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  1. Oh, I'm jealous. I am relegated to the local Korean store and I doubt what they are getting is very fresh. Jschyun wants to guest-post now and then, but if she does, she better damn-well share with me! Then, for her sake, following this page at Shilla Bakery, the ones I'm talking about are a donut version of that tapioca bread (chalkkaeppang -- the one I buy is fried with sugar outside, thus, donut to me and probably has a different name in Korean) and the twist donut (kkwabaegi). Oh, and that page is like 25% of the variety of baked goodness at that bakery...which is why it takes muc
  2. I hope you'll also be able to review some of my other favorite Korean donuts, like the twist donut and those uber-yummy baseball-sized tapioca donuts. (Why yes, I do live near a Korean bakery!)
  3. TheMatt

    NCAA Brackets

    Another "celebrity" bracket to look at and enjoy is the semi-legendary Phil's Mom. She's the mother of a former producer of Tony Kornheiser's radio show who makes picks on his show every year with the skill you'd think a mom who doesn't follow sports does. Picks the team names or mascots she likes, nearby schools, etc. She became semi-legendary a few years ago (2006) when she was pretty much the only person who picked #11 George Mason to go all the way, and they did make the Final Four. Her picks this year are quite...ambitious. Like, say, #16 Arkansas-Pine Bluff (the play-in winner this
  4. I wear a watch and a hat. Both unironically. I am a freak!
  5. 68 for me. Looks like Lauren and I are the only 68ers so far!
  6. Hmm. Interesting. The other side to that coin would probably be that you'd have to be careful of your cooking time. Probably take less time since you aren't using the PC itself to hydrate the beans "rapidly".
  7. Those stools seem to be powder coated. You will definitely need to scuff the surface with XXX grit or something if the powder coating was at all well done. What XXX is you might want to ask the paint guys. Dunno if you need something strong like 220 or finer like 400 to sand down a powder coating. And then find the best Krylon for your application. Also, for the $4 or whatever it costs, those spray can trigger handles are worth every single penny! (Worth it at $10. Your fingers and hands will thank you!)
  8. From my (very limited) experience, spray paint is *better* for metal than brushed paint. I can imagine this is doubly so for something with nooks and crannies like a chair. If the chairs are rusty, make sure to look at rust paint as well (after the usual scrub with a wire brush, etc).
  9. The revival of this thread has made me seriously consider two things. One, heading up to Sichuan Pavilion for some Sichuan food, and two, breaking out my Fu Pei Mei cookbooks and making something (though she too loves the oil).
  10. TheMatt


    That said, she might be back for a few eps. Remember last night she said to Sawyer:"We should get coffee some time. We can go Dutch." I read that as meaning she was meeting with Sawyer in the new-old timeline. That's why she was going to say/did say through Miles to him: "It worked" after saying it didn't. Unless, of course, she said that coffee thing some point in an earlier season.
  11. TheMatt


    [spoiler space as well I suppose] The "Lost" geek in me was happy to see so many old faces. Poor science teacher Doc Arzt, the ever-beleaguered Frogurt, even Emma and Zach (though I don't know if they are the same actors as before...looked like it). And anyone from "Deadwood" is fine by me as a new castmember. Though, as always, I miss Vincent. All in all, though, I did like it. My favorite scene was the one between Jack and Locke at lost luggage. Symbolism ahoy in that scene. Locke loses his knives and Jack his da
  12. First surprise? Apple has sold 250 million iPods. If I'd have guessed, maybe I'd have said 50m.
  13. Yeah. At least for the two DC area ones, Old Ebbitt is owned by the Clyde's group and Mike's American is owned by the Great American Restaurants group. Still, I'm impressed by both. Old Ebbitt is higher than I'd have guessed given it's relatively cheap average check. And Mike's, well, Mike's I can understand where it is. Big restaurant with fast turnover. (And a craptastic parking lot. Like 3x, 4x too small for the size of the restaurant.)
  14. How old is the DVD player and/or how *good* is it? That is, if you spent $500 for a recently-made, reference-level DVD player, it might be worth trying to clean it (if those things work!). But, DVD players are now like ink jet printers: so cheap and cheaply made that once you need to fix something or add ink, you buy a new one. Wasteful, yes, but fact. Perhaps you might think about getting a cheap Blu-ray player? Best Buy sells an Insignia (house brand) BD player for $130. For that you'll get a good DVD player (as good as any on the market, I bet), a decent Blu-ray player, and Netflix str
  15. TheMatt


    I think she's hot. Then again, I'm a man, and I've seen "Gia". And I wouldn't watch "Gia" for (naked) Angelina Jolie. I watch it for (naked) Elizabeth Mitchell.
  16. Well, Aggers has fun with Onions. If you ever hear/read him talking about the President, that's who he means. Inspired by his tweet about Onions discussing tactics with Nasser Hussain.
  17. TheMatt

    Alton Brown

    I remember hearing (on "60 Minutes" or "Sunday Morning") that after his motorcycle accident, he felt his mortality. Since then, he has started to espouse lower-fat, healthier cooking that has led to him losing quite a bit of weight, 50+ pounds at least. It seems to parallel how Graham Kerr began to champion healthier cooking after his wife's stroke and heart attack. Though, of course, Alton's transformation, cooking-wise, doesn't compare to Galloping Gourmet Graham Kerr morphing into Minimax Graham Kerr. Damn did the GG love the butter...wish I could get that show on DVD...
  18. Well, as what I'm sure is a commentary of my college years, my favorite exclamation in bad situations is: aw, nutbunnies! Yes, that's right, from Freakazoid!, so I'm sure you can guess my favorite exclamation for happy situations... Hugbees!
  19. Yep, and probably even more expensive than you remember. Here in NoVA, though, it's been supplanted by more local teppanyaki places. Haven't seen a Benihana around here yet.
  20. Don't forget their What Cereal Should I Eat? flowchart and What Fast Food? one (you linked to the chain restaurant post). I am really wish they had handy wallet cards with this logic along with the posters they are selling. I'd hand those out to business travelers I know for Xmas like candy.
  21. Plus, I have learned that the pressure cooker helps make any cheesecake good. Hooray for custards in a giant water bath!
  22. Welp, my attempt at a half milk chocolate/half vanilla cheesecake is coming to room temp. Dunno if it worked as I didn't have the sour cream the recipe called for. Or enough butter for the crust, so the graham cracker crumbs are looser than usual. But, hey, cream cheese, vanilla and chocolate...can't be all bad!
  23. HoneyBaked Ham Baked Turkey Breast! Yeah, yeah, I know. But I did a small, but whole, turkey last year and I don't want to deal with the carcass and all. Even if I'm doing a solo Thanksgiving, I want a *relaxing* one for once. Besides, I want my oven for soofle and dressing. Mmm...
  24. The iPhone does pretty well compared to the iPod Touch if you clamp down on the radios. The iPhone 3G gets about 30 hours with wi-fi and 3G off (essentially airplane mode), which is about all you can expect from an iPod Touch as well. The wi-fi, though, that sucker is a battery killer.
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