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  1. A little over 11 years since I started this thread......
  2. Littlest could be flower girls, but they might balk in the limelight........I wouldn't be too quick to hire them.
  3. If someone knows how to post a video, please contact me! foodie52@tahoo.com
  4. Well friends: Nataly got engaged today ! She and her boyfriend of 5 years are in Costa Rica on holiday and he popped the question. Our girl is getting married!!!!!
  5. foodie52


    Really? I had no idea. Bonus!!!
  6. EGullet made a difference in my life. I have made so many lasting friendships since then, thanks to the food boards. I am so sorry about this. My heart goes out to his family.
  7. foodie52


    Well, we did it. Have rented an apartment again in Montreal for the first two weeks in July, again in the Plateau. My two " must go" places are bagels at St V. and Les Trois Petits Bouchons.
  8. Our kids have gifted us with a lunch at The Kitchin, as a thank you for being such stellar grandparents. We have reservations for June 17th. Can't wait.....
  9. It seems only fitting to announce here the publication of an ebook of Simon Majumdar's favorite home cooked Indian recipes. All proceeds benefit Friends of Colombian Orphans. It took us nearly a year to produce this book. So many wonderful volunteers were involved. Please buy a copy for your Kindle. It is only $9.99. Title is : Nicely Spiced by Simon Majumdar http://www.amazon.com/Nicely-Spiced-Recipes-Majumdars-Kitchen-ebook/dp/B00I798XVE/ref=sr_1_3?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1391370718&sr=1-3&keywords=simon+majumdar
  10. I don't cry at weddings, but yeah, I might cry at that one. Y'all are invited.
  11. Nathan, what the hell? Have you eaten at El Alma and El Naranjo? Interior Mexican to the max. El Alma is one of our favorite places to eat.
  12. http://www.flickr.com/photos/93958605@N00/12180982133/ Nataly is doing great. She has a job in the Deli dept. at HEB. She lives with her boyfriend, a 6'4" redheaded graduate from the Univ. of Texas. He works for Time Warner. I believe there may be a wedding in 2015. Her dog, Tonalli, is still alive and kicking. Nataly is happy and healthy, and loves her life. We are blessed. And so is she. (again, if any of you have the skills to upload the photo, have at it......sheesh......)
  13. Hmmm....the Aggie Heisman dude is "thinking about" going pro next year. YOU THINK?????
  14. Isn't there some NY chef who could make them sexy and put rat on the menu?
  15. Thanks. Let me check...altho the line would be really short.
  16. One of the interesting happenings in my life was driving through Isigny-sur-Mer in Normandy two summers ago. Our B&B host told us that that's where the Disney family comes from. Our host's son was friends with the current owners of the Disney chateau and spent a lot of time there.
  17. Those of you who followed our adoption blog may remember Daniel, Nataly's flute teacher. He got a visitor's visa last August and has been spending a lot of time in NYC and DC. He's coming to Austin next Monday. Franklin's is on our MUST DO list. Probably the Monday after Thanksgiving.
  18. Seems weird that he's gone.
  19. That's a shock. I got to work with him once. Well, not really "work": he and his staff wouldn't let us touch any of the food.
  20. We're going to be spending a fair amount of time in Houston during the next couple of years. My son has just been made store team leader of the Whole Foods in Bellaire. Great move for him. I found Megabus which, for $5, will take me to Houston so that I can stay in touch with my granddaughter. Does anyone know of any good farm to table restaurants in the Bellaire/Meyerland area?
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