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  1. My son's English Teacher, who was only 28 years old, died yesterday. It's Connor's first real experience with death, and he's having an extra hard time wtih it, because he complained how boring he was, how many papers he asigned...regular kid stuff, but I think he's feeling guilty. I tried to initiate a conversation, but at 18, they are pretty tight with emotions. So, if I can't console I'll cook... I'm making him fettucine alfredo for dinner, his favorite.


    actually, this is way past an "annoyance", that seems to trivialize it. sorry.

  2. I don't want a free meal and I don't want a big back and forth w/the restaurant. I just want to get my point across. So, how does this letter read to you, assuming I will spell check my ever present typos :


    Dear Chef Lacroix,


    I'd like to compliment the wonderful food and service that I received while dining at Lacroix on Tuesday, March7. I have had the opportunity to dine in a variety of fine restaurants, and your well composed, balanced and perfectly prepared courses were memorable. Both your wine and dinner menus are complex without being overwhelming, providing a knowledgeable diner with an opportunity to create a very special dining experience.


    However, our table for two was in the corrider to the far right of the windows. Surrounded by two large tables, with my dining partner forced to look at a brick wall and an "EXIT" sign, we were suprised that you would have such an apparant sub par table at your restaurant. Once those large tables were full, it was like being in a narrow cavern. Also, our waiter explained to us that an adjoining room was a private dining room for residents of the Hotel. I can not begin to tell you how 20 solid minutes of a newborn squealing totally ruined our dining experience. Yes, we were offerred a seat at the "chef's table" for dessert..but the crying was disruptive and intermittent even before I complained. It goes without saying that the mother of that baby was extremely rude, but it is your responsibility to minimize the impact of that "private room" to the rest of your dining guests.

    I stronly suggest that you dine at the same table we were at, while the restaurant is full, so that you can become aware of the ambient noise and disruptions while seated there.


    Simply put, your food deserves a better environment than the one we were in on Tuesday evening.

  3. My .02


    I felt te gowns were all quite safe, and while Michelle Williams was perhaps a bit off on color, the style was great, the makeup was great, and the presence of color was great..It seemsed that if they weren't in black, they were blonds in a beigy/white/monochromatic look..and all those pale lips!


    selma Hyack (sp?) was sensational. J Lo had it together as well. Huffman is one of the best actresses around, and underserved in her TV show. Plus, she's married to Wm. Macy, who rivals PS Hoffman in his ability to envelop a role.


    Any opportunity to look closely at Clooney's face is a good investment in TV watching. ;)

  4. Communion will be offerred at a full mass, not a wedding mass. Full mass is longer.


    You will have to be a part of planniong the bridal shower, usually along with her mother. Prob w the maid of honor ( most likely a matron of honor, if married) out of it, you'll have a bigger part of this. You'll have to give her feedback on her registry, like " people are complaining because you have nothing under $200 on your list". Dress, cake, florist advice, as much as needed depending on how involved the groom and mother is in the process. BTW, not really advice...just back up and agree w/ whatever she decided. A member of the party also usually plans a bachelorette girls night out, and this might also fall on you. It would be appropriate to reach out to another mutual close friend who will be invited tot he wedding to help you, since you are doing double duty if youplan the traditioanal shower. Showers are for gifts like mixers, Bachelorette parties are for gifts like lingerie and chocolate body powder

  5. I think of utilitarian gifts like stock pots or linens as good bridal shower gifts. For the formal ceremony, however, I think it sould be something more...formal, I guess. And I may be way off on this, I don't think its an etiquestte thing so much as my personal perception.


    Anyway, I agree with crystal, silver, stemware, or something indulgent. the exception to this would be if I knew the people to be very unformal, casual and anti-brand name...then, I'd go with cash. or a GC to a speicalty store that would appeal to them ( ie, a ski store)

  6. My son's best friend, a senior in HS, just got kicked out of school. Apparantly he has an older brother's ID, and he bought alcohol for one of the sophomores int he dorm. when the kid got caught, he told where he got it from. the school has a one strike policy, so dismissal is in the guidelines...and they've done it before, so everyone knows that's a possibility. I still feel bad for the kid, its his HS career, his college career..and it's really shaken up the rest of the senior class. This is a small class..about 75 kids. :unsure:

  7. I really don't care what his preference is, I care about how nasty and negative he was.

    Then why drag in his gayness, as if it were part and parcel of being negative and nasty?


    It's one thing for a member of a particular group to make a joke about that group and quite another for an outsider to make the same comment.

    I think I explained that already, it was related to Button's own comments on the today show..that's the reason in the first place that I used the "prince" description. That adjective would not be consistant to how I would describe someone.


    If I recall, his comment rec'd some kind of further press the following day, and I know a few of my coworkers brought it up that day..it was funny.


    I think that if you can laugh along with a minority group, it means that you are being more authentic and true in your behavior with them. You label me an "outsider". I suggest to you that I am not... I am so completely comfortable with my gay friends and family members that its a non issue to me...but perhaps it was a mistake to post it here. Sometimes I get comfortable enough that I forget that you are strangers. People in my real life know that I was the NJ GLT constituency outreach director for the Democratic National Committee for Kerry, the same for the DSC for Corzine a year later, and that I have a long professional and personal history with the gay community, that I marched in Trenton for gay marriage along with my cousin and her partner, along with their 5 year old of whom I am godmother, my husband does pro bono for GLA, and most importantly my friend Andrew picks out all my shoes. ...really, I can keep listing my creds, but it would get boring and pathetic.


    I know I wasn't gay bashing, but anyone else can interpret it as they might...I can only address my intent, not their perception. I live in my skin, and it's a good skin to live in. Albiet perhps too much of it, size 6 skin would be better. :unsure: ( and don't get me started on all the fat bashing that goes on around here!)

  8. For larger breed dogs, Eukanuba is a great choice for kibble, and Science diet for wet food. How quickly they grow becomes an issue, especially to minimize any hip problems down the road, so bone density is important and using puppy food/ large breed food etc int he right combo can help density.


    Scienc diet also produces the most dense poops, easier to pick up.

  9. I feel I have to reply to Ranitdine. On the Today show, Mr. buttons was speaking of the skater who missed the bus and complained about his "princessy behavior" and when corrected, ( the woman said something like "actually, princely behavior", Mr Buttons said, No, I think princessy is a more apt term" or something to that effect. And they all laughed. I think if an openly gay man can react to that comment without offense, we all can as well.


    I think his behavior was that of a nasty mean little girl, slinging verbal bullets around with great aim. A liitle boy would be more likely to punch somebody..a little girl would be more likely to cut somebody down with a comment.


    I really don't care what his preference is, I care about how nasty and negative he was.



    1. Dick Buttons is a nasty little prince. (ess)

    2. Bode Miller sucks. It might be about "bringing energy and a love of the sport to the games". But, You didn't bring anything, Miller...you STRADDLED THE GATE!!!

    3 That Speedie kid, the arial skier who tried the Hurricane, HE brought energy to

    the games, he tried to further the sport, he's the spirit I want there, not Bode's.

    4. Yay Shani, who was a knockout in interviews after all the event were over..and I love those little flat people.

    5. yay Ohno, desired and deserved.

    6. I'm still a bit mad at Jacobellis, but its fading..I mean, she's 20. My daughter didn't even grasp the laundry concept of separating whites from darks at 20 years old, so I am softening and cutting her some slack. And snowboard cross is very cool.

    7. Kwan should have dropped out before she went. Emily does look a bit like a ferret. I can't comment on figure skating. Other than the brunette Dane and Sasha Cohen, their outfits were all too ugly for me to concentrate on the skating.

    8. The coverage sucked. And, its nearly impossible to avoid the results.

  11. I think Cathy's observation is accurate..in fact, I KNOW it is....whenever hanson is involved, you know the PR is going to be ratcheted up a notch, and as she said, Burke is no slouch at PR himself.


    I can assure you, the beast does exist, in fact Dillon came back from Kentucky telling our 225lb. mastiff that he should stop thinking he's "all that" :unsure:


    Of course, since this process needs both someone to gather the sperm AND inseminate the cow, it has been the subject of interesting dinner conversations as to just what Connor and Dillon Burke's summer jobs will be this year. :blush: :( :(

  12. I am in the "stupid but funny" camp..I laughed despite myself, and then laughed some more...the premise itself was entertaining. and the actors really worked the script well. Wlson and Vaughn are just so approachable, appealing in a "went to HS with him" kinda way.

  13. Yet in their defense, my visit to NOLA ( 10 plus years ago) during mardi Gras was absolutely horrific...impossible to move around, drunk kids all over, and lots of vomit on the streets. We simply decided to visit NOLA at Jazz Fest time, where its an older crowd and in general a more comfortable atmosphere for us. So, we've been attending regularly and recently booked for the second weekend this year.


    We've been out of the FQ, but we prefer a certain hotel in the quarter, so we can't avoid Bourbon Street entirely...sorry you feel that the perception is unjust, but I'm afraid there are enough people like myself who justifiably express the same opinion as the newscasters.

  14. Watching Cohen has been the highlight of the games so far for me...Jacobellis hotdogged, and nonchalantly labelled that inappropriate behavior as fun....Look at Sasha's face, posture, demeanor..that young woman was having FUN, while maintaining her competitiveness.


    Beautiful, absolutely stunningly beautiful. It made me happy to watch them all.

  15. When I went to China to adopt my neice 6 years ago, I didn't want to bring my heavy, expensiive, cumbersome, name brand ( think goat cheese) luggage for the kind of travelling we would be doing. I bought two great bags at LL Bean...sedate neutral houndstooth, well constructed, and durable. Since that trip, I've chosen to use thme them a number of times over the Coach stuff. I'm pretty sure they were under $200 for both..they are not soft sided, they do have structure, and one bag is 30", the other maybe 20". the larger has wheels, the smaller has long leather handles, so you can wheel one and toss the other over your shoulder. the smaller one has garment bag features as well, flexible yet structured enough to not be floppy.

  16. and how about the snowboarder, Leslie, who lost the gold. Her nonchalance was either ignorance, or fake. 20 years old, all that enthusiasm, all that training...what a beginner's mistake. It ain't over till its over.

  17. I

    'm just catching up on the Davis/Herick controversy, but from a quick review of the articles and background, it certainly appears that hedrick is being a bit of a prick. It's not davis' job to make sure Hendrick's medals in 5 categories...he didn't join the olympic team for Hendricks to meet that goal, he did it so that HE could win a medal. Skating is not soccer or hockey, its not a team effort, its man against clock. Lumping figure and speed together, How happy do you think Sacsha and Kimmie are about having to deal with Kwan's angst, Emily's arrival, Sarah's shadow, et al? If skating were a team sport, you'd see Kimmie and Sasha tearfully escorting Kwan to the plane...puhleeze. don't forget, in some skating events, team approach is against the rules, although Apollo might point out a few instances where some skaters flaunted those regs.

  18. This place had a very strong opening, IMO. some Stage Left mailing list folks were invited to a pre opening..I did not attend but heard good stuff. recently, I went w/ a decorator, who had heard raves from 3 different people about the "shade of red" that ML is..that might have captured as much notice as the food from the opening parties. I went last week for dinner, and felt it was solid, promising..I think I am pickier than most, so to be impressed enough just weeks after opening...I'll be back.


    I thought the pasta showed the most adventure, thinking outside the ravioli/gnocci box...not all red sauces, nothing with the words "lobster creme" or "portobello cream" ...in a state where buzzwords multiply like rabbits.


    The guys @ SL know their market, and the business...I predict a success.

  19. re: subscription rates


    I suspect the two are very competitive in rates..perhaps 2 or 3 bucks difference per month.


    I can't comment much about Sirous, as I have never listened to it..and the Stern connection is to me, like Ranitdine, an XM selling point.


    XM has Air america, and I enjoy Franken's spin. Oprah is coming soon, FWIW, but mostly I love Frank's Place, (a 40/50's lounge music station) , the jazz station, the bluegrass and Folk stations, and NPR. Also great to have CNN for breaking news.


    I must admit I am not sure of the cost..3 of our cars have it, plus we have the converter to hoo,k it up to ur home system, , but our reception here in the sticks is not good enough to enjoy it clearly. ( The real issue is that our home is stone, and the antennae can't be easily mounted to a window that faces a direction with a clear signal. We had to hardwire our house..wireless connections don't permeate the stone, and we even have interior stone walls) I'll try to find a statemement..I THINK it was in the $10 per month range..perhaps $129 per year?

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