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  1. Well, if you were there during the week, I'd suggest 240 Union, but they are dinner only on the weekend. Right next to 240 Union is one place I've had some success with, Cafe Bisque. It is New American at its best and worst. That said, these are about 9 miles from Jewell and Wadsworth. Of course, I am about to make every Denverite cringe with what I'm about to mention, but you did say Jewell and Wadsworth. That's right, White Fence Farm. Aahh...memories. I always liked their hush puppies. About the only thing, but, still... It's an experience, but, like Casa Bonita it is one of tho
  2. So, wait, when you say "Monday Night Wine Dinner" are the wines mandatory, or is it a more of a prix fixe with optional wine? Sorry to ask, but I got confused. Since I don't drink alcohol, I'm often saddened when I see these great "wine dinners" that I know I'd miss half the point of. Probably to make up for me. I currently have a Porsche calendar a friend got and my American Physical Society poster-calendar. Someday I'm going to buy one, and the calendar industry will take my soul.
  3. You just about echo how I feel about Brasserie Ten Ten. I've been there before and, aside from the Croque Monsieur, I've always been disappointed. I've begun to think that the staff there is the training ground for the Med across the street. Maybe once they start remembering orders, they go to big brother. In fact, at this point, whenever someone suggests 1010, I try my hardest to steer them across the street to the Med. The food is better, more varied, and usually cheaper; the service is better, too.
  4. My first two are "fancy"-type pizza rather than a good New York/Chicago/etc pizza. I like the pizza at the Med in Boulder. At lunch it is the best bargain in downtown Boulder. Still good at dinner. Could be crispier sometimes, but wood-fired = good. The best "fancy" pizza I've had is at 240 Union in Lakewood. Great from a wood-fired oven, and always perfect. I am especially a fan of their smoked-salmon, avocado, tomato, capers, onion, and sour-cream pizza (bonus points if an English major can tell me if that's how that should be hyphenated). But, heck, 240 Union could put balut
  5. mongo, I'm thinking you need to clear the cache of your browser. The URI itself didn't change, it still points to Dinner.pdf. So, if your cache still has the old Dinner.pdf in it, it'll display that rather than download again.
  6. Man, this grad student is in the wrong forum (and wants rlm as a friend). Where's the one for people like me who cut out Quizno's coupons? Or who eat at the bar 'cause the food is half off there?
  7. You should have heard my sister today when I sent her the burrito story from today's Westword. She moved to NYC a while ago, and one thing she laments is the lack of Mexican (esp. green chili smothered). She also misses the burrito deliveries from when she worked in Downtown Denver. Mmm...egg, potato, cheese burrito fresh to your office. A good burrito outside Coors Field. A cup of corn at Jack'n'Grill. If/when I move to do a postdoc, I'm guessing I too will have the Mexican "shakes" every so often. Maybe it's time to go to El Taco Loco for some tacos (in soft, corn tortillas only) a
  8. It's been a while since I've been there, but I can tell you what I liked. My entree was the poisson du jour, Tasmanian sea trout. It was very good and, if it's there, highly recommend it. I had the Onion soup on the menu they still have posted and it was...unique. For an onion lover like me, I wanted more onions, but it was definitely something I'm glad I had. I also had some frico, parmesan crackers, to start with. They are quite good and satisfy any salt cravings you might be having. For dessert, well I recommend the hot chocolate or whatever they call it now. It was gooood
  9. I'll give it a try. The easiest way from Broadway and Baseline is to take Broadway south to Table Mesa and turn left. Head east on Table Mesa and keep heading east past Foothills. At that point, Table Mesa turns into South Boulder Road. Keep heading east a couple miles and at the top of the hill you'll intersect McCaslin Boulevard. Turn right on McCaslin, and head south past Via Appia to, I think, the next light. There'll be a Walgreen's on the northwest corner, and on the southwest a Heritage Bank and just south of that, Spice China. So, turn right at that light, then left and left.
  10. This grad student wishes he could make it, but my free time amounts to Saturday and Sunday, mainly. I will think of you as I type up simulation results, though. See if you can get the table with the Lazy Susan. I still haven't sat there yet. As I said before, if you like a light soup, I love the Bok Choy and Tofu soup. Probably as Chinese as lutefisk, but I like it. My next time there, I'm going for the Sole Fish Stew, I just need someone to share it, or be really hungry. Oh, and if you really like oyster sauce and green onions, try the Pork in a Blanket (I'm bringing my McCawley
  11. Well, I do like Ping's Chinese dishes like Pork with Preserved Winter Cabbage. They also have duck for lunch, so plus! I also don't mind Orchid Pavilion downtown, although since they and Ping have very similar food (Ping's owner worked at Orchid), I just go to Ping's, closer and a bit cheaper. Next up is my weekday Chinese, Tra-Lings, by the scoop. Yeah, I know, not that fancy, but dangit, I love their Grey Sole in Black Bean Sauce and their Plum Chicken. Hey, I get those two plus steamed rice for $5.00 (incl. tax). If you get delivery, you get *enormous* portions, so don't fret the p
  12. Yeah, compared to what I've paid for Dover sole or snapper at Whole Foods, the prices there are much better. I haven't bought any fresh fish yet, but I might make up an ice-filled chest and make a fish run soon. Did you get a silky chicken or a "regular" one? I've always heard broth from silky chicken is better, but I have yet to try and make it. I did, finally, see one alive at the Stock Show last week. Kinda pretty.
  13. Yeah, it opened a month or so ago. It's located at 120th and Main, I think. At least, it's on 120th, and I just go east until I see it. Here is a link to a Camera Story (reg. req'd). And thank you all for the welcome.
  14. Yay! Mouthfuls let me in! OK, to add to Mongo's post, there are a few other markets around. First up is Pacific Mercantile in Sakura Square in Denver. This is a very good, very clean Japanese market that has many things you can't find anywhere else. An example is authentic Akita Komachi and Koshi Hikari rice. Now, I've yet to buy the $30+/lb rice, but they also carry the short-grain rice I like: Tamaki Gold and Tamanishiki in 5 and 15 lb bags. These usually aren't at "asian" markets, which seems to stop at medium-grain Kokuho Rose as their Japanese sushi rice. Another place to men
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