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  1. Had a very nice dinner here last week. Full marks to the seasonality of the menu, less so for the slightly overcooked partridge. Wish I'd had the tripe now, I'll have to go back!
  2. My experience of Michelin-rated gastropubs has been mixed, to say the least. In my own corner of London (Battersea) they rate The Greyhound, which is very mediocre, and omit the Fox & Hounds, which is a brilliant little place. That said, it's nice to see the Marquess in there.
  3. From my own - admittedly very brief - experience, the service issues weren't a New York problem, just a Peter Luger problem. The other places were lovely and friendly.
  4. OK - the NYC visit came and went, and I want to thank everyone again for their suggestions. However things didn't quite work out as planned - I was only there for 3 nights in the end, and various commitments meeting old friends etc. kept me away from a lot of the places I wanted to visit. However I did manage to find time for Peter Luger's and a couple of other interesting places. You can read all about them here: http://cheesenbiscuits.blogspot.com Very briefly, the food at Luger's was superb, but the experience clouded slightly by supercilious service. How do people put up with b
  5. Hi all I hope you don't mind I briefly publicise my new blog Cheese and Biscuits (http://cheesenbiscuits.blogspot.com). I started off with a visit to Gordon Ramsays in Chelsea, but then went for fish and chips in Southport so it's not an elitist thing Let me know what you think, and please leave as many comments as you like ! Regards MT (Chris)
  6. Very interesting - thanks for the info Matt. I will definitely have to get on the train to Norwood some time in the next few weeks.
  7. Some brilliant suggestions there, thanks guys. I'll definitely try Katz and one of those Japanese places. Out of interest, just how expensive is Kuruma?
  8. Ha ha - English this time, but it was worth the clarification.
  9. Hi all I'm taking a short (2-day) trip to New York next month and wondered if anyone had any good suggestions for eateries that maybe are 'uniquely' New York, ie. the kind of thing you are unlikely to get as good elsewhere. Off the top of my head I'm thinking a steakhouse and something like Nobu (hey, the exchange rate's in our favour) but am completely open to suggestions. Thanks in advance MT
  10. Hi MonkeyT, I take it you are an Alan Partridge fan? Anyway, the reason I write, indeed the reason that I joined this board, is to tell you that the Thai restaurant you speak of is called... SEERACHA, in Seaside Road. It's still there, and it's still superb. There is still a small army of wrinkled old ladies out the back chopping up roots and herbs. Everything seems to be made from the ground up and is indeed some of the tastiest food I have ever had. A sister restuarant 'thai Marina' opened a few years ago in Sovereign Harbour. The menu is very similar, it's decorated a little bi
  11. Gets a great review in Timeout - thanks for the tip, Tuckerman. EDIT: I'm even more intrigued now I've discovered they sell endangered species (check out S6).
  12. Hi all Thanks again for your replies. Specifically: - It wasn't a preseved truffle, it was 'fresh' (see picture) - I have none left now, it was only a small truffle and I cut up the lot of it, but any bits and pieces I had left over I pushed into an opened bottle of truffle oil. - I did slice them raw over warm pasta, and they didn't taste of anything. I suppose we'll never know if they would have tasted better cooked! However I do remember thinking they didn't give off much of an aroma while I was slicing. They were also quite crunchy, as some other posters have pointed out.
  13. Once, years ago (must be around 13 years or so) the family and I visited a Thai restaurant in Eastbourne (of all places!) which to this day is spoken about in hushed tones as the best Thai meal we've ever had. The great strong flavours, exquisite presentation and lovely service are lasting memories, despite it being so long ago. It's probably closed now, and I can't even remember the name. Predictably, our attempts to recreate this experience elsewhere has been mixed. Pattara in Mayfair was good, Pattara in Soho dreadful. Other local Thai places have usually landed somewhere in between, an
  14. Thanks for the pictures Balex - mine was definitely the first one, the "proper" black truffle. From what I can gather I just didn't prepare it properly. That will teach me for blowing €48 on a whim. Attached is a picture I took from inside the Maison itself of the truffles on display. Sorry for the strange angle, I'm still a bit self-concious with my cameraphone. Maybe I should have bought one of the white ones just alongside. Or that great big lovely slab of fois gras just in front - that was an opportunity missed, too. EDIT: And the guy did let me smell it before I bought it
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