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  1. x-posted to egullet: i went to the soft opening of Olivar last night. The space looks great. Food was awesome. I think this is going to be so nice to have in the neighborhood. Everything was very reasonably priced. We tried the croquetas with garlic aioli-very assertive aioli, a really decadent pork appetizer, loin, i think, stuffed with prosciutto and cheese with some roasted cauliflower. sooo good! grilled salmon with a wonderful bearnaise sauce & interesting chickpea frites. oh, that bearnaise, i could eat it by the gallon! and a perfectly cooked rabbit (big portion!) with papparadelle. all the desserts looked great, but we got a super-silky lavender creme brulee. i can't wait to go back!
  2. i agree with you. underwhelming to the max. especially when the sysco truck started wheeling their delivery (the super cheap gyoza from uwajimaya, crappy tonkatsu sauce) through the dining room in the middle of lunch service. terrible ramen. and i've tried it on a few occasions to see if there was an improvement. i also got one of their special non-alcoholic drinks...a yummy layer of brown foam from the juicer on top. salmon tataki was raw the first time we ordered. cooked well-done on the second trip. service was eh. food was blah and not worth the $. i think i'm done trying them.
  3. i like the asparagus & the green beans as well! i've eaten 80% of the menu (what can i say, i'm pregnant) and everything has been great. i really love the deep-fried lemon slices that come with the fish. yum. they should be open for lunch soon. also, i love philippe! from what i've heard, it's not going to be super spendy. a more affordable mediterranean menu. can't wait! he also said the original fork equipment is still there, pacojet and all.
  4. the vessel mystery continues and note they have a new phone number???, from the Stranger's Slog: A good-humored press release says that “Vessel’s owner, Clark Niemeyer, is fully enjoying the irony of having his establishment named one of Esquire Magazine’s ‘Best Bars in America,’ while only three weeks ago his business partner in charge of finance, Coleman Johnson, quit unexpectedly, leaving an accounting mess to untangle.” “What can I say,” comments Niemeyer, “It was a surprise, but we’re dealing well with it. Now that the issues are almost fully resolved, Vessel is so much better than before. The staff is very happy and cohesive, and business is booming.” Another twist is the recent departure of bar manager Jamie Boudreau, who Vessel sponsored to come to the U.S. from Canada to set up their cocktail program. “We were in contract negotiations with Jamie prior to Coleman’s disappearance, so his departure was merely coincidental. Vessel was conceived and developed prior to hiring Jamie. He was hired to develop the cocktail program, train our staff, and develop the recipes. We have a huge library of them. He did a marvelous job, and we wish him well. It was a mutual agreement for him to move on.” The men now behind the bar are manager Jim Romdall and Zane Harris, both passionate and experienced bartenders prior to coming to Vessel, and both mentored by Boudreau. “Jamie taught us so much about mixology,” says Romdall. “We were lucky to have him as a teacher. Zane and I are confident that we will continue the great traditions established at Vessel. My plan is to stay on the cutting edge with our cocktail program, while making all aspects of the bar more well-rounded. We serve much more than cocktails. Vessel has the best selection of premium spirits in the region, wonderful wines, champagnes and beers, and fantastic bar food from chef Charles Bradfield.” Niemeyer has plans in place to make Vessel thrive. He has applied to add outdoor seating, will expand the offerings of champagne by the glass, and promote the space as a stylish, sophisticated locale for private parties and meetings. “Vessel is better than ever. These changes are nothing but positive.” VESSEL hours of operation Monday – Friday, 4:00 p.m. to close, Saturday 5:00 to close Happy Hour Monday thru Friday 4:00 to 6:00 Private events by reservation: morning, day, evening LOCATION next to the 5th Avenue Theatre 1312 5th Avenue, between University and Union Seattle, Washington, 98101 New phone number: 206.652.0521
  5. Maybe I'm being dense, but I have no idea what/where this place is. Did Gordon leave Licorous? sorry, i thought it had been pretty hyped up. it's linda derschang's new "gastropub" that recently moved into the cursed, most recently Kozak's spot on 15th. Capitol Hill, next to starbucks. and yes, Gordon and Julia have both left Licorous, along with bar manager? Michelle, all three are at Smith. Additionally, Alex, currently running the kitchen at Licorous, has added some delicious items to the menu. We split two orders of the flank steak & potatoes with aioli. the coconut tapioca pudding with rose granite & strawberries was amazing.
  6. i stopped by Smith last night. It was packed, but it was good to see Gordon & Julia (of Licorous) in the kitchen again. The poutine was great. Looking forward to trying venison meatloaf & fried duck leg. By the time we got around to ordering more food, the kitchen was closed. (10 p.m. every night)
  7. if you don't want slick, trendy places, you probably don't want crush or veil. vessel is pretty slick and trendy looking, but i think the cocktails are worth the trip. be at sitka at 5 p.m.
  8. I asked when I signed up for the dinner if they could accommodate a vegetarian a MONTH in advance. I made it clear that it was not a problem if they couldn't, I would have to change the reservation. I agree, I've worked many dinners and I know it can be a pain in the ass, but a vegetarian cook loves Marco Pierre White just as much as a omnivorous one does...so I simply asked. I didn't surprise them with it when I arrived and it wasn't like I said, "This person is gluten-free, this person is non-dairy, I want a kosher meal and my boyfriend wants a raw menu." It was one vegetarian. period. I think your Carmelita is ridiculous, because vegetarians can eat at Union, usually, without a problem. If you called Carmelita and asked them if you could have foie gras on the night you had a reservation, they would tell you no, and then you would know you weren't getting any foie that night, and everyone would be clear. Additionally, the menu was not posted until we arrived that evening.
  9. just a follow up, that i let ethan know about what happened at dinner. you never can tell if it was a snafu with the front of the house or what during those crazy dinners and they dropped off a very generous gift certificate. it was very nice of Mr. Stowell & company.
  10. tombe = fall in french quel que chose means 'something' i think you mean tomme? and the last time i was there it was a tomme de savoie. either you or your server is playing a joke. i had the duck-which was pretty good, although the server warned us it was served medium rare, and it was medium/medium-well. crispy skin, served with a ratatouille that was pretty flavorful. creme brulee is excellent. we tried the haricot vert, which were good (served with pinenut and shallots), but they were big green beans and not little french beans. i'd like to go back for their fondue.
  11. i went to the Marco Pierre White event, and had a lot of fun, but my boyfriend is a vegetarian, and his dinner was terrible. It was the same menu as us carnivores minus the meat. He paid $125 + for a quenelle of goat cheese on blini, frisee & egg, mushroom soup, asparagus, a couple baby artichokes on tomatoes & basil and the delicious entree? the garnish, minus the steak. i think he got an extra tomato slice. I was really, really disappointed, especially considering the price. We made reservations over a month ago. I know you can't accomodate every dietary restriction on a set menu, but it would have been nice to give him some pasta or risotto, something so he didn't have to cook dinner for himself after shelling out for that menu.
  12. - i hate 25 for 25. i think it does a disservice to everyone in the industry. - i have worked for one or more of the restaurants participating in this promotion and one or more of them were very anti-25 for 25, so why is it okay to be a part of this promo? - i think there are many people that will come in for the promotion, and end up ordering off the regular menu + wine, so that's part of the schtick as well. and, between all of these promotions, there's like three months a year of normal service????
  13. i used to work for thierry. we spent our summers canning peaches, apricots, cherries, and anything else he could get his hands on. i believe the caviar is from idaho?? if i remember correctly.
  14. her review is reminiscent of the manic loveletter sent to sue mccown a week or so before she walked out of the restaurant. i want to love steelhead, but i have not been impressed. the vegetable chips on our beet tartare were flabby and tasted like old fryer oil. there's a huge pile of flavorless slaw on every plate. my fish and chips were very bland. boyfriend's veggie loaf was overpowered by the tomato sauce it was swimming in. the menu/placemat is charming, but having to flip it over to see the wine list is awkward, and our server didn't mention it until after bread and water glasses had been placed on top of it. also, can i please just have regular salt and pepper on the table? smoked salt and habanero are nice, but not with everything. i don't think we had the best things on the menu, and i plan to visit them again...i gotta support anyone with poutine on the menu! nevertheless, i think nancy is a wee bit too excited about this place.
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