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  1. I agreee, Cathy. I like his lack of pretension, which I find refreshing. Plus. he breeds well I don't think DB and D is considered a serious foodie place...it was not conceived as such, and its not the market he covets or expects. But its packed with repeat customers every night, and even the grinch would have to smile at some of the interpretations and presentations. Back to the initial question, I think WD would be a disaster with the group you described. Lupa sems a good choice..pasta to please everyone... I also think Craftbar would be solid, with choices for the adventurous
  2. DB & D is a fun, innovative approach to food..a bit whimsical, well prepared food with a sense of humor. It's also a "seen and be seen " kind of restaurant, which might be either a plus or a minus. For example, last night the Counting Crows were in. (FWIW, some serous foodies in that group) (disclosure, David Burke is the father of my children, my ex husband and very good friend. Possibly, if if I didn't mention it, it would draw ire..but also suspect that mentioning it ellicits a big "who cares??!!" response. )
  3. Kim

    Ned Lipshutz, at 97

    I am sorry for your loss. It's a wonderful picture.
  4. San Marzano is a regional appellation I believe rather than a brand. For example, La Squisita is a brand of tomatoes from San Marzano, which is a town near Mt. Vesuvius and the Amalfi coast There is definitely a brand, sold at Wegman's, ShopRite and some other central NJ grocers. That's why forever I thought they were imported, and assumed they were San marzana brand San Marzano tomatoes, if that makes any sense. I[m looking at the can now, confirming they are grown domestically, distributed by Simpson Imports, New Milford, NJ.
  5. you can't take a driver's test in NJ with any kind of console in the middle of the front seat area...the stick shift has to be on the steering wheel, so that the test driver can access the brakes. We have 4 cars, and none of them were acceptable, my son had to use the driving school's car to take the test. ( plus its a compact car which is easier to parallel park ) My father insisted I learn...I learned on a ford pinto..drove only stick for a year or two, and have never since then bought one. My husband had a sports car with one, but I rarely drove it.
  6. San marzano brand gets my vote, or Tuttorosso if I can't get them. edit to add that for a while, I thought the San Marzano brand were imported...they're not...they are grown domestically. But notably better than Progresso et al in my opinion.
  7. Kim

    Shad Roe

    I am lucky enough to live here, the shad capital : http://www.newhopepa.com/Lambertville/default.htm Every Shad fest brings out great shad and shad roe creations from the many restaurants along the Delaware.
  8. I've finally gotten to David Sedaris' "Dress your Family in Courderoy and Denim". It's laugh out loud funny, with a few flashes of raw pain...it met my expectations. I have to seek out his sister's work one of these days. Also reread Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. My youngest son is struggling to get through it in freshman English, ( this is his first English class where he has been mainstreamed into a regular class) and he's very verbal..so it helps him to discuss it. Lenny really is a memorable character, no matter what you think of Steinbeck's style.
  9. I called their help line. (duh!) This is a discontinued product, that they are currently reintroducing by the piece. The enamel is invisible to the naked eye. It looks and feels completely unlike the rest of their line.
  10. When I had my kids (youngest is now 15) the big name for urban strollers was MacClaren. they were worth every penny...wheels that got up and over curbs, easy folding, back support for the baby...a buga boo or whatever might be overkill in a sububan mall, but the dexterity and manueverability is an important feature if you are shlepping through the city with kids...I had the macClaren double stroller for a while, amazing contaption. The cheap umbrellas strollers always made the kids look so hunched over...probably harmless, but it still looks very uncomfortable to me every time I see it.
  11. I recently acquired a cast iron le crueset 3.5 qt casserole...its a matte black finish, similiar to grandma's old cast iron skillet. My question is since it does not have the enamel coating on it, should I season it like I would a cast iron fry pan? ( which would be covering with a thin coat of bacon fat, low oven for a few hours, wipe, cool and repeat?)
  12. Kim


    bone in prime rib, rice, and braised cabbage from Molly Steven's excellent cookbook, " All about Braising". Also a total cheat, the ice cream cake from Anne Byrne's "Cakemix Doctor"..cake mix, Ben and Jerry's mint chocolate icecream, three eggs in a bundt pan...I don't like baking but I felt like a cake.
  13. three cats, dwo dogs, three kids, I vacuum every single day...I love the Hoover Windtunnel. I bought it at Sears, and got the service plan as well..so every year it gets a tune-up( the first year it did not need anything replaced, but year two it needed belts...maybe @ $30-40 ) Bagless is the way to go...the filter and cannister are easy to empty and clean on the Hoover, and it does a great job on tile/wood floors as well as carpet. The drawbackis that its heavy to get up and down stairs.
  14. Kim

    2012 Olympics

    France's labor unions just called for a strike during one of the days that the IOC will be visiting...so that needs to be added to the mix...
  15. No one in my house is a major coffee drinkers, so our coffee maker is usually only used on weekends, and once in a blue moon when I need a late afternoon pick me up. I recently purchased a Cuisinart Grind and Brew for just under $100. I like its neat, clean appearance, and not having to use two differnet appliances. Easy to program, easy to clean, and brews a lovely cup of java.
  16. Kim


    Yesterday, slow simmered a whole duck for three hours, in ginger, soy, and a bit of sugar...tonight I'll roast it with wine and the duck gingery broth. Rice. I have some leeks..maybe a gratin if I get home in time.
  17. Apparently, one of the joys of ownership is that when I'm driving my little sedan cautiously thru a flooded intersection the SUVer can roar by in the next lane completely covering my car with muddy water, resulting in my driving blind for about 5 seconds or so. It happened last night. Sorry about that, I was in an awful rush to pick up the kids at hockey practice.
  18. Kim


    I use livecrawfish.com...in fact, we'll have 40lbs for this Saturday, and celebrate a belated mardis gras. It's shipped in a waxy coated box, the live crawfish nestled between wet burlap, and they ship overnight. Plus, they include a tangy boil mix, we doctor it up a bit, and add andouille, red potatoes, lemon, etc. mmmm, beer and crawfish...a classic combo!
  19. whenever I prepare squid for frying, I usually keep the sacks whole, in that I do not cut them down the middle, cutting "rings" instead of "ribbons"...when they curl slightly, I can tell that they are done. Can you think of any reason that this method might not be preferred for this recipe...whcih by the way sounds great?
  20. Well, I 'm glad your daughter agres, too. otherwise I imagine it could be quite an unpleasant clash at your house! In our house, understanding the headlines is important. Calling grandmom every week is important. Tolerance and not judging by how a person looks is important. Honor roll means something, or a coveted role in the class play. Part time jobs, because they live in an affluent home, are important. Unfortunately, lately, SAT's have become important. Baggy pants are right up there with messy rooms and overuse of cel phones: temporary bumps in the road to adulthood, but NO
  21. I would not let my kid dress like that, and I want to spank the parents who DO. With all the issues that confront your kids, You'll soon come to realize that a band of "jockey" showing is not all that important in the scheme of life. I've got a girl who's a junior in high school. If I had a boy, he wouldn't be showing his butt to the world, because he would long ago have been indoctrinated about the idiocy of that kind of look—just as my girl has been indoctrinated about the idiocy of punctuating speech with "he's all" and "like, you know," and so on. As a friend of mine used to say,
  22. I would not let my kid dress like that, and I want to spank the parents who DO. With all the issues that confront your kids, You'll soon come to realize that a band of "jockey" showing is not all that important in the scheme of life.
  23. Kim

    super bowl

    Exactly the same as me. So I guess we're two of the three "Eagles to win" folks in the poll. I wonder who the third was .... that would be me, wife of a die hard Eagles Fan, and I live just 3 miles from the PA border, so I couldn't escape Super bowl fever even if I wanted to! It was a really fun game, lots of ups and downs, even though they lost it.
  24. Kim

    Bacon, um, Bacon

    slab bacon from maresca's in sergentsville NJ ( here: http://www.s-t.com/daily/02-98/02-18-98/b02ho059.htm ), and in a pan, low heat, so that the entire house is permeatd with wonderful bacon-ness aromas, so your eyes are treated to the slow rendering, eventual browning and crisping, and so that you have a pan all ready to go for your fried eggs.
  25. paul, no comment omni, hopefully I am not engaging anyone who seems extremely focussed on the task,that usually means they want to get the chore done with ail, on the opposite side, I have actually unloaded a particularly heavy on the soda/chip/mac and cheese laden cart and then explained to the cashier and anyone in earshot: "We're headed to the mountains, I'm stocking up on things for the kids after skiing" or "my son is having a bunch on kids over tonight, need to stock up!!" Really, it is usually the truth, but really, what would a psychiatrist attribute my need to explain m
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