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    Tony Finch

    wonderful tribute Wilfrid. God, I'm going to miss him.
  2. ampletuna

    London...Help Me

    rlm - sorry to hear you didn't have much luck eating out in London, as others have said, it is a shame as we do have some great places to eat! You did get a poor response to your post but, to be fair, I am not surprised. It falls into the same category as one of my pet hates about Chowhound i.e "where can I get great fish and chips in London?!" I don't know where you ended up as you've deleted the post but half hour spent looking at old UK posts on MF would show a wealth of reviews and recommendations like here and here. Mind you, in your mitigation it doesn't help that using the se
  3. in my experience it really is quite rare to see a first born that looks like the mother. I am expecting this one I'm carrying to come out wearing specs and reading! lovely baby BTW Adam.
  4. I love a good, quick pasta recipe. garlic and chopped red chilli fried in olive oil. add a drained tin of plum toms, some capers and sardines. add to linguine. fry up some pancetta. remove and keep warm. add breadcrumbs to bacon fat and cook until crisp. add both to spaghetti with some parsley. fry 4 chopped anchovies, garlic and chopped stalk of broccoli until tender. cook the florets in the same pan as pasta. drain and add garlic mixture.
  5. i think you'll find us poor exploited minions are equally as put off here by some undesirable characters. Farewell, C ~x~
  6. i have one of these in my fridge at the moment - should I roast or poach it for the best flavour?
  7. a couple from my other half: Instructions to a Sculptor When I commission my statue Would you kindly ensure That you notch with a chisel A nick or a flaw In the top of the skull Or between ribs three and four: It's at the artist's discretion To decide where the score Most truthfully lies The Hand of God His morning alarm bolts his eye to his hand White sculpted wraith In the dawn demi-light each knuckle is sand Moulded by faith It is tomorrow's story, a sleeping claw A waiting gavel It is the liminal instinct, the underground roar Of an unguarded rabble
  8. alex, Solstice sell them and as Nick said, Ginger Pig. I was lucky enough to be at the dinner where Nick cooked them in Feb with (I think I'm right) truffles under the skin.
  9. a couple of things in the UK press recently reminded me of this thread. Man fined after a woman complained he was wearing a t-shirt "Jesus is a ****". In papers today a librarian is facing loosing her job after she refused to let a man access an internet sex chat room.
  10. I am sure you are all waiting with bated breath for this from husband's boss.
  11. it's illegal to wear a t-shirt with the word fuck on the in the UK?
  12. M, I'll help you out.... stand on the right side on the escalator. the left side is for people who are too busy to stop moving. English people do also not speak loudly on the underground, foreigners do! no need to tip more than 12.5% (15% max) in restaurants. only add £1-2 to tip taxi cabs. Leciester Square is truly hideous, do not go to. Marylebone High St, Kensington High Street and Carnby St are much nicer places to shop than Oxford/Regent St. If you want lovely antiquarian books go to Sotherans on Sackville St.
  13. It was mainly Germans and Italians whilst we were there and quite a few Americans too. Didn't see one other English group. The problem is that you can only drink beer if you are seated and in order to get a table during the day (reservations are taken for the evening) you need to be there at 9-10am. It really was horrible seeing so many shitfaced people by 1pm. However, once we were safely in the tent for our 5.30pm table and I had drunk a nice cold stein of lager everything was OK.
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