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  1. I don't like AC. i don't gamble, I hate smoke, I hate velour sweat suits.


    On that positive note :hmmm: , I will be there Tues and Wed evening, at the Real Estate Convention. One coworker canceled, and another is coming down a day later. So I am solo. Days will be filled with continuing Ed classes. I am staying at the Sheraton.


    I don't want to travel far..no whitehouse subs, not roughing it. Looking for nearby alternatives and upgrades to hotel fare. Price not an option. Suggestions with bars that are comfortable to eat at very much appreciated..I think eating at a bar alone is preferable to eating at a table alone.


    My option is to watch sappy Christmas movies and order room service. I love those little fat ketchup bottles. This is not a bad option, actually. I'm really leaning towards it. Maybe a bit of ebay surfing, a nice Cabernet...


    Yes, there are the social networking drinkfests in the evenings..been there, done that, not in the frame of mind for such due to some personal stuff going on right now.


    Look forward to your suggestions, thanks.

  2. This doesn't answer Omni, but for anyone plus sized, I suggest chico's jeans..their boot cut is a soft one, just the bit of flare..which helps proportion a chubby gal like me..that magic amount of spandex, enough to "give", but not enough to "cling". However, I have had to repair two pairs by replacing the zippers..and not from over stuffing..I was actually wearing their size 3 ( they only have 0-3.5) and and at the end of a successful summer of eating healthier, was down to a 2.5..comfortably ( I am way too old to wear anything that isn't comfortable :P !) ..but still the zipper didn't last. It zips easy, but then doesn't stay "locked" at the top. It was only a few bucks to replace the zipper, and the Jeans are under $70, so I still think they are worth it.

  3. Literally, as I was posting this, a friend called and insisted she read it was a wig, to cover a deformation..oh, give this baby a break!

    Well that's just silly. The wig's there to cover her antennae.

    :P :P :P

  4. I have enjoyed this thread, and enjoyed the back and forth fun stuff about conspiracies, insemination, scientology, etc. BUT BOY IS THAT BABY AN EXTRAORDINARILY BEAUTIFUL CHILD. I mean, really. Like, amazing. And this from a mother who thought SHE gave birth to the worlds most beautiful child. :P

  5. thank you for sharing those photos, and belated condolences for your loss. they looked, really, really happy..in both the spring and winters of their lives.

  6. Well, tomorrow morning we leave for Burlington, VT. Connor's first year of college. I'm a swirling mixture of excitement for him, and profound sadness for me. Not a sobbing sadness of missing him, but a different kind of sadness, a yearning for his babiness, his childhood. Certainly, he's been past the cute huggable stage for years, and is quite inependent, but there is a finality to this, a launching into the real world. I know this sounds certifiable, but when I think of him leaving, I feel an actual physical tug on my left hip, which is where I wore him pretty much the first two years of his life..a pulling, an emptiness, a tearing away.


    My most wonderful husband has booked us into the Sagamore on Lake George for the weekend, with the idea that it will be difficult to cry while getting a massage or sipping champagne on the veranda, or during sailing lessons. I very much apprecaite his efforts, and I suspect I'll be fine. But, I admit, I'm taking it a LOT harder than I thought I would. I'm not a hoovering parent....I have really straightforward, dynamic kids who tend to do quite well with me or without me...but still, dammit, it HURTS.

  7. 3 hour waits are not unheard of. No resos, but I heard they were considering letting folks call in a name to add to the list. Ridiculous. Terrible service, in general, although Lippy seems to have gotten a good waiter.


    I can't figure out how the wait continues to be so long,s ince everyone I know who went has stated they would never go back.

  8. This is 5 miles from my home.


    I've been to th bar several times, and they have some real winners in some of their casual chices..the gazpacho, the burger is fine, w/ carm onions. I enjoyed the seafood/squid ink pasta combo as well.


    I have not been for regular dinner yet..my "new" office is down the street, in Sergeantsville, so I'm sure I'll be there soon.


    I've heard generally favorable reviews from the general public, the only review from a fellow "foodie" was not as positive... I'll report back after a few visits.

  9. I would strongly suggest that you hold off painting untilt he floors are completed.


    What was the final wood you decided on for the floors? Oak? mahogany? Are they doing a natural stain, or a wood stain? Try to choose something close to the natural color of the wood, otherwise the scratches will show up more..and every one will tell you it won't scratch, has a "hardenss rating " of xyz, etc...but everything other than perhaps a brazillian hardwood solid surface, is going to scratch a bit...without kids and pets, probably nominally..but still, to minimize the appearance of these inevitable marks, match your woods and stains.


    It sounds like you have found a good all round handyman person...give him a tip and a bottle of his favorite beverage when the work is done, you don't want to loose him!

  10. I'm curious. why did you go with the unfinished flooring? You save on cost, but labor increases.


    RE the dust: sheet off any open doorways. cover whatever you can. Our floors were factory finished, so just entailed the regular cutting needed for installation. We were diligent covering thisngs, and bought some really soft feather dusters..its just a process of starting from the top down, letting it settle, and va cuum. then repeat, maybe 2-3 times. I have referred clients to services that charged aprox $200, but it can be done by anyone willing. when you dust, it takes a while for it to settle...so its an all day job, but not a constant effort.

  11. People mag came out today w/ Bragelina's baby....and a special inset feature noted that we saw Brooke's , Gwenyth's and Brangelina's offspring..but no Tomcat baby. What do you think they are waithng for? I mean, they both crave the spotlight...were they waiting for People Mag to pay 4 mil for Brad's kid, so that they can get 5mil? :(

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