire dining experience, and for me, that means wine service. So, unless it is a vacation lunch, or celebratory, I would not be ordering a bottle of wine in the middle of the day. Therefore, I would use lunch to deciede for myself if its worth a return visit, but I would not either rave about the place, nor complain about it, based on lunch only.
  4. skin guard, skin shield, something like that. After you apply it, as a liquid, it becomes plastic-cy.
  5. Thank you, that's very kind of you. I am rather fond of those guys, myself!
  6. did you try the liquid bandaid stuff? have no idea what is in it..but it works for thsoe difficult joint injuries.
  7. Kim


    oh, I am SO with your wife on this. Although, I greatly enjoy chuckling when certain aged men are roaring past on their motorcycles...so , for entertainment value, I say go for it.
  8. Kim

    Katie Holmes

    my money is on Brooke to win this one. Tom Cruise was cute..but cute does not translate to sexy...he was so out of his league in Eyes Wide Shut ..he's a boy, not a man. Oh, chronologically he might be a man, but he's just the dopey Risky business kid.
  9. Ok, I am not reading this whole thread. A neighboring land owner is a part time resident, a movie editor in CA and NY..this is his vacation property when he is in NY..he came over last week and dropped off National Treasure, Sith and Aviator. We watched SITH, ( ths "galaxy far far away scroll was in cyrillic (sp?) writing..don't ask?? ) and it was unbearable. I'm not a fan of the series, but I can find something redeeming in each version...( the little boy Annakin was irresistable, the teddy bear things on the snowmobiles, hans Solo, Yoda I would say good is yes) but SITH was a yawn, a bore
  10. Today I drove out to the Griggstown Quail Farm, , http://www.griggstownquailfarm.com to get a pheasant. I figured it was one of the last cool days for a while, or at least cool enough to roast a abird indoors. However, all the pheasants were frozen. ( One is defrosting in tepid water as I type) I've bought fresh there before, and inquired why there were no fresh. The clerk responded they were "out of season"....I never knew there were seasons for slaughtering pheasants! Great Poussins (sp?) and fresh quails, but no pheasants.
  11. Yeah, the problem is we'll have to watch all those "bit the tails, suck the heads" jokes and variations, since my husband finds NO HUMOR in sexual jokes when it comes to his baby girl...who at 21 would cause all you Katie Holmes fans to take a second look
  12. ok, just to help it catch up w/annoyances, little things today: easy work schedule today, going to my CSA Farm , and they've got flowers, snap beans and straweberries as the pick your own, plus lettuces and herbs to pick up. Also going to the Griggstown Pheasant Farm, making Pheasant w/raisin sauce for dinner. Will ahve lots of time to linger and shop at Whiole Foods and Wegmans. Today is my son's last day of school (exams next week) so he's officially a senior. A bunch of his friends are coming over, will do an all night poker thing, and they plan to watch all t he star wars in order.
  13. The Way we Were, a love scene w/o sex..when Streisand smoothes the strand of his hair while he watches their daughter in the background, the way she looks at him
  14. Kim

    Katie Holmes

    makes me miss the martini glass.
  15. While health scares are never GOOD, they do serve the purpose of reminding us all to keep our priorities in line..glad to hear it, Monkey.
  16. Seagal, thanks for the reminder..chicken breast..my ultimate ambivalant food.
  17. ketchup. yogurt, milk. (love cheese) and pork, except cured or smoked.
  18. uh, no shit sherlock...I figured you watched it w/ the gatti rugrats...
  19. Paul, I know you and Nick must remember this song from Sesame Street..."One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just isn't the saaaammmeee...one of the things is not like the other, Can you choose and play this game?"
  20. Two years is a long time, I think it will be helpful to see her in person, and if her story changes...tough one.
  21. but just to keep it even, here's Dillon with his batterred face and broken wrist...and a percocet glaze in his eyes. with a little corner of Tory, the boxer puppy
  22. All three of my kids maintain their own websites, with pix of them, their friends, etc. Their schools have web sites,their paintball team has a website, their theatre group has a website...and, if they get their name or photo in the newspaper for a sporting event,or even just listed as a member of the crew team that won a regatta, they turn up on google...so, if anything, their objection would be that MF just doesn't have the "coolness" factor for them, for example in my photo of Connor, I was lamenting the loss of my baby boy, which is NEVER cool to him.......he'd object to content, more
  23. Evelyn, I am catching up as well,a nd ant to send my belated condolences..you were very strong to do what needed to be done, and he left earth with peace and grace, what we can all only hope for... Omni, I'm curious to hear the follow up of the negligent housekeeper...
  24. Did you notice that on this weeks trip, they had two 13 year old girls? the tasters seem so uneducated about food...I know its meant to be a fun, not-too-serious kind of thing ( I mean, there is a hot dog on the top of the van, right?) but there's not enough valid information to really get an idea of each place..and, while the SL bills itself as the State's paper, its really a North Jersey paper, and the destinations mostly reflect that.
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