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    Death Pool

    Very late to this one, but I've been maybe half a dozen times. Labor Day Weekend year over year with my kids. It was fine. It's a gorgeous property in a gorgeous part of America. The cottages and houses that we have stayed in over the years are very nice. The concerts are great and intimate. The food is excellent and heavy. Menu doesn't change much over a week, or year over year. Low country eating at it's best. The wine and bourbon selection is incredible. We eventually stopped going because (1) the service is fine, but not incredible; (2) everything is a production to do; (3) it'
  2. They reapplied and have a license valid for 2 years.
  3. dim sum a go go is incredible. Red Farm has really good dim sum as well. ETA - sorry, too late to this one.
  4. $20-$25/hour is pretty standard for babysitting in NYC; often an uber ride home - there's no shame in using a shared uber pool to get the siiter home at a fraction of the price; I don't think the Barnard Babysitting Service applies for you - they're looking for semester long recurring gigs; you're on the Upper West Side - Barney Greengrass is probably worth going to for breakfast one day - try to avoid the lines on the weekend for brunch and order the potato pancakes as an appetizer for the kids when you sit; on the Upper East Side we like to take the kids to Via Quadrono for lunc
  5. I'm pretty sure Bari sold off some of their real estate a few years ago when the New Museum moved down there. A friend is somehow connected to them and the old man is pretty happy with what he was offered and still wants a place to go every day.
  6. The club in the basement is a ton of fun. Easy to have a few of their really sweet flaming punch bowls and then disappear downstairs for hours.
  7. Guero has decent Austin style tacos, including breakfast tacos. I don't remember their nachos but they have them on the menu. Their margaritas are pretty good. This is a tiny, storefront kind of place. Javalena is good for nachos, queso, and drinks. The remainder of the food is fine.
  8. juuceman

    Juice Press

    consider Sakara after you're done with this.
  9. juuceman

    Juice Press

    their oatmeal is incredible; the heaven on earth smoothie with added blueberries is as well. The amount of sugar in their non-vegetable offerings is ridiculous though. 60+ grams in some of their smoothies.
  10. juuceman


    Nina would have a field day if she was still around..
  11. Go to the surf club or Caracas if you want to eat out. There's a Peruvian chicken place near you to bring home if you want. 101 deli for the best sandwiches around. There's a butcher on 116th street, Curran's, if you have a BBQ get one of their Kansas City marinated steaks. Egg sandwiches at the coffee place on the boardwalk at 96th street. Don't make things complicated, they don't do it well out there.
  12. 10pm on a Thursday in Rockaway is like 3am on the LES. Whitney claims that the Riis Park spot it open until midnight on Friday and Saturday but I think it's crowd based. I also think he's closed today because of the rain. Tomorrow he will be open, per his insta. I don't think I've ever been to Rogers. It was the old man bar when I grew up and I never went when I got old.
  13. It's very different now that it's at Riis Park. I haven't read the reviews, but it's located 70 blocks away. It used to be on a relatively busy street with foot traffic, etc. It's now on the boardwalk around 160th street where it's much more regulated by the Parks Department.
  14. Everything is casual, shorts and flip flops. Connolly's on 95th street for cheap slushy frozen drinks. Styrofoam cups. 101 Deli for good quality Italian sandwiches - on Rockaway Beach Blvd betwn 100th and 101st street. AA Chinese, also on Rockaway Beach Blvd around 97th, for surprisingly good Szechuan. East Meets West, on 129th Street, for more Americanized Chinese food. Rockaway Beach Surf Club for the fish tacos that launched Rockaway as a hispter food spot. Whit's for pizza. Also a fish cooler of iced down cans of beer (Naragansett tall boys, etc.) Whitney closed down
  15. Why is it that no one is questioning why Bouhadana can't keep a job anyplace for more than a year?
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