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  1. Lucky Dog is one mean dog. I might not believe EVERYTHING Jonothan says, but I sure did believe him when he said to stay away from that dog. I think the cheese is inconsistant,but with potential..when its spot on, its very earthy and nutty and balanced, but when its salty, its inedibly salty.
  2. HA! I've told this story before, and its happened more than once..I've sold a client a giant new McMansion with a kitchen to die for..and then, they're relocated again and the home goes up for sale again..AND THE OVEN HAS THE WRAPPINGS ON THE RACKS. Yes, the oven was never used..2, 3 years later.... it amazes me...I mean, not even reheating chicken mcnuggets for the rugrats? nope, microwave.
  3. I can relate quite a few stories of investment success, and I don't mean to make Wilfred shy away from taking a risk..I just have a personal policy that my risks are made with investment properties, not my primary residence. There's lots of stories like WS's, and that's what its all about..but prices WILL drop, even there, if the interest rates go up. I agree you might be insulated somewhat, compared to an area with more housing diversity. I flip 2-3 properties per year, and I'm pretty sure my game is close to being over. Luckily, I hedge my bets by insuring all my properties are
  4. EXACTLY! Fiddleheads are on the short list, along with Beets, of foods I don't like.
  5. However, there are also people who have the type of personality that need a recipe. The same kind of person who makes a lot of lists. A person who wakes up the same time every day. Who perefers reservations to "let's drive up and see what's open". A person like me. Rancho, I have a friend who was inspired to get cooking by her husband..mostly because he made such a big deal every time he comes to my house, and she subscribes to this magazine and has learned and improved a lot. I'm not sure why you don't have inexpensive, easy recipe cards for some of your product..its marketing 101.
  6. So much of this is dependent on what you paid, where you live, etc. Most good mortgage brokers will have a number of equations that they can pop your numbers into, and you can see the best and worst case scenario's of each program. Just be prepared to incur a tremendous jump at the end of your ARM term, and factor that into your decision. 5yrs at 3.5% and 3 years at 10%....( I'm not sure if your ARM has a cap..most do, but they are often compounded) still averages out to nearly 6% I would refer you to one of the brokers I work with and really trust to give my clients great advice..but th
  7. Not clear why this is a reason not to do it. The reason not to selct an adjustable rate mortgage is that every economic indicator is predicting a rise in interest rates...so while they call it "adjustable" it really means "going up". An ARM is a good choice only if you are expecting a significant increase in your income over the next 5 years..( ie, finishing a degree program now and will be getting a full time high paying position in 3 yrs) And, when the bubble bursts, whatever equity you currently have in your property will shrink, or even disappear...but your payments will increas
  8. That is truely terrible...the necklace more than anything, though the stolen BC in our post 911 world is going to be a real PITA to replace..also notify credit agencies to be prepared for identity theft.
  9. also, its relevant to note that a business dinner is often after the conclusion of the real "business"..so by that time, its like "let's s finish up here so I can get HOME!"
  10. oh, kitten wars is FANTASTIC thank you for the link...
  11. Kim


    edited to delete the incorrectly quoted post. Re: Trenton area dogs I think the old Dog House on River Rd is now Jimmy's Diner..they do serve hot dogs, but I have no idea if they are noteworthy. I live in lambertville..did you grow up in this area?
  12. Kim


    I love them with red onions and pancetta...braised with vinegar, chicken broth, a little brown sugar and hot pepper flakes...With bread and cheese, its a meal.
  13. I'll put it under grateful,because it could have been much worse. Dillon ( 15 yrs) was in a dirt bike accident, very scraped up on his face and side, plus a double wrist fracture, both bones. At the ER last nite, they gave him ketamine (sp?), morphine and local anesthetic. Then they had to manipulate and re-align it. Watching your kid on an induced hallucinigenic trip is not fun...although he spoke in a western accent to a guy named Joe, and played paintball while flying in the sky...he's really hurting today, and the percoset is not doing the trick, so I have a call in to the doctor..bu
  14. Is the Nascar track on the West side or the East side?
  15. Kim


    I also use ebay to add to my collection of regional cookbooks, and White House cookbooks. Mostly I've had good expereinces, but once errantly bid on a product from a seller who did not accept paypal, or checks..money orders only. Well, it took me a few days to take the time to wait in a bank line to get a money order for the 11 bucks...she did not receive her payment for perhaps 8-10 days after auction ended...and she completely harassed me via email every day, five or six times a day. Plus, she did all those "terrible buyer" ratings, or whatever they are, to my screen name. And,I never rec'
  16. My husband's b-day...cinq Cipages, 1999, Ch. ST. Jean. w/ Prime Rib Roast. Most lovely.
  17. I don't think the criteria ( AP tests taken per graduate) ) is indicitive of the quality of the school..just indicitive of how hard that school system pushes kids to take AP tests. There are not a lot of colleges that demand them, and most East coast Colleges only want SAT's, most West Coast want subject related ACT's a nd a handful of others want SAT's w/ACT's in order to apply to specific programs ( science, math, engineering mostly) Honors or AP classes are valuable on a general college application, but if you took Honors Biology, and want to be a history Major, there is no need to
  18. Dinner is always changing, but I've had tuna with hot peppers on whole wheat for lunch a few times a week, for years and years.
  19. Kim, I used to do this too. The coloured gel has been around in the UK for longer but I have to tell you, this weakens your nails. I raved about it for 6 months and then my nails just kept breaking over and over. I wasn't doing it for length, I was only doing it because the gel didn't chip so I'd have that done instead of enamel. I wouldn't do it again because of the state it left my nails in. Plus, gel as polish is a thicker coat than enamel.. I like the thin layer of shine or colour as opposed to the gel. I did switch over to a manicurist who is able to do the gel very thin..yes, I'
  20. when did we have the eybrow discussion? Tana, besides being beautiful, she has perfect eyebrows!
  21. GEL is the only way to go, and I have years of manicure experience. I've done tips, linen wraps, wraps with enamel, etc, etc....the colored gel has been avail about 18 months.. In Princeton NJ, it runs about $85 a set, and takes about an hour. There is no dryng time ... Any length, any shape, and most important, any color. yes, the gel itself is tinted. I use a pale pink w/white at the tips for a french manicure. Then, maintenance every two-three weeks..remember, there is no chipping, so you just go when they grow longer than you like. A "fill"cost $25. I change the full set every few mont
  22. connor is 11/87..I'm a Virgo, 9/15
  23. 600 guests, 20-some attendants, three flower girls..and a high expectation wedding night....no wonder she started to crumble like blue cheese!
  24. Then, you blink, you do a few loads of laundry, you open your eyes...and before you can possible imagine it, the Owens and logan's and ians and tito's become this: Connor, 17 yrs.
  25. Isnt' more accurate to say that IWC has more rare/harder to find bottles of wine than Vino, and that's why its more expensive? IWC has incredible service, and will devoutly follow up with clients who buy from them regularly. Plus, they have a major cool selection of rare/unique/antique corkscrews. And the rear room is available for small parties and groups...we have attended a few great get togethers there. I'm not sure Vino has the same hard to find inventory, nor do they seem to have as much of a customer service focus. Plus, they have the salumeri room, its worth the visit just
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