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  1. wow, my spawn at omni's alma mater...it is indeed a smallworld. ( edited, its never a good idea to joke about drugs and your own kid, just drugs and somebody else's kid )
  2. ah, the 60 days away from being 21 year old daughter is home from school tonite...application to Sarah lawrence is looking good...wonderful weather, lit the grill, double thick lamb loin chops, all three teens at home, Two hour dinner, with three of the more goodlooking, charming, intelligent and entertaining kids on earth... PRICELESS ...
  3. I love the show "On the Media . I work Saturdays, and more often than not, I am headed home with that on NPR ( I have satellite radio) really true show, very direct and focussed ont the media reports of the previous week. Might give online media a short striff, but really scrutinizes traditional print mediums. Zings the NYT, WP and LAT on a regular basis
  4. Kim

    Today I played...

    Mary black -Shine man, that is good stuff. Clarity of voice, clarity of mesage. Otherwise, why bother?
  5. woke up at 6am, fed three cats, two dogs, two guest teens and two of my teens and one husband by 7:30. Seperate meals for adult dog, puppy, cat w/gingivitis, cat with hairballs, picky son, bacon scarfing son, and "feel like kielbasi and eggs" husband. Guests ate everything! Showered, ready to go to run errands and meet clients in order to get home by 3pm when propane tank installer person is due. Get a call before I leave, Dillon is sick..hmmm. perhaops its the 1/2 lb. of bacon???!!! Pick him up from school, bring him home and get him settled. Errands are put on hold, but on time for clie
  6. Is there any particular dish. or type of dish, that you really enjoy preparing..but don't like eating it? My favorite thing to do is make soups..the stocks, the chopping, the long simmers, the smells...it is a very relaxing, enjoyable process for me. However, I rarely eat soup as a meal, or even as an accompaniement. I'll have tastes throughout, maybe a teacup when its done...but its not a favorite. However, my husband LOVES soup, my friends are very appreciative, and I get great satisfaction from that...plus I love to see all thsoe labeled containers in the freezer..it makes me feel s
  7. Kim

    The Bruni Thread

    OK, THAT DELTA BURKE ARTICLE WAS BEYOND TERRIBLE...what was it doing there? what does a psychological/inner voyage article doing on the Wed food pages?
  8. Kim

    American Idol

    is the teacher from Newark over?he's been in all the NJ papers, and sems like a 110% plus kinda guy...is he still in it? Teaches music to inner city kids,although I don't follow the show, I hope he wins!
  9. I live in lambertville, NJ. A wonderful Delaware River enclave, but unfortunaltely hit with two terrible floods in the last 6months. If you watch the news, we're the ones with the most damage. I'm three miles outside of "town", soour home was spared high waters. But my son attends the regional HS ( 48 kids in the freshman class, from 3 surrounding river towns) and many were hard hit. Lambertville and Stockton have over 200 homes still condemned..and this time, the raging waters flooded the side of town where there are mostly rentals. Not the kind of folks who have the income to purchase
  10. Actually, that's the last haircut. it's shorter now. Plus, I wear glasses, but the photographer said they won't photgraph well..I think that's why my eyes look glazed over..besides being very light colored, I can't see a thing without my glasses
  11. It's a real estate photo...I'm supposed to look trustworthy, open minded and hardworking..I look like a zombie. It really looks ok in the corner of a business card...I tried to make it smaller..I'll keep trying.
  12. that I can't seem to get a hang of photos...but I'm trying. edit to ADD....yikes! I am scary!!!! ok, I'm still working on it! Carry ON.My son says it looks like one of those paintings in a haunted house, with the eyes that follow you
  13. A really good haircut. Finally. A day that felt like Spring, all day. So much so that, on impulse, I had to ditch my brown/beige/blah jacket and pop into Chico's to buy a bright purple overshirt. Then a new lipstick. Furthermore, I've decided that the delicious beef stew leftovers will get frozen..its time for sushi in the Springtime.
  14. Robert, I'd do more than a phone call. I'd put my concerns in writing, including a copy of the lyrics, and cc the superintendent and the school board. Even giving the music teacher a HUGE benefit of the doubt, the teachers, school and administration need to be more aware. Pre teen girls, teachers, and songs about oral sex don't make a good mix.
  15. Kim

    nero wolfe

    Isnt' this the one where Fritz complains that he can't make a proper sauce when there is a murderer in the house? I think that's the one..I retain the food details better than the titles. WAs the Fish Market around during Wolfe's years? I think so, right? Fritz would have used that as a source, I'm sure.
  16. At Elizabeth Arden, they use a little metal ruler to measure the highest part of the arch, and shape from there. This was years ago, part of an indulgent spa package, so I don't know if they do it seperate or what the cost is..worth a call. I was able to have my local manicure/waxing place "follow the lines" for at least a year. And I was hit with a baseball right between the eyes years ago, and have a slight scar thats agitated by waxing. so I'm a plucker too.
  17. I recentlycolored my hair for the first time, ( yikes. to cover the gray!) and the salon reccomended the Lorea shampoo l for color treated hair. it's way less expensive than the salon type I used to buy..and its great for my fine, straight, short-ish hair. Disclaimer, I've never used any other color treated version, but this does not weigh it down, and since I have the rinse out color, its not dulling too fast. ( I've been getting it coloored every six weeks for about 6 months now)
  18. Kim, it speaks wonders for you that you didn't put this on the "Annoyances" thread! Fly I think I appreciate these last few birthdays at home...my eldest is 21 in June, and she won't be around, the 17year old is also past the "at home" party kind of thing..so after all these years and parties for the kids, from The Little Mermaid to Barney to Karate to Baseball to Fright movies to karaoke...I'm down to my last 1 or two celebration of this type. Sure, there's the graduation and weddings to come, but birthday bashes for each kid are dwindling.
  19. Forty two 15 and 16 year olds are screeching and squeeling in my basement..Dillon's 15th birthday party. Energy, excitement, hormones and youth...its wonderful to be able to host a party. the bonfire is getting a bit ...enthusiastic...so we've had to temper that a bit, but otherwise, the kids are great. Menu of sub sandwiches, crudite, chips, Ranch doritos, salsa and tostidos. Strawberry shortcake from Wegmans for the bday cake.
  20. I live in lLambertville. Interestingly, the shad fest has creatd a big controversy this year, as they are adjusting the date to accomodate the Chamber of commerce...but the shad will have completed their River run by May21. It's become one of those "old time shad fest", built around the fish, versus "new time shad fest" built around the weather, vendors and $$$. Next year, it will go back to its earlier date.
  21. I strongly reccomend this Farm Co-op, if anyone is looking to get involved in one. They also have pick up sites, but the best share value is to go to the Farm. ( They also have fantastic flower selections, my share cost is worth what I save on flowers alone, and I love wandering around and picking my own bouquets. http://www.honeybrookorganicfarm.com/
  22. thanks for the update, and the trip down memory lane...do they still have the Atlantic Antic street festival? I am really overdue for a visit back to Brooklyn Hgts, as this article and your descriptions are reminding me.
  23. Steve, do you recall what cross street La Mancha is at? I used to live in Brooklyn Heights, and both my kids were born at LICH...There was a dive bar with cheap drinks that we used to go to named la Mancha..can it be the same? They would set up a hibachi in the alley out back and grill fresh sardines...the bartender was named Maria, and she was the warmest, most wonderful woman. this was...17.18 years ago.
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