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  1. we started over Christmas vacation with the streaming netflix. We are well into season three and love it.
  2. I buy from many different stores. Around here Crush, Wine Library and Zachy's if I am looking for something specific ie, 2002 Dom I go to www.wine-searcher.com there is a free service that doesn't show all the listing and the professional service is $29.96 per year and well worth it.
  3. scamhi


    no triple sec, cointreau, or grand marnier in your margaritas?
  4. scamhi


    thanks for the look in Lippy. I work only 4 blocks from there. must get over tomorrow.
  5. buy illustrator. It is the industry standard. if the other applications can't save out as an eps and open in illustrator- they are a waste of time Let me know if you need help converting the tif image.
  6. had grits at Colicchio and Sons this week. I remembered we had a thread on grits.... Looked thru this thread and ordered from Weisenberger. 3- 2lb bags 2 white one yellow. $21.41 including shipping
  7. scamhi

    River Deli

    we can't wait for them to get the outdoor dining permit. Then we locals can look and see when the MF-ers are dining there. y'all welcome for a drink either before or after.
  8. scamhi

    Iris Cafe

    the iris cafe good source for baguettes both french and italian.
  9. scamhi

    River Deli

    after 31 years at that location the JW's know never to knock at our door. anyway we weren't home on Friday evening.
  10. scamhi

    River Deli

    Deb, they are right across the street from us. You should have stopped in. #25
  11. my biggest most frequent annoyance is people the DON'T PUT THEIR PHONE NUMBER in a slug AT THE END OF AN EMAIL and also don"t respond to a question about their project for 2-3 hours.
  12. Cathy's Romesco by way of Joyce Goldstein is da bomb. it is my go to version
  13. scamhi

    Sheeps Head?

    This lamb was grilled head and all. the butcher split the head before grilling and one of my guests ate the brains and eyes in addition to the cheeks etc.
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