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  1. Facconable makes some lovely men's dress shirts, their fabric has a beautiful hand and seems to withstand the laundry service pretty well...European, more tapered cut. I'm not as familiar with their women's products, but you could use your gift to buy a gift for your SO. The shirts, sold at Nordstoms, are in the $150 range, although I have noticed that they are often well represented on the shelves during the few clearance sales they have. I'm usually at Short Hills, and I think the European cut shirts are not as popular as the Brooks Brother Boxy style, so I think that might be why.
  2. Tana, I'm not going to start anything with you. But really, you have to lighten up. There is entertainment value in her blog, and her book. I'm not suggesting People Magazine be your literary highpoint...but it does have its place in our world. Even fresh, organic, farmer market groupies know who Lindsay Lohan is I suggest that there are other authors that you have read that might not be within the definition of respectable to you..jeez, they might eat canned beans (sorry, Rancho!) and Perdue Chickens...but that a book should not be dismissed on the author's proclivities ( or complain
  3. So, since current inventory is ok to sell...how long can it keep for, what are the best storage conditions? We have 3 oz oesetra (gold imprieal) left over from the holidays...we like it once a month or so as a special night at home w/ champagne...waht if I keep it cold and dark..expanded shelf life? I guess Petroassian can tell us...damn I will miss it, will need to explore the American stuff...can we be sure Chefs Moonen, Palmer and Forgione are not behind this, LOL. ???
  4. Tana, you've prob read a zillion books where if u knew the author you wouldn't respect them...loosen up, its a People magazine kinda fun food book.
  5. C'mon, it was an easy and enjoyable read...nothing more than it presented itself to be..an amusing snapshot at an amusing time in the author's life...it's perfect for "light reading to finish in a few sittings" kind of thing...I liked the lobsters part, the interesting high school sweathearts relationship of her whiney yet sometimes heroic husband, her dead end yet also sometimes heroic job...fun, fun ,fun. Suzanne, PM me your address and I'll send it to you.
  6. Kim

    Game birds

    this is my tried and true recipe, I've been doing a holiday dinner for years..it brings out the flavor by roasting, but by adding the raisins and wine mid point, it keeps it moist. Also, the title of this recipe really describes the dish..it presents beautifully: Golden roast Pheasant: http://www.recipesource.com/main-dishes/me...00/rec0013.html
  7. We rec'd this from some friends who are always first on our list when we do our bi-annual crawfish boils : http://cajuncrawfish.com/item-detail.cfm?ID=8011 It's really cool, But its so big, we will have to buy the outdoor propane burner thing, it won't fit on the 4 burner flat electric cooktop in our downstairs prep kitchen, and I'm concerend that it will collapse my counter tops and gas 6 burner in my main kitchen...how much does 20 gallons of water weigh, anyway?
  8. My Bernese mountain dog, Abby, is crazy for herding wild turkeys. the mastiff and boxer are not as enthused. The dogs have about 6 acres within the electronic fence to roam and play, and its funny to watch Abby chase them, circle around them, and then putting on the brakes right before she gets to her trained cut off point. And, they seem to sense it somehow, as they then tend to linger right on the other side of the underground fence. I'll see them every morning at our pond, flittering about, for about a week, then no sign of them for a while, then back for a few days. Not so much this w
  9. Central NJ,: Conte's, Withrspoon Stret, Princeton, for over 50 years. Rolling Rock in bottles, thin crust, the best. Capa Pizza, Union St. , Lambertville, thin crust, lots heart and soul in this family run business, funkier toppings, top quality ingredients.
  10. Suzanne, My son Connor is applying to U of Vt..I'd been there before, but this fall was my first extended visit. I also ate at NECI, David B. set the reso up for me..and I thought it was a real gem. It's good to know that its a positive experience for anyone..to be honest, I kept thinking that it was so well done, it must be because I "know somebody", if you know what I mean. Connor is also considering Milldebury and U of Col at Boulder...funny, give an eighteen year old the opportunity to make a life decision, and they coincedentally choose schools near ski mountains. Isn't that
  11. Nick, I look forward to your reviews and comparing notes. Menton, where is Xavier's, and who gives it top ratings?I've never heard of it, but it might just be geography.
  12. Kim

    Ryland Inn

    I have not been to the fine dining end of the RI since Feb of 2003 That Valentine's meal was prefaced by a disaster dining experience for 8 people the previous Dec. Indeed, my husband SWORE it off his list, except that that particular Feb I had a broken ankle, and could not be denied! To begin, its difficult to make a reservation. And. once you do, its difficult to reach someone to change it. ( three days before, changing a 6:30 Sat reso from 6 to 4ppl) And, in our case, we hit a detour on the way there, and could not reach anyone to tell them we were running 10 minutes late and to plea
  13. So how was it, Nick? We went to the Ryland Inn last nite, and our dinner companions raved about a meal they had @ the F and P in the Fall. I'm overdue for a visit there, and am looking forward to your opinion.
  14. Nick, the link Paul provided gave the Truffle menu dates as 12/26-12/30. Is that accurate or are you going Sat nite anyway,w/o truffles menu.
  15. I'm with Stone on this. I ground through about half of it, but couldn't understand what all the flap was about and gave up. I think many casual readers, which I consider myself as I only have to read for pleasure, are divided into those that prioritize plot over character development, or vice versa. I'm a character person..give me a multi level, deeply explored character, and I'm hooked. That's why A Prayer for Owen Meany is my favorite, and I love almost all of Irving's works. Confederacy falls into the "all character no plot" genre, in this readers opinion.
  16. Same with Julie and Julia by Julie Powell, what a hoot.
  17. Contemporary: John Irving, Until I Find You, or A Prayer for Owen Meany I'd respectfully suggest an override of Stone's disregard for A Confederacy of Dunces Speaking of harper Lee, I can't wait to see how she is portrayed in the Capote movie.
  18. Kim


    leg of lamb braised in red wine, from Molly Steven's Braising book, my current favorite cookbook. shredded brussel sprouts sauteed with pancetta, and garlic whipped potatoes. My guests were so complimentary, I wrapped up all the leftovers for them..recalling the dinner, I kinda wish I hadn't!
  19. IMO: 1. Changing the diaper at a chair at the dining table is rude to other guests. 2. The private owner made a business decision..he realized from the incident w/ the applause upon the distruptive families departure, that his customers were bothered by what he considered unruly and inappropriate behavior. His business, his perogative. 3. I'd go there in a flash..its really ok to ask for inside voices at an inside location. By posting this, he sets the expectations for behavior in his establishment, and gives notice that you'll be asked to leave if these are not met. 4. I co
  20. Kim

    Stockton Inn

    Listed for 2.4 million.
  21. The election is over. I can go back to real life, catching up on friends, family and food boards. It helps that my guy one, too
  22. Kim

    Katie Holmes

    I've been insanely busy consulting on the NJ gubenatorial campaign..and today I logged onto my AOL account, and saw this "news" on the homepage...my first thought was how I missed MF, and needed to go home tonite to catch up....I'll repeat a word I used earlier in this thread..it's ...YUCKY. really yucky.
  23. You can parse out the workload of raising a family and producing income and managing a home a million ways, and debate endlessly as to which is the better job or more rewarding job or most stressful job..the bottom line is what omni said pages back..and repeated..it is imperative that both partners discuss and work it out for what works for them. I've stayed at home wtih small kids, I've worked full time and part time, I've worked flexible hours and 9-5. I've been bored to tears at work, and bored to tears with kids. I've been challanged at work, and exhilirated by my children. For our
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