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    Katie Holmes

    Nicole was way too pretty for tom...Katie is about equal to him in looks...attractive, cute, nice smiles, but not beautiful.
  2. Suite Francaise by Irina Nemirovsky is truelly a crafted book....and when one considers the circumstances in which it was crafted, is all the more amazing. The first book is simply so beautifully written, the character development so precise and effective, that I was slightly disappointed with the second half. When I read the last page, I immediately returned to the first and started over again...and this time, found the second half the better of the two, and was more aware of the way it unfolded. This is a book for a person who loves unvarnished characters, and paragraphs about unsaid t
  3. I know...relentless I also hear they will have two spectacularly handsome, wonderful, extra special bus boys on weekends.
  4. He's maintained a close friendship with the Peter's family during his entire career, and I think its a very special opportunity for him to slow down a bit. I was there a few weeks ago and the Fromagereie really has great flow and classic proportions..I think it can continue to be one of the Shore's more elegant restaurants.
  5. Yesterday, I walked around the back of a pick up truck parked outside my local hardware store. I neglected to notice the two by four's that were sticking out of the back of the pickup's hold. Smackedd right into it, got a nice sized egg on my head, along with some serious lookings scrapes and bruises on my cheek/chin. That was more painfful than annoying..but what was annoying was that today it was very apparent that at least a few people I interacted with did not believe me when I told them how it happened.
  6. Is here a standard timeline that the PR and print journalist use/expect to cover an event? I am interested in sending a simple release to NJ daily and weekly newspapers and monthly magazines, along with a few wine publications, regarding a wine tasting in a private home. ( yes, it's special and has a "hook"). Do I send it a month before, and then a reminder a week before? Send it 2 weeks before? fax it 3 days before...etc, etc. Any guidance appreciated.
  7. Kim

    Katie Holmes

    I really have to ask a dumb question. It has been 16 years since my last pregnancy. when these pregnant model types wear thos low slung jeans,, does their bellies just kinda flop over the top..like, don't their waist sizes expand as well? back in the day, you wore maternity pants, or sweats. I just can't figure it out.
  8. Kim

    Katie Holmes

    I just don't get how she can be so hugely pregnant for so long. For the last two minths, there have been photos of her "ready to pop"..what is this baby's gestation period?
  9. LIPPY: Princeton area prices, about $4-500, to sheetrock over, with basic quarter round molding. Add$$ for removal of old ceiling if needed, and decent looking molding.
  10. If you sheetrock over the ceiling, you will need to pick out molding..if the room sizes and housing style allow for it, crown molding is a nice upgrade. And something comparable for the floor, as well. See how a "simple" improvement snowballs?..."because if we have the nice molding, well maybe we should add a chair rail, and if we have that, maybe we should get the top part faux finished, but then the old dining table in our new dining room will look shabby..let's go furniture shopping!"...and so on.
  11. There are two approaches to the ceiling: you can either remove the existing ceiling, and replace it, or sheetrock over it. I would personally feel confidnet that a 20 year old house would NOT have used asbestos, especially if it is in a development with like aged homes built by the same builder. If you're not too involved with recessed lights, sheetrocking over it is perfectly acceptable...assuming the popcorn ceiling is not peeling, etc. Otherwise, if there are many electrical components, you'll need to replace it. As far as wook flooring, to retain your resale value, you need to
  12. It's all too personal..his weight, his food choices, his wife. Leave it alone. Geez, he might be reading this. Have a heart. His great fault, as far as any of us should care, is that he let a great website just become a good website...other than that...let it go. edited to add that I myself have a great personal dislike for a person that some of you still seem to engage in on OA...so I do get the personal side of it. I would never knowingly join any conversation or event that SP was a part of....and perhaps someof you feel the same way about JP...but just avoid them, don't get invol
  13. Benjy on my favorite chair, with an iris print, my favorite flower
  14. Ok, here is my cookbook shelf and cooking area Then, the dining area, and the view. The spruces are over 80 ft tall, the pool is in the foreground, the pond in the background This is my favorite spot in the houseā€¦to sit and read and think The pantries, open and shut. The stairs under the artwork lead to the finished walkkout basement, which has another kitchen used for outdoor entertaining or prep. the basement kitchen, needs seriouls help but has a big sink and new GE oven I use to bake or roast.
  15. M/M Johnson's, that is a stunning kitchen...is that maple? Bleached teak?
  16. Rancho, the book is ok...easy, fresh preperations of basics...if it weren't for my daughter, I certainly wouldn't be adding a cookbook that includes seared salmon with mustard and herb crust to my collection Actually I liked the sweets section...simple desserts that are more composition and combos than actually baking...I don't enjoy baking too much. this weekend we're doing 40# of crawfish for a group of friends...after dirty rice, crawfish, some greens, cornbread and beer, I could care less about dessert. Usually I have someone bring it, or put out those Pirouette wafer cookie
  17. She is very well proportioned, her hair is a bit mane-like, perhaps that adds to everyone's views? I love her voice, by the way...her ennunciation. Re: her cooking skills. My 21 yr old daughter has never shown any indication, even after much "including kids in the kitchen" type of efforts, to cook anything more than a frozen pizza. During the past year, with a lighter work load at school, she took to the terrible habit of channel surfing, and was finding herself landing on TFN pretty often,..then she would ask me about Giada, then she made a few dishes of hers,and Ray's and many of
  18. I had the opportunity to ( VERY briefly) meet Giada DeLaurentis, from the FN, at a book signing yesterday. She is prettier in person than on TV...very petitie, very expressive, looks right into your eyes...really the kind of person who stands out at one of these long line, autograph after autograph things.
  19. Kim


    In the area I live, hunting is a way of life...1/2 of the kids are out of school the first day of hunting season. It's a bit offputting when its muzzleloader season...hunters walk from to their hunting areas with these long almost historic looking guns...there are a number of butchers who dress the kill, and there is a lot of respect for the land around here. This might be of interest to some: http://www.co.hunterdon.nj.us/hunting/instruct.htm
  20. thanks for the heads up...strangely, this son-of -a-chef will no doubt love cafateria food....he's a bagel/pasta/pizza kid, and I'm lead to believe that most collegee food programs are heavy on the carbs. I brought Connor to all the colleges he applied to, EXCEPT U of C@Boulder. When Connor and I visited collleges, I tended to drive there, or use a discount airline. Once there, I often opted for the Days Inn or eqivalent...For example, we drove to the Univ of VT from NJ....we checked into the Days Inn, walked around Burlington, went to a Brew Pub for an early dinner, went to the
  21. My son has rec'd full acceptance to every school he applied to, and has decided to attend th University of Colorado at Boulder. I would have preferred Cornell or U of Vt, simply because of location...but he fell in love with Colorado, and seems so energized and excited now that the long testig/application and acceptance process is over...does anyone remember that feeling...60 days left of highschool, your world unfolding before you, and that glorious feeling of overwhelming confidence...he's almost glowing, and his friends seem to be the same way. Really, the college application process
  22. Kim


    I wore my cream colored pair of these this morning, for the first time..showed 5 properties and they stayed comfortable. I wish I had ordered the blue. I'm just loving that color, but it will be so dated in a flash. http://www.coach.com/aspx/content/product....159&easyask_id=
  23. another trick, instead of concealer, is a soft small-ish blush brush, and compressed white powder. A light dusting ( I just close my eyes and poke the brush right into the socket!) and it brightens the entire area. this is more of a mid day freshen up trick than an application trick, though.
  24. I know its a distance from you, but if you want vintage, this New Hope PA Art Deco store usually has a great selection. http://www.cockamamies.com/aboutus.htm also, I saw some more basic ones at Crate And Barrel around the Holidays, that might be worth a quick check.
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