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  1. I moved in the last six months. My husband and I actually had ...TRYOUTS for what bar in our new hood would be our regular place. We narrowed it down to 3 from about 6. Criteria included good, dark beers on tap, a good burger, a TV that had sports, and a warm atmosphere.


    He'd always order the buger, and I'd try something different from the menu. Soups are important to us, too. We'd make sure that they REALLY have the beers that they have taps for...( fake taps, almost as prevelant as wine lists without the inventory) then we'd chat up the bartender, check out the crowd, see if the owner was on premises. To define regular, I would say we dine there once a week, plus I have lunch once a week, and we might bring a larger party once a month ( We did my son's theater group last month, 18 teens on a tuesday, nice bit of business) We also, over the holidays, checked with the owner and hired a favorite bartender to help with entertaining at our home.


    It was actually quite easy. We've got a wonderful, owner operated, Dead Guy on tap, good burger, great soups, good gyro sanwich, dinner specials like hangar steak with peppercorn sauce and garlic mashies, dart board, fish, bartenders with a smile..we are QUITE happy.


    What does this mean to us? In 6 months, they only bought us a drink once. BUT..I can go for lunch, alone, total comfort. My husband likes to add or subtract ingredients...against their no subs policy, and they do it. The owners, two sisters, thanked me for the xmas card I sent them..both of them, at seperate times. I was unhappy with the salmon I had bought for a recent party I was having..and upon hearing it, I was encouraged to order it through the restaurant next time. We were there on a Sat afternoon, and the three yound men (mid 20's) across the bar were talking about the rash one of them had...the owner looked at it, we all took a look...LYME"S disease, we agreed..she insisted he go to the medical center, she called ahead so they knew he was coming..and the next visit, confirmed to me that the guy did have Lyme's...he wrote a note for her to give to me to thank me for my motherly advice...I'm trying to set him up iwth my daughter (21) as we speak...


    what was the question??? :rolleyes:

  2. And yes, Priscilla, how many times Ruth can recycle the story of her mom's cooking is a fascination for me too.

    Hey, she managed to get a whole book out of it. I though Comfort Me with Apples was a big yawn. it had a few laugh out loud parts ( her mother was mentally ill, and some of the things she did were hysterical, in a sad way if you know what I mean) but long chapters with little substance, revelation or even interesting content.

  3. Here is an overview of Inns in Hunterdon County. This is a very special area on NJ, with interesting River towns with boutique shopping and above average dining. Not all of these Inns still function for boarding, but bed and breakfasts abound in the area. Perryville Inn is still on my list to try, and I have not been to Ryland Inn in the last 12 months, but the others have been visited a minimum of 3 times each in the last 2 years.


    1795, Perryville Inn- the oldest of the lot, I’ve heard that its very traditional, and yet a few reviews say its something very special.


    1805, Frenchtown Inn- Frenchtown is a funky little town with a few bakeries, a few great interior design stores, and its closest to the Ship Inn ( 61 Bridge Street, Milford- a British pub with simply wonderful hand draught beers…eat first, terrible food) this Inn is starting to show some wear and tear…bathrooms, chair coverings..looks dingy and sometimes unclean. ( not to be confused with shabby chic) Food is standard, well prepared if uninspiring. Service is local, acceptable. Wine list is just ok,,not very diverse, well priced. Has a great authentic bar, and then one larger and I think one or maybe two smaller DR’s.


    1860 , Stockton Inn- IMHO, one of the best in the lot. Has shown great improvement in the last year. This is the hotel referred to in the song

    â€There’s a Small Hotel (w/ a wishing well) †in the 1937 B’way Rodgers and Hart Show, Babes in Arms. Well priced wine list, heavier on CA wines. Lovely outdoor seating. Service is a bit local, but above average. Each visit in the last 24 months was better than the last..and a new menu that began in Jan was interesting, food was a notch above what I expected. . A series of smaller DR’s, with murals and fireplaces, no room seating more than 20.


    1734, Sergeantsville Inn- A catacomb of a place, probably the prettiest Inn of the bunch. Or at least the most authentic. Has an interesting game menu, which makes winter visits preferred. the kitchen does not seem to have a deft hand with seafood…or at least in what I’ve sampled. A wine list with some well priced choices, but in general tends to be overpriced for the area. ( note: close to maresca’s , NJâ€s most wonderful butcher shop)


    1811-Harvest Moon..this has been updated, exterior is beautiful but the interior doesn’t have the integrity of an old Inn…I love the bar menu, and Stanley Novak, a River Café alumni, keeps up with the trends, is great at braises and stews…again, a wonderful Winter place with fireplaces and warm atmosphere..but the piano player is too loud, and slightly annoying. Has been known to take requests and play Disney songs ad nauseum.


    1810 Ryland Inn- one of NJ’s most acclaimed restaurants, now has a more casual bistor area. Chef Shelton used to push the envelope, with some of the most wonderful food in NJ. I personally feel he’s become complacent, and is not breaking NEW GROUND. Yes, the place is still pretty as can be ( but needing paint and sprucing up) and the service is some of the best in central NJ, and the food is as good as any of the best in NJ…but I’ve always looked to be inspired, and my last few visits have just left me satiated.

    1867- Lambertville Station- tends to get a bit touristy, but has great game dinners. Downstairs bar is non smoking,and serves pretty good sandwiches. Around the corner on Union St. is the Inn at the Hawke, with Dead Guy and Otter Creek on Tap, and hand cut chips served with vinegar, and great bar food.

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  4. I agree..the food magazones are more travel logs than anything else...but the ads keep me looking through them. The exception is Eating Well, which is quite different from the rest of the pack. I've disconitnued subscriptions to all except Cook's Illustrated ( which I also subscribe to online) which I know is basic but I've never NOT gotten some kind of hint or tidbit from every issue, every month, for years. And, Cooking Light, because my sister has gotten me a gift subscription for years, and it was the initial motivator for me to cook with less protein and more vegetables.

  5. I am a huge Chenoweth fan, since her days in Charlie Brown...and was impressed with her performance in Wicked, as I was with Menzel..but despite these strong performances, I agree the show never came together. Perhaps it was that there were no memorable songs...just impressive voices. My son went on the Saturday that Menzel got injured..it was actually quite serious and you could here her, as per his accounts, calling for help and crying, since she was miked when it happened. And, they ACTUALLY call out ;"Is there a doctor in the house??"


    However, I've given up on trusting my own reactions to shows..I honestly thought Taboo was one of the most memorable shows I had ever seen, went to a preview, and then bought tickets the next day to see it post opening...I've never done that before. I have the OCR, of the NY show, and I still say its fantabulously wonderful.

  6. I've used the service from the Flemington Shop Rite, when I moved to this area in July and was pressed for time between waiting for plumbers, electricians , etc. It was very convenient, they load it right into your car, and I think it was only$5, but I recall that was an introductory rate. It would never be my preferred method..I'm a tactile person...but it certainly works as an option during exceedinlgy hectic times, or for those with mobility problems...whether they are health related, or because there are a bunch of rugrats clinging to your legs! :rolleyes:

  7. Hello, and thank you.


    cathy, perhaps I'll finally learn how to upload a picture ( that is, after i figure out how to get them out of my camera!) and keep you updated.


    helena, I've moved to lambertville, so I'm still central NJ, just not in Princeton proper any longer...I look forward to trading notes.

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