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  1. the lorenzo's-jim's challenge is the correct name, FWIW. and don't listen to the commenters about it being recently invented; people have been doing this since i was in high school over 20 years ago. lorenzo's is a big slice of pretty thin pizza, and jim's doesn't make a huge steak. while i'm not a big eater and probably wouldn't be able to bring myself to bother, the whole thing wouldn't be a big deal to many people nowadays. edited to add: the real point is, WHYY blog editors are being stupid by including this post. the end.
  2. I'm a bit late to this party, but is this computer nonstandard in any way? Power supplies are pretty standardized, and you could get a new one for like $20-$40 at newegg or tiger direct or something.
  3. man i loved that show. there's nothing like that on tv now.
  4. quoting myself to point out this update about the revamped le bar lyonnais, which just showed up in my twitter feed: http://citypaper.net/blogs/mealticket/2010...e-bar-lyonnais/
  5. yeah that's a good point. the restaurant especially can be a bit stuffy. however, i will say this in general: one of the nicer aspects of dining in this city is that there are very few places with hard-and-fast dress codes. nearly any restaurant will take you in nearly any outfit, so if you don't have a mental block against feeling underdressed, you're certainly not going to get turned down (and probably won't even get much, if any, attitude).
  6. jas.

    Kale Chips

    haha yes! i may have misrepresented myself somewhat: i can and often do accidentally eat most of a bunch of kale in a sitting. i hope i never am in a situation to need blood thinners. leafy greens are a great source of deliciousness, while still providing a smug sense of healthiness as you scarf vast quantities of them. if i didn't have them, what would i do?
  7. jas.

    Kale Chips

    cabbage as in regular green cabbage? you don't say. i discovered this recipe online a couple of months ago and also have made it numerous times. it isn't quite snackfoody enough to satisfy my kid, but it certainly enables me to eat an entire head of kale in one sitting, and what's better for you than that? i ask you.
  8. Vetri does not have bar seating. Have you considered Amada? Xochitl also has bar seating, IIRC. xochitl recently had a chef change and a menu/concept revamp; it's more casual and cheaper now. amada and tinto both are nice places to eat at the bar. i've enjoyed le bar lyonnais the couple of times i've been there; however none have been more recently than about five years ago, when i was with a guy who had the money to buy a bottle of some ungodly expensive first growth bordeaux (thinking 1985 or 86 haut-brion) that was so bretty we could barely drink it. the sommelier tho
  9. i just laffed at my internetz
  10. ok cool, thanks guys. i couldn't imagine this being really a hard and fast rule, but i won't deny that i'm a bit paranoid about the pressure cooker, even though it's one of the cuisinart electric ones and has like 20 safety releases. i also will not deny that i'm a bit leery to experiment with beans that cost $5 a lb and risk cooking them in a way that will make them end up shitty, so i figured it was best to ask... mongo, if you're cooking kidneys in 20 minutes from dry, that bodes well for yellow eyes and black beans. anyway thanks.
  11. this thread always makes me hungry, and considering the lorna sass event steve mentioned above, this seems to be the best thread to ask this in. maybe not. but i'll try anyway. why do you have to pre-soak beans when using a pressure cooker? i thought i read somewhere that it's because they foam up and could clog the valve, but i don't make huge pots at a time -- or i wouldn't, if i could make a small batch quickly in the pressure cooker -- and i can't find the site where i read that. i read somewhere else that they cook unevenly, but if that's the case, i'd love to see some explanation
  12. ok so you start to make a grilled cheese for your vegetarian customers, and you somehow end up turning it into a bacon cheeseburger? and then the vegetarians have to special order it without the meat to get the grilled cheese? i swear i've been laughing about this for like fifteen minutes now. it's just so ridiculous, i keep thinking of it and laughing again. what is wrong with me?
  13. chefs who smoke, is usually my guess in that situation.
  14. distrito is good. not the most groundbreaking meal you'll ever have, just high quality food in a fun atmosphere.
  15. things will be fine, as long as amtrak is. at least as far as what you described. we did get like 28" of snow, so things are screwy, but as far as getting from 30th st. station to the marriott, it's all underground and you're fine.
  16. same here. went and stomped around in the snow today. made beef stew for dinner, and kale two ways (sauteed and roasted). this storm will get annoying as of tomorrow, but until then, good fun for those of us who live in a city where wires are underground.
  17. generally speaking, virus and security software requires installation by an admin, and applies to the computer itself, not to specific user accounts. so if you tried to install it from one of the non-admin users, it wouldn't let you. you can also see which user is the admin by right-clicking my computer, choosing 'manage', and looking at 'local users and groups.'
  18. wow, a couple of bad decisions right in a row there. i find pat's and geno's to be both uniformly crappy. as far as other famous places go, jim's is OK but actually kinda small. if you're heading to the pat's/geno's area, just keep walking to 8th & greenwich or dickinson, and hit up the cheesesteak at cosmi's deli, which is really good. steve's up in the northeast, though, is still my favorite that i've ever had, i think. the only problem, if you're visiting, is there's not that many other reasons to head up there, and is the best cheesesteak really worth it? i'd say
  19. i still like miran, at 21st & chestnut. good dolsot bibimbap and soups.
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