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  1. Yes, qwe had many years of female mastiffs...it had been over 10 since we had a male. So, looking for a regal and strong name, and being Mockingbird fans, we decided on Atticus, with high hopes for our majestic beast. However, Atticus is the goofiest, UN-regal, silliest and sweetest lump of dog any of us have ever come across...really,he should have been names Goofus. Atticus made it into his AKC papers, but he's become TIKI to one and all. We derrived it from Atticus, but we joke that he seems like he's had a few daquiries at the Tiki Bar, that 's why he got that monkier.
  2. at this point, my advice to anyone with pets is to take plenty of pictures...it helps when you find a few that really capture their spirit.
  3. thanks, she is actually grooming him. she used to sit on hisneck and lick his giant head...Atticus, aka tiki the mastiff, is very mopey today. I'm making a prime rib today, so he can have some bones tomorrow.
  4. thank you everyone for your supportive words. It's a little less raw now. Hee's a photo of her and my mastiff, when he was a puppy. Molly loved being in the crate with him, she was the boss fromt he moment he entered our home..and remained so even though he's now nearly 200 lbs. and with 14 year old Louie: thanks for indulging my memories.
  5. Thank you all..what really made her special is she was so regal looking, but had a tomboy, lovebug personality. Here's another photo, of her and her 1/2 brother Benjy, another maine Coon
  6. this is Molly, who died today. She liked afternoon cheese breaks, computer keyboards, and never let me read a newspaper in peace. She was a mighty hunter with a fearless attitude, but also loved long naps and warm laps. She will be terribly missed by both her people and pet families. sorry, I've never done a photo before, this was the first time I ever even tried it, because it was important for everyone to see her.
  7. Her father is a local judge and prominent in the community, by most accounts. Once she was found, it should have been dropped..but unable to look away, I have to admit to laughing when I saw the photo of her under that blanket, covering her face..just how bad was that haircut she gave herself to disguise her looks??
  8. Went to a taping of Iron Chef America this morning. Very interesting, very exciting to watch..we were in the studio over 4 hours, but the time flew by..though not as fast as the 60 minutes must have flown for the competing chefs!
  9. Kim

    The Bonk List

    Harry Connick and Don Henley
  10. the Inn at Castle Hill has a beautiful restaurant and is great for sun setting cocktails..its up the Hill on Ocean Drive. the dining room is octogon shaped, with almost all windows and sweeping views. The food is above average hotel dining, and the Inn itself is a fantastic small hotel. Near the warf, in a converted old townhouse is la Petitie Auberge..haven't been in two years, but recall that it exceeded my expectations at the time. Black Pearl is a safe bet, while the food was good, I wasn't as impressed by the chowder as the reviews I read seem to be. Unfortunatley, my las
  11. Are there any cheeses that you would not include in either the fondue or the cheese ball ( great ideas btw) or once its melted in blended, do the stronger cheeses mellow?
  12. Kim


    I do too... Except it is Ayn -- not Ann. Pronounced Eye-N. as soon as I saw this, I recalled it was spelled w/ the Y..but I never kenw about the pronunciation...thanks.
  13. Kim


    I just need these, all the time: Confederacy of Dunces...Toole How Green Was my Valley..Lllewellyn ( oh, to be named Bronwyn!) Any thing by Ann Rand, once a year Any thing by Anne lamott, once a year (to balance between the two) Langston Hughes Collected Poems, ..."Life for me aint' been no crystal stair" Grahme Base books,Phinneous Phish... timeless. As is Mike Mulligan, but diferent alltogether. Most importantly, Calvin Trillin. Almost every day..I rotate the books in my car, and read a bit while waiting for kids, clients, gas, etc.
  14. Kim

    The Bonk List

    But. I mean....I can CHANGE him
  15. Came back this week from a wonderful 5 day long weekend. Arrived Thurs morning, checked into the maison Du'ville on Toulouse between Bourbon and Royal..we usually stay at the Audubon Cottages, private townhouses down the street but part of the hotel, but we booked late and only had the hotel. Lovely second floor room with a balcony over Toulouse, just glimpsing a corner of Bourbon..any more than a glimpse is overload. Started wtih Acme oysters and a oyster/shrimp po'boy for lunch, w/ a few Abitas. quick nap to compenstae for the early arrival, then off to Emerils Delmonico for red meat
  16. Kim

    The Bonk List

    Dead: Gregory Peck, but only if he lets me call him Atticus Finch Older: Sean Connery, nuff said. peer: George Clooney, I would suck his...dimple. almost peer: Johnny Depp, but with caveats: only if he let me play pirate games, or Willy wonka games! (uumpa loompa, anyone?) embarassing: there is a boy on Gilmore Girls, the renegade Luke nephew...tiny little thing, but I have thought about how he might grow up.. my kids are 20, 17 and 15, so it is always painful when I somewaht admit that a bonk lister might be THEIR peers. above all, Clooney. Dimples. yeah.Dimples. yeah. Dimples. Ye
  17. I don't think it would be a suprise to anyone that he wines tasted at the Gaja tasting were great...Sito Moresco 01, Barberesco 01 and 99, Sori Tildin 01 and 95, Sperss 2001 and 95 ( my favorite)...but, to the credit of the organizers and the host restaurant, the food was unusually good and wellsuited for the selections. i've been to a number of tastings, at the IWC in NY, at prominent NJ places, who invite a wine importer, purveyor, manufacturer to offer their wines .but most often,the hosting restaurant tries to showcase their food , regardless of the wine. Needless to say, Gaja
  18. Is Logan your baby? Are you at all uncomfortable with the possibility of bacteria contamination? My sister is an advocate of raw milk, but had a very bad experience with her 18mo. old and now no longer gives it to any of her children. I have visited Birchwood dairy in PA, and think their milk is spectacualr.
  19. Well, I can tell you that TJ's pizza and the Bagel store across the street from the school are packed every day...as a generalization, girls seem to prefer the choices more than boys. At the Hun School, another Princeton Prep school where my son goes, every healthy choice sits in the salad bar, and they run out of the chicken nuggets every time they are served. And, when theyare not serving them, the kids are into town to Hoagie Haven to buy the fried chicken and fried mozzarella stick super sub. Til the end of time, schools will try to serve a healthier alternative,and till the end of time
  20. I enjoy Edward's morning show on xm Radio...in depth interviews with his usual sharp ability to actually FOLLOW up on a response, rather than ask the next question on his note card. This kind of interview is only possible when you really KNOW a subject..Bob Edwards is only topped by Terry Gross as a great interviewer, IMO
  21. Talbots has a number of $98-148 dollar shoes that are classic, comfortable and quality made. Plus, they have a phenomanal return policy, if anything disappoints, EVER.
  22. Not w/the sides you mentioned, but Swordfish Marsala is a great twist..I prefer the use of shery, the marsala is too sweet, but the msuhrooms and toothsome fish are really complimentary..one of the few non braised/stew fish dishes that work in the winter for me... a hearty fish dish.
  23. Well, I can certainly agree that the fish at Blue Point is fresh...but their presentations are so simple, there sides so uninspiring, that with nominal skill and a decent fish cookbook, you could make any of the dishes at home. Their most popular application is "lemon and butter" preperation...yeah, that's a tricky one! Maybe its what lazy, good looking aristocratic people prefer?? More and more, I'm looking for preperation that is too labor intensive for me to do at home regularly..but that's just me. I can certainly understand why it was included in a travel guide tyoe piece...you won't ge
  24. It's prevelant just about everywhere, but I will mention it to her. Its actually one of the things she dislikes about Temple, too many burnt out kids...
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