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  1. Didn't I see a photo of you with a drink on your chest on the "other" board?
  2. I know she's lots of fun with a couple of beers in her.... Wish I could join you Jaymes.
  3. If ONLY I didn't love to eat what I've cooked!
  4. Beautiful pictures Gordon, & nice that you had some Canadians along for company!
  5. Gordon, why don't you come to Vancouver? Always an eGullet(er) or Mouthfuls(er) to join you for dinner, anytime you want!
  6. Hasn't this already been done? I believe it featured Rocco in the starring role. GODIVA takes place in the Yaletown area of Vancouver, so will be of special interest to those of us in LotusLand.
  7. persimmon

    Say hello

    oiboy, you found us! How are things with you & the new Mrs.?
  8. persimmon

    Say hello

    Hi Doodle, good to see you here! I know how busy you must be now, but happy you found the time to drop in. Hope to see you here again soon. Jackie
  9. Fantastic reviews Cabrales! Do you take constant notes throughout dinner, & does it not detract from the experience? I know I've tried to do it, but the conversation, & wine (mostly the wine) , do me in everytime.
  10. Thanks for the review Wizard, sounds like a great trip. You certainly lucked out with the weather didn't you? Hope it holds out for us as well; we're going over on Thursday, & staying until Sunday.
  11. The mystery ingredient was crab. The rerun will be shown on Wednesday night, 8pm I believe.
  12. Front Page news today....Vancouver is celebrating Rob Feenie's win last night on Iron Chef America. One of Feenie's restaurants, Lumiere, is considered one of the best, if not the best, restaurants in Canada. Don't usually watch ICA , but with the hometown boy competing, this one was a "must see".
  13. Thanks for reporting back on your dinner Ace, sounds wonderful! SO HAPPY ROB WON!!!!
  14. So...did it happen? How many were able to make it?
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