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  1. Glad to hear it! As an (ex-)Denverite, I always enjoyed his work in Westword, so I've been waiting for my library to pick this up.
  2. Welp, this evening I decided to take the PC out for a ride, cooking a picnic shoulder for some July 4th pulled pork. And, I have to say, it worked pretty well. I think I needed more liquid in the cooker since I was having a bear of a time getting the pressure to stabilize. Likewise, I think I cooked it a bit to long as afterwards a good chunk of the shoulder was a bit too tough to shred. But, since the shoulder was a nine-pounder (bone-in, on-sale), I still got about 8, 9 cups of pulled pork. Not too efficient, but not bad for about $6-7.
  3. Ah Maxell... I miss "Blown Away Guy". Oh, and I was a Sony man, I suppose. I used to get those high-bias ES cassettes.
  4. back in the day, one spent a great deal of time creating custom playlists, and even made gifts out of them. & 45 minutes was more or less the maximum. there were 50 minute cassette tapes, but in the early walkman days they were fragile. Don't forget that feeling of finality when you broke off the write tab at the top of the tape. Or that feeling of idiocy when you write-protected the wrong side.
  5. Happy Birthday, cristina. I happen to think your birth date is an amazing one!
  6. Recently I was able to buy the model of pressure cooker I've always wanted: an 8-litre Kuhn Rikon Hotel model. (I got mine on eBay so it's a year or two older than that link's "family" model, but it's the same thing...except I got it at half the price. woo! And, yes, I've inspected it. It was NIB and the gasket is still just fine. I've already ordered a spare gasket because...well, good to have one around.) What I like about this model that it is a big pressure cooker that wide-and-big (28 cm diameter) not tall-and-big (22 cm diameter, like this stockpot model), so I could fit large
  7. If you happen to be lazy, like I am, look for musenmai or keisenmai rice if you want to make Japanese short-grain rice. These are the "no rinse" or "pre-washed" rices that usually tout all sorts of environmental benefits (less water used up during cooking/processing, etc.) I buy them (Hitomebore at the moment) because I'm lazy. In fact, I'm so lazy, I don't even use the "pre-washed rice" measuring cup and setting on my rice cooker. I just use the regular cup and setting. Now, true, if I was at a fancy dinner where I needed to prepare stellar rice, I'd probably rinse the rice, etc., but
  8. Ooh la la, someone is fancy! I use a TV tray table to dine on, the way a real man does. (Unless of course I have more than a bowl of soup, then, need to use my real table.)
  9. I'm a single guy, living alone. I have my chair pointed at the HDTV. A coffee table? Bah!
  10. The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin. It's been a while since I've seen this, and it's still funny. Well, the first series is a classic, and the second isn't bad. Never liked the third. Still haven't seen the new remake/reimagining and I'm not in too much of a rush.
  11. One recent interesting compact digital is FujiFilm's Finepix F200EXR. It's sensor does some trick things to boost ISO performance. For example, it has a nominally 12-megapixel sensor. But, in another mode they halve that by using two adjacent pixels' information to boost sensitivity. And, for a compact, its images are pretty good. One thing to consider, though. Nicer compacts can start costing pretty good money (up to $400 easy). Eventually, you can get to the point where you could look at the Nikon D40. The D40 is a small DSLR with a 6 megapixel sensor that will blow away any small c
  12. TheMatt


    For Malarkey: After Hours with Daniel
  13. TheMatt


    I thought I'd drop a note into this subforum noting that tonight, Hulu will be going commercial-free for eight hours. Quoth Facebook: So, if you wanted to watch, say, Series One of Peep Show or a Bollywood film, both recent additions, now might be the time. (Note, I have no idea how good/bad the Bollywood stuff is, but if you've never seen "Peep Show", I highly recommend it!) ETA: It looks like the commercial-free-ness is thanks to McCafe. Just thought I'd plug them for that. ETA2: Oh, hey, 1000 posts!
  14. What can I say, I love bulgur wheat so when I make it, it tends to be a bit "brown".
  15. I guess we really are opposites in this. My local Lebanese market makes tabbouleh and my problem with it is too much parsley, herb, etc. I like my tabbouleh with mucho bulgur! I have heard tell, though, that their version is the way it should be. Dagnabit.
  16. The latter is doable in Gmail at least. If you enable the Labs extension for embedding images (called "Inserting images" it seems), you can...well...embed an image in the message. Then, you can select the image, click Insert Link and add a link to your slideshow. I just tried it and it worked for me!
  17. White? Darn! I was hoping I could finally know someone who would have the Gaggenau Lift Oven. What kind of range are you looking for? White-colored ones seem to end at 30-inches...
  18. The Shahnameh of Abolqasem Ferdowsi (the Dick Davis translation). Not sure I'll make it through it, but I've always wanted to try!
  19. TheMatt

    Mark Fidrych

    The Bird really only had one good season...but damn was it a good one. I just heard on ESPN that his games, when televised, were ratings bonanzas. Sadly, injuries kept him from being as great as he could have been.
  20. TheMatt

    Harry Kalas

    R.I.P. Mr Kalas In many ways, he *is* the voice of the NFL for me and much of my generation. (He was also the voice of Puppy Bowl, as well.)
  21. Actually, in years past I'd use TurboTax to check my hand-work. Get to the very end right before you file, and you can see what TT thinks your refund/liability is. If it matched what I got by hand, I was done. This year, though, I paid for it. Turns out I had exactly $0 of earned income, which made all my IRA contributions invalid. Plus I underestimated my estimated taxes. I have a good reason for that, so if I'm audited, I'm okay, but that combined with the other issue made me figure not to even try doing it by hand this year. Oh, and the TurboTax community also helped me with tha
  22. I think its a traditional land line not VoIP. It is a traditional POTS line...sort of. What happens is that at the ONT (optical network terminal), the phone, internet, etc. signal is split off of the fiber signal to your wiring. After that, yes, all the phone signal runs to plain ol' RJ-11 jacks as POTS and is independent of problems at the ISP (I think). The problem is that this *is not* POTS in that the phone lines do not provide power continuously from the exchange like traditional. The ONT is powered just like anything else, and has a battery backup. If you want to use the phone
  23. I agree with TurboTax. And, make sure you check with your bank/credit union/investment house if they have a deal with them. Most do and you save like $5 off the price or something. I do note, however, that unless your state taxes are insanely hard, I recommend doing those by hand or with your state's website. TurboTax wanted to charge me $30-40 for my VA taxes which is like a 1040EZ form.
  24. I love my FiOS too, but I am intrigued by your "wireless-n router". Does this mean that Verizon is now using a router other than the 802.11g Actiontecs and D-Links? If so, what is the model so I can go get one! Or are you daisy-chaining your FiOS modem/router to your own 802.11n router?
  25. Yeah, my first thought was Adblock Plus. If he has Easylist enabled (which most in US do) then any images in a directory that might contain "ad" in that order, have a chance to be blocked. As well as a myriad of other directory and image names.
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