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  1. Just a guess, but it has been proven that socioeconomic levels effect college grad rates, incarceration rates, etc...and divorce very often impacts the socioeconomic level of the child...so perhaps the issue is less financial security as sopposed to having one or two parents at home.
  2. today is my birthday,. I am 42 years old. I really can't think of anything to else to add. My life is on track, so I am very happy.
  3. I turned off the TV this morning, as I've learned to protect my heart. I could not withstand the reading of the names without loosing my day, and my family needed me to be a hostess and mom today. It should be something to be sad about, but in truth, it is part of healing, so its to be grateful for. My eldest son is giong to Peru, which I was happy about his opportunity, until I was reminded of Shining Path... Another "cheerful with reservations" entry. He's working with a facial reconstruction plastic surgeon as one of his three non medical assistants, during his senior year of HS a
  4. inspired by the photo of the builder: http://www.stormfax.com/virginia.htm
  5. I love the Grevnille Bed and Breakfast.....we stayed there twice this year, and are scheduled again the first weekend of October, good frineds are getting hitched at the nearby Bayhead yacht Club. I've always thought there food was above average, but the 3.5 suprises me just a bit..the selections are not very innovative.
  6. I cant' find them now, but here was a blog today w/ a few GD residents, saying just the facade was a mess...from wind, not water..the satellite photos show the GD w/o water...The AP reported today on cosmetic damage, not looting or anything like that...so much info, so hard to decipher it all..time will tell.
  7. besides this info, some internet and news sources are saying that the facade of Commander's was greatly injured, but the interior is ok. To add, that this should certainly NOT take precendence over the news and despair of the primary issue, loss of life. Commanders is such a defining location for me, as I go to NOLA every year for Jazzfest...keeping up with its condition has made this all the more real for me... To add, further, soapbox indeed. This was a fuck up of gigantic proportions, from the very top to the very bottom...its jsut that the bottom died, and the top lived to mak
  8. and there's this board that's been set up for displaced restaurant workers. http://katrina.guestbridge.net/viewforum.p...0d4531b252f9f74
  9. Kim

    free salmon

    Dad and son were very successful this weekend..30 lbs of Lake Ontario Salmon, caught Sat and dun, food-savered and gfrozen Sun night, ready to go in fileted, 2-3# frozen packets. Avail in new Brunswick or Princeton areas for pickup/delivery. PM me. I had it sashimi style Mon and I loved it...not pinky pink..more of a fleshy pink color, true wild salmon..great stuff.
  10. Kim

    Aug 22 New Yorker

    Actually, for a person who only buys clothing and household stuff when desperatie, Target is a great choice..it is NOTHING like "the marts" unless you're talking square footage...better service, better quality m-dise, some really cool household things, and cheap. When it came to my community,I rolled my eyes thinking it was antoher "mart"..but its not. I buy stuff at Target that my high end name brand friends compliment, regularly.
  11. Looks like this is going to be a whopper...I'm watching the weather channel, and I think perhaps this time they are NOT exagerating the situation. While it disturbs me to imagine my favorite city underwater, beyond the property damage, it looks like there is a real threat to personal safety...I hope the evacuation goes smoothly as possible. Best thoughts to any MF members in the LA, FL and AL areas
  12. Blondie, way to go..Tana...clear and detailed photos..but the colors of the clothes are so dated...tell these folks to subscribe to one of the fashion trend alerts, just to get the colors up to date! I'm as suburban as they come, a year or two behind the city, but periwinkle blue is so...old!
  13. Waht a great set of photos...she deserves a better name, though! Although peanut does have the food connection...
  14. Was scheduled to work with a relocation client today. Have been in steady contact with him for three months. have sent him pictures of homes, interiors, mapped out distances to his wife's office, took pix of the schools his kid would be attending, hours on the phone going through videos of potential homes homes together...made appointments to view 6 homes and a school...and he calls at 11am, his wife's sisters friend is a Real Estate agent ( for two months!) and his wife promised that they would work with her....aaaaggghhhhhh! but, he wanted to "meet me" because I'm so "smart and helpful ab
  15. Kim

    Aug 22 New Yorker

    Thanks for that info and link, Paul. I guess their objective was met..I certainly noticed it!
  16. I just rec'd this weeks issue..what's up with all the red bullseyes? I've never seen such saturation in one magazine before..I guess Target is coming to NYC?
  17. I gave it to my 6 year old neice, along with some bright colored picnic plastic plates...she picked them out at Target. She went home with all of it, haven't heard that she used it or loved it..Gave the emeril book to an 8 year old last December, along with jalapeno apron from Chefwear, and some of that bright red Kirchenaid spatulas and whisks in a big mixing bowl..it was a GREAT hit, the thank you note for the gift was a picture of the little chef in her apron, stirring a pot of soup she made from the book..I repeated the gift to similiar aged boy more recently, and it got a lukewarm recep
  18. Emeril has one for kids, too...maybe 8 and up...I like the Salad People one for little ones..Chefwear.com has mini aprons, hats and chef pants, and the book, apron, and a few brightly colored mixing spoons or spatulas in a gift bag...kids love em.
  19. Yikes, I might have to review my son's list of schools
  20. At least, it takes a lot of tuition...My son has U of VT in Burlington and U of Colo at Boulder on his college lists...for public schools, neither is cheap for out of staters...are they trying to keep the crunch in? We sold a vacation home in VT less than two years ago..I should have kept it,it would have paid for itself in tuition savings,
  21. I just spoke with the cook, (luckily, I caught her between deliveries..she's an OBGYN, and people have babies in the heat) it was Chana dal w.Lauki, which is a bottle gourd. It's a little like celery, but not really.
  22. The homes don't smell BAD, they smell UNFAMILIAR. Spices and scents linger. It is not a cleanliness issue. In fact, when a home smells like wet dog or dirty laundry, I don't give my clients a CANDLE, I tell them to CLEAN. But when I am marketing a home that has lingering cooking odors that would be unfamiliar to 95% of the potential buyers that might visit the property, I happily and guilt free give my clients the ol' McCintosh Apples YC..and I have a bunch of happy clients who get top dollar for their homes. In fact, a few weeks ago, I joined clients for dinner, and they made (
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