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  1. My mom would often prepare the "sunday midday roast" on Saturday night. She wouldn't cook it, just prep it and cover it with foil and stick it in the fridge. Her reasoning was that while we were in church the following morning, my dad who stayed home, could handle popping a roasting pan into the oven at a specified time. I remember being a little girl, and constantly opening the fridge door to "check" on the pork loin, beef, whatever....Up until bedtime, multiple times, I'd make sure it was still there. First thing in the morning, I'd make sure it was still there. I loved looking at it, imagining how it would taste. I never heard a word of mass, all my thoughts were about the roast, and concern that my dad would forget to put it in ( which had happened) and we'd be delayed in eating.



    I have always adored Sour Cream/Onion soup dip. Crazy about it...while others in our family liked it, none matched my enthusiasm..it was by far my favorite food.

    so I knew that when my mom bought it, she had me in mind. And, my mom was not a big chips/junk food buyer. I can clearly remeber the feeling of coming home from school, and seeing that red and white Breakstone's container, and knowing that it was proof that my mom was thinking of me. Now, my childhood wasn't the smoothest, so that feeling was more rare than it should be in a child, but I remember it so distinctly.


    In grappling with overeating issues later in life, it was fairly easy to see the emotional connection I have to sour cream and similair foods...each mouthful was like a little hug.


    Finally, I remember going to place in New Brunswick NJ called Chick's Inn, on Fridays during lent, with my extended Italian Catholic Family. there was an accordian door seperting the bar from the restaurant, and while the adults would filter over tot he bar, the kids would be left to their devices at thte table, with perhaps a few older aunts to stand guard. I preferred the regular fried flounder platter, but if you got the fried flounder SANDWICH, you got a frilly toothpick in each quarter...I adored those toothpicks. Plus, they were great under the table pokers for annoying male cousins. I still keep those toothpicks in my pantry, the box must be 15 years old..my sons used to love them in their sandwiches as well..and also discovered their sword capabilities.


    this is a nice thread, thanks for starting it.

  2. My mother wears a lot of J. Jill, so I always think of it as clothes for middle-aged art teachers.

    I think that describes their aesthetic precisely.


    In a way, J.Jill is a budget version of Eileen Fisher. Edit: Well, it used to be more that way - the stuff I just saw online is a bit more earthy.


    Eileen Fisher is for willowy middle-aged women with negligible breasts. It goes well with large pieces of jewelry from a museum shop.

    Where as Talbot's shopper's have real jewelery. Perhaps a few pieces of silver, for fun, but otherwise gold, platinum and pearls.


    J. Jill and Talbots have one thing in common: their clothing is easy to wear, coordinated, , sold as "ensembles" so it might be a good fit. Although I feel Talbot's has better quality, so I hope it doesn't compromise that. Talbot's jackets and pants can last years and years.

  3. You know when you are looking at an item in the housewares department, and you think " who would buy that?" Well, my friends and family would, and they give it to me. They know I entertain a lot, I have a lot of storage space, and I do, mostly, make an effort to us it when I can. Wine charms, cheese knives, cake dishes, table runners...yes sir, there they are, in my cupboards. Wine caddies, little vokda shooters, holiday themed shot glassess..yes sir, snuggled on the top shelfs of the cabinets. This years favorite: cookbook holders, sturdy enough to hold perhaps a newspaper clipping...Shoot me, please.

  4. I have a similiar one, and I use it for buffets. I raise the dome up off a large cheese board. . I put whole pieces of the selected cheeses, some nuts or fruit, etc, under the dome. Underneath, on the board, are the serving cheeses, with cheese knives, or in cheunked or sliced into bite sizes, pl;us more fruit, perhaps fig jam or a chutney.


    I think cheese platters get so dull, but then again perhaps my guests are dull..because the cheese always gets eaten...I don however, make a real effort to add interesting and less popular cheses to the mix...but one still needs to have a few boring cheeses for the less adventurous.


    And yes, I have those little stick label thingys that go in the cheese in the dome, with the name of each cheese.

  5. We made pizzas, and my carmelized onion, duck confit and gorgonzola was the best, if only half eaten, at least eaten by those with taste!


    Mexican brownies with espresso and cinnamon were also a BIG hit, better than I expected. It seems that blue cheese doesnt fly, but chocolate tweaked a bit does....what a crowd. :blush:


    I could care less about the teams playing...I was leaning perhaps towards Seattle because I thought after all that rain they deserved a win..but Steelers presented well and deserved the win. A few lousy calls, IMO.

  6. There are four wood ducks in my pond. It's raining this morning, I was planning to walk down to get a closer look..it looks like two are babies, but I only saw them so far from a distance.


    We've had a heron, but never ducks. We've been considering working with the county to have the pond be a part of their "hospitable environment" program.., so hopefully they are a harbinger of more good things to come.

  7. Because China is going to own the world, and it distresses me endlessly. Read where anything you've recently purchased is made. I made a sampling recently at Toys R Us. Twenty items, chosen completely at random, were ALL made in China. It's like that everywhere.

    China is a vibrant, wonderful country with gorgeous, motivated people...is it just the China aspect that distresses you, or the import/export disparity in general?


    Everyone should get a shot at owning the world...its not an exclusive, you know.


    On topic, after every visit to Miami, I am motivated to incorporate Plaintains into my cooking..and so I buy them, watch them wither, and toss them.


    My favorite application is fried plaintains..but its hard not to like anything that's salty and fresh from the fryer...I admire how the cuban/miami cuisine incorporates it in so many ways, fish. fowl or meat.

  8. We had a very special time at Stage Left last evening...the Hobbs tasting dinner was informative, well attended, and...fun. so many of the tasting dinners, not specifically those at SL, are too stuffy. This was well paced, above average food with few minor misses, and lovely wines. Perhaps a little stingy on some of the pours, but they were 100 pointers so those are often limited...Hobbs added great comments in regards to the cultural implications of doing business in Argentenia, and now Hungary. He's youthful, endearing and well spoken, a real pleasure to listen to

  9. ...if the two photographs were taken only one month apart, I am a monkey's uncle.

    Maybe she takes hair-growth accelerator or something. No normal person's hair grows that much in a month. And that's just the easiest part to put one's finger on.

    Her hair in the first pix looks like its pulled back, with the fringe framing her face...I think its poosible. I look like shit after just one night of overindulging...I can't imagine a month's worth.

  10. wow, I am glad I never read this thread at its inception..bought a lovely battleship grey merino wool cabled turtleneck poncho at the Ralph Lauren outlet...throw it over jeans with a pair of high heeled black boots...over wool trousers for a casual brunch..it might not be popular on this board, but I get a million compliments..without fail, more than any other garment I've worn. (OK, might not be saying much to a NY fashionista, but I do make an effort) It's like a great cabled sweater, but without sleeves. I wear a long sleeved tee under it, usually..unless I want to transform it to outerwear, then I put on red goves, a great hand woven red/black /grey shawl , and a LL Bean micro fleece underneath.


    Maybe I'm a fashion victim, but I am a confidant, happy victim! :( :wub:

  11. Each chef films his entire season's appearances in the course of a week or so...then they intersperse the chefs and wins/losses etc into a timeline that I guess they determine mixes it up in the right way. Flay had done a show the day before, and was doing another taping that same day, later in the afternoon. Flay and Burke have been friends for 20 years, and Burke knew fromt he start that it was Flay he's up against..the shadow figures you see in theopening credits, before Flay is selected, are stand ins. (A very nice rotund gentleman in orange clogs and a pony tail, but certainly not Mario )


    My guess would be that its availability with a bit of matchmaking to keep the opponents diverse.

  12. For the record, we now call my son's father the TIN FOIL chef...that would be embarrassing, except that the TINFOIL chef himself coined the phrase...a good sport all around.


    I guess my main complaint is that the editors did not fit in enough wonderful rapt expressions from audience members(esp. handsome teenaged boys :wub: ) ..otherwise, the finished poduct was a pretty good representation of the event itself :( fun show, fun premise, good time by all.


    I'm thankful to be a part of it, albiet a small part, but I'll always remember it.

  13. warning, thread hijacking...sorry :wub: I ordered the LL Bean dog beds, the new ones with the stuffing material that is supposed to hold its shape, not smell, waterproof, etc etc. After 6 months of hard use( a mastiff , a boxer and a bernese mountain dog, ( one a puppy, who had a brief interlude during crate training of secretly peeing on the OTHER dogs beds)) I can wholeheartedly say that these are the BEST dog beds ever made. Not cheap..I bought larger sizes and they were @ $100 each without the covers, but the BEST. Once a week, I strip the covers,fluff and shake the bed, sometimes stick it outside for a few hours...6 months later, they are like the day I bought them. Ok, back to your regularly scheduled melamine bowl conversation...they are useful, I have a buttercup yellow set.

  14. To begin, its about 1/2 hour of taping the intro...introducing the judges, chefs. Once the chefs do their "intro" part, and then the"reveal" of the ingredient, the clock begins. Alton does some talking during the taping, interacting w/ the floor guy. Everyone is really moving that quickly... the cameramen are amazing. It is uninterrupted, full engines running, 60 minutes. the stadium has the same feeling as it looks like on TV...fast paced, frenetic, some yelling, dodging cameramen. It was exciting. After the 60 minutes, the lights go off, and the chefs are given the opportunity to recook or refresh each dish for the judges. for example, Flay and co. cook and present their first dish to the judges. While Flay is standing there receiving and responding to their comments, his cooks are getting the second course ready. If I recall right, they have 40 minutes to present the courses. Then, the next chef has 40 minutes. The judges sit across from the very small ( 20 ppl) audience, so you can't hear all of their comments..its more tightly filmed, if that's the right description..the bright lights are just on them. Finally, they film Alton doing some transitions, voice overs, etc. Then the stadioum gets lit up again, and they announce the winner.

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