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  1. Gomez

    The Perseverance

    My friend's new pub... The Perseverance - they have worked really hard at bringing it back to life and Justin is an awesome chef - I only wish I was back in London to go now... I am so very proud of them! It is brand new, just re-opened 2-3 weeks ago Review here: http://www.doshermanos.co.uk/
  2. Souffle? just whipped egg whites with salt, pepper and maybe a bit of lemon juice - fold in some sauteed veggies and bake in a sprayed mold for about half hour...
  3. Gomez

    omaha steaks

    WHat did you have left? and are you still eating it?? THe burgers make a nice bolognese sauce, speaking form experience! The chicken breasts could be flattened into paillards and broiled...
  4. Gomez

    omaha steaks

    They're not that bad, it all depends on how you cook them, and you know how to cook, so it will be fine - get the steaks to just medium at the most and you'll be fine - You can always try just the one, and if you hate it, chop up the rest and make a nice ragu with it!
  5. And here we all thought diamonds were a girl's best friend! Indeed! I wish she had been secreting diamonds.... Our boy Figaro used to enjoy being thrown on the bed as above, but he wasn't boomerang kitty! That is so cute!
  6. Our cat Marilyn used to steal dollar bills and hide them behind furniture, we did not know she did this, but when we moved we found $37 dollars!! She also like dto chase and fetch scrunched up paper, so we think it was the crinkling of the bills, but she never brought them back! A note on pulling strings and stuff out of dogs' or cats' bums, if it doesn't come out easily, and I mean very easily, do not pull any further... the offending string, rubber band, etc could be tangled or wrapped around some internal organ and cause a lot of damage, to the vet - stat!
  7. Thanks christy - good info - I will definitely report back!
  8. We're actually going in January, there should be skiing then, no? Park City is definitely on our list, as is Solitude - it all sounds so nice! We'll be renting a car, I'm hoping the roads are well cared for and we won't have issues getting up and down mountains in the snow?!
  9. Oh that sounds really nice! Thanks for the tip, will definitely look into it...
  10. Thank you very much! I'm really looking forward to it, I like the sound of Red Iguana and Spencer's Apart from these restaurants, what else do you like about SLC? I've never been there before...
  11. I'm not sure if this even fits in this category, but hey, there isn't a Utah Category...! We'll be there in January, and having never been there, have no idea what to expect restaurant/entertainment wise... Any ideas? We'll be skiing during the days, but at night? Anything going on?
  12. I'm a longtime fan of the dark-n-stormy and Barritt's is my choice, followed by Goya... Oh and it HAS to be Gosling's, aything else and it's just a rum and ginger...!
  13. Gomez


    That's good for me, Suzanne, won't have to trek acroos town for the watermelon margaritas and carnitas tacos...
  14. Coke tastes different in every country, no matter where you are - wether it's the HFCS, the sugar, the citric acid or just the water they use - When we lived in the UK we would have 'identify the coke' contests - the French one tastes different to the Spanish, etc... sometimes we would even get Middle Eastern Coke in the stores, definitely not as sweet - And even in South America, the Mexican tastes different to the Argentine and so on - I had no idea there was such a furore over mexican Coke (?) maybe I've been living under a rock...
  15. YAY MAX!! And yes, a life preserver and a boat hook were Gomez's best friends in Sydney Harbour once... and only once, after that, he was tethered while underway!
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