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  1. At least a few times a year, I've been interrogated about an ingredient or product in my grocery cart, or while selecting brand A instead of brand B..."how do you prepare that....haveyou ever tried that before..etc. " I've always been receptive, responding and sometimes engaging in a conversation. It's happened more often recently ...I think I am a very non threatening harmless looking person...like everybody's neighbor, (but not on Wisteria Lane !) ...Anyway, I've recently become a "commentator" myself..if I see someone at an ethnic grocery, or even Shop Rite, with something in their cart
  2. Today, I've used mine for shredding brussell sprouts for sauteeing w/pancetta , and to make blue cheese dressing for Sunday's buffalo shrimp. If my son brings home friends after the hockey game today, and I have a crowd of teenage boys, I will use it to grate cheese for pasta..if its just a few for dinner I'd use the hand grater. Other than the toaster, its my most used appliance.
  3. A year ago, I would have found the thought of freezing cheese appalling. That was before my purchase of a bag sealer/vacuum thingy. I love this thing. It is amazingly efficient and greatly improves the standard freezing process. I still use butcher paper and then saran for meats, but precooked foods, leftovers, cheese..make a bag, add the food, vacuum out the air, seal the bag...plus a long row of tiny bags filled with eggplant dip or pesto or red pepper puree is a beautiful sight..compared to how my grandmother must have felt with a row of canned peaches or tomatoes. I have the Sears Ke
  4. My son is considering Tulane as a college choice,,and I am thinking...cool to drop him off at school twice a year and then hit NOLA! He's also hot on Bucknell...it's all good, as long as it works for him. My youngest son passed all his midterms except one, and made corn muffins all afternoon ...I wonder how many people are chefs becasue of learning disabilities? And my eldest, Kate, is at Temple and is flying high with plans for Sunday, Philly will be a great place on Sunday!
  5. I own the Kitchenaid immersion blender that you referenced, (in boring white) and it's acceptable. I don't use it often...the food processor and Kitchenaid blender get more of a work out...but the immersion blender is great with hot things, like soups that need to be blended . I suspect every cook, novice or pro, has a story about hot soup exploding in the blender. My friend does not have a home that works for entertaining, so I had a pool birthday party for her 6 year old and friends over the summer..we used the blender for ice cream blend ins for each kids...it did a respectable job on the
  6. I've always enjoyed Artful Diner's roundup...I think he's a thoughtful reviewer....Cocharan is great, but Cook seems erratic..in one review, waxing poetic about the decor and ignoring the food, and the next review raving tabout the food, but not adressing that its in a run down strip mall with paper napkins... I like that she tries ethnic restaurants, but am not convinced that she "gets" the cuisine well enough to review it.
  7. Well, it is New Jersey politics, after all.
  8. My 20 yr. old daughter has a very ugly dragonfly on her ankle, a pretty hummingbird on her belly, and the Dave matthews band symbol on her lower back....I really encouraged piercings over tatoos..that hummingbird is going to be a HAWK by her 8th month of pregnancey someday...my husband has a fabulous dragon on his shoulder /upper arm done by a great tatoo artist from South Street in Philly, and he got it when he was 45. I am tatoo less...keep saying I want an aztec sun...but I am a chubby person, and tatoos look really really not good on extra flesh.
  9. 230lb english mastiff dog in love with a 15 lb maine coon cat, both of whom have come to dote on a new orange tabby (very rare) maine coonkitten... and a 15 year old white tabby totally unimpressed with the entire crowd. Atticus (Tiki) the dog, Molly and Benjy the Coons, Louie the white cat. Muxch cohabitation, much mutual licking and cleaning, also known to perch on each other, cheerleader pyramid style. I gotta get one of my kids to teach me how to post a picture.
  10. today, my job was great, becasue I worked with two architects and a client on plans to transform a circa 1860 7000sq ft farmhouse, divided into two units, back to its original glory. The client has already bought the home, we're waiting to close, and I'm only involved in that part of the transaction...but I was delighted to be invited to the conference today, I learned a lot about maintaining and restoring the integrity of a historic home. I'll work until August 1 in real estate, then take my annual 4 month leave of absence to work the campaigns...this year it will be the NJ gubernato
  11. I use a insulated Sam's Club bag that I got for under $5...it became a habit in the summer, when I wanted to be able to run an errand or two between running home with groceries, and I've continued it as the seasons changed. It can hold a few gallons of juice or milk, coldcuts, a few chickens or meats, yogurts, cream cheese, etc. About 2-3 bags worth, i'd say. I also have plastic bins in the cargo area of my SUV, various sizes, and so I won't bag sodas, gatorades and juices..but rather put them right in the bins. However, I usually need to repeat a few times, if there is a bagger other than
  12. Kim

    Johnny Carson

    20 plus years ago, I worked at the River Cafe in Brooklyn, which at that time really drew a 'celeb" crowd. I was always excited when someone came in, and I would call my parents with a "guess what..so and so is herre" kind of call. It became a running joke with my dad, and he'd say...oh, save it..call me when Johnny Carson comes in, and THEN I'll be impressed!" Well, when Mr. Carson visited, I did call my dad...and was busted, talking to him from the receptionist desk, when his wife came out to use the restroom. As I was being dressed down for using hte phone by the manager (rightly so!) she
  13. I know Cabrales was most likely inquiring about NY restaurants serving small game birds..here is an excellent NJ source for anyone looking to purchase them for their own cooking.. http://www.griggstownquailfarm.com/index.asp The Griggstown Quail Farm is one of Dartagnan's suppiers as well. This market also has a small selection of home meade made foods, and their chicken or turkey pot pies are great...however, they only make a 8-9" size, I wish they made individual pot pie servings...worth having in the freezer for those all too common pot pie emergencies!
  14. I was able to spend friday travelling around to favorites shop: trenton Farmer's market, for kielbasa, mushrooms, potatoes. Wegman's for oysters, lump crab. Butcher's for a standing rib roast, so the Menu was a seafood jamablaya on Saturday night, some great cheeses and spincach salad for lunch, and as I type a prime rib sending its wonderful scent throughout the house...with mushrooms and a roasted butternut squash lasagne from the freezer. OUr driveway is 1/2 a mile long...luckily the snow removal contactor came as promised, so as soon as they plow the roads here, we'll be good to g
  15. I moved in the last six months. My husband and I actually had ...TRYOUTS for what bar in our new hood would be our regular place. We narrowed it down to 3 from about 6. Criteria included good, dark beers on tap, a good burger, a TV that had sports, and a warm atmosphere. He'd always order the buger, and I'd try something different from the menu. Soups are important to us, too. We'd make sure that they REALLY have the beers that they have taps for...( fake taps, almost as prevelant as wine lists without the inventory) then we'd chat up the bartender, check out the crowd, see if the owner
  16. Kim

    Food Magazines

    Hey, she managed to get a whole book out of it. I though Comfort Me with Apples was a big yawn. it had a few laugh out loud parts ( her mother was mentally ill, and some of the things she did were hysterical, in a sad way if you know what I mean) but long chapters with little substance, revelation or even interesting content.
  17. Here is an overview of Inns in Hunterdon County. This is a very special area on NJ, with interesting River towns with boutique shopping and above average dining. Not all of these Inns still function for boarding, but bed and breakfasts abound in the area. Perryville Inn is still on my list to try, and I have not been to Ryland Inn in the last 12 months, but the others have been visited a minimum of 3 times each in the last 2 years. 1795, Perryville Inn- the oldest of the lot, I’ve heard that its very traditional, and yet a few reviews say its something very special. 1805, French
  18. Kim

    Food Magazines

    I agree..the food magazones are more travel logs than anything else...but the ads keep me looking through them. The exception is Eating Well, which is quite different from the rest of the pack. I've disconitnued subscriptions to all except Cook's Illustrated ( which I also subscribe to online) which I know is basic but I've never NOT gotten some kind of hint or tidbit from every issue, every month, for years. And, Cooking Light, because my sister has gotten me a gift subscription for years, and it was the initial motivator for me to cook with less protein and more vegetables.
  19. I am a huge Chenoweth fan, since her days in Charlie Brown...and was impressed with her performance in Wicked, as I was with Menzel..but despite these strong performances, I agree the show never came together. Perhaps it was that there were no memorable songs...just impressive voices. My son went on the Saturday that Menzel got injured..it was actually quite serious and you could here her, as per his accounts, calling for help and crying, since she was miked when it happened. And, they ACTUALLY call out ;"Is there a doctor in the house??" However, I've given up on trusting my own reactio
  20. I've used the service from the Flemington Shop Rite, when I moved to this area in July and was pressed for time between waiting for plumbers, electricians , etc. It was very convenient, they load it right into your car, and I think it was only$5, but I recall that was an introductory rate. It would never be my preferred method..I'm a tactile person...but it certainly works as an option during exceedinlgy hectic times, or for those with mobility problems...whether they are health related, or because there are a bunch of rugrats clinging to your legs!
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