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  1. You probably mean Rick Sánchez. Do you Mel? Yup. You got it right. He's the one. Yuccchhh.
  2. Food TV has deteriorated as has much of mainstream TV to the lowest common denominator. I rarely stop at the Food TV channel more than ten seconds anymore. But just look at CNN. Hughley Breaks the News. Should be called Hughely Breaks Wind. And that self-important hot shot Rick Chavez is barely tolerable. Essentially, TV that gets major ratings or tries for them sucks monkey ass (to use somone else's term) big time. Without MSNBC, TCM and WNET and the occasional program on the various cable channels, my TV watching would be less than 30 minutes a week. So I see food tv as no different
  3. I have a pretty good memory, but that'sa bit much for an eight year old to notice. After all Jean Georges is pretty recent.
  4. I saw both, but I did not see the Boyer one until much later. I honestly don't know how it came to be playing where it was. Perhaps I am wrong, but I remember the smokey light and the exotic feeling of the scenes. I think it was dubbed and not with subtitles, because I doubt I could have read them well enough at eight or nine years old. I know the Boyer movie came out in 1948 so that would make the time right, but perhaps the distributor saw an opportunity to get more mileage from the 1938 French film. I saw the Gabin movie on TMC nbot long ago, and it tirggered a lot of old memories. Th
  5. http://stuffthathappens.typepad.com/my_web...fternoon-k.html I decided to dig back into the movies I saw as a kid and try to identify the ones that had a real impact on me. I mean those that helped form my view of the world and even parts of my character. To my surprise, I was able to go right down the list, as I grew up from six or seven to my early teens, and pluck out those movies that stuck with me. Since this covers the period from 1945 to 1960, it may predate many of you youngsters. But perhaps you've seen the same films at a similar stage in your life. I wonder which ones had
  6. Melonious Thunk


    In the days when we shopped for everything at Bloomies, we went to Gino's for soft shell crabs. They did them rather well. Haven't bought a thing at Bloomies for over two decades, nor have I been back to Gino's. Might go when soft shells are in season, just for the sake of auld lang syne..
  7. "And I don't know about you, but I've got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach ” a feeling that America just isn't rising to the greatest economic challenge in 70 years. The best may not lack all conviction, but they seem alarmingly willing to settle for half-measures. And the worst are, as ever, full of passionate intensity, oblivious to the grotesque failure of their doctrine in practice. " http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/13/opinion/...gman.html"]http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/13/opinion
  8. Easy problem to solve. Just take it off the check if you object to it. Don't pay it.
  9. I would not have known Stipe if I pissed on his shoe in the mens' room. If he uses the mens' room. I don't think there is any celebrity I would give more than a shit to see, be next to or talk to. But their arrogance is not as bad as that of the Bank CEO's I saw testify yesterday in front of Congress. I'd like to see them eating from trash cans and pissing in doorways on cold winter nights.
  10. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/12/fashion/12IKRAM.html?hp Mamie Eisenhower and Barbara Bush..fashion icons, indeed! Michelle looks good to me.
  11. My soon- to-be five year-old grandson overheard his Auntie bemoaning the creaks of age, saying she wished she were young again. My wife replied, "Yes, I wish I were young again too." To which 'Thanny responded with a heartfelt cry, "Oh, no. If you were young, I wouldn't have a grandma."
  12. How frightening. Gives me chills to imagine. I wish fast healing to him.
  13. I had to use a leather punch to make new holes in my regular belts.
  14. Jamon Iberico "Bellotta?" That's the one to go for if you can get it. A little goes a long way. i.e. 1/4 lb slices paper thin with good bread and olive oil services a lot of glassesful. Indeed; the acorn-gorged fatties. I only go for the best when I go Iberico, baby. I buy it about one per month (in 1/4lb. quantities, as you mentioned) and look forward to it every month. I think it's my favorite foodstuff. I dig. A glass of peaty Ardbeg or Lagavullan and some of that stuff on good french bread sliced thin, a few olives and pieces of aged Manchego.....heaven!
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