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  1. I agree. it is a great piece of equipment, beautifully designed and works, for the most part, very well. Mine seems to have made friends with the email server now. It is working well, at least at home.
  2. That's funny...I didn't get that at all. Regardless, I think there are better options for pasta in the city. There are always better options for anything. This place is worth a tumble if you are in the vicinity. It isn't worth a trip.
  3. I called. They carry Samuel Smith Organic Lager but not "pure brewed." Thanks.
  4. Melonious Thunk


    Smoked trout don't put up much of a fight, especially with light tackle.
  5. But the real question is.....did the fish taste like fish or did it taste more of bacon? Inquiring minds want to know. I much prefer bacony fish to fishy bacon.
  6. I used to eat here several times a year when visiting a friend's ad agency in the building next door. I always enjoyed the pastas, particularly the uni. This place has been going strong for many years and seems to have a good following. I've had fish there that was quite good. I would not think to order lamb or steak though.
  7. Melonious Thunk


    Seems to me Nathan made an honest and legitimate criticism. Why is this an "attack?" This site is getting censorious in many ways, and it is not in its interest to be that way.
  8. I'll try it. I want to buy some more of the Iberico Bellotta ham from them. It was fantastic.
  9. I have some goat and sheep milk ricotta from the market (Dancing Ewe was not there yesterday), which I will have with these luscious strawberries, honey and cracked pepper.
  10. Someone asked me what a "beef cap" was. If you see the thin strip of muscle on the outside left of the rib eye, that is, I believe the "cap". A beef cap roast is that muscle cut from the whole loin, rolled and tied into a long round piece, roasted like a tenderloin and incredibly rich, tender and tasty. It has the texture of tenderloin and the taste of hanger steak. I roasted one on the Cape that I got from Bryan Flannery and it was over the top good.
  11. Brought home from USGM the most delicious strawberries, hen of the woods and chanterelle mushrooms, lovely tomatoes, three kinds of ricotta cheese, Knoll Crest eggs, delicious lettuces and some nice Tomme. Dinner tonight was a salad and mushroom omelet. Yummy. Strawberries and ricotta for dessert. Double yummy.
  12. I never thought I would see this day. I imagine how African-Americans felt when Jackie Robinson became a major league player. When Jesse Owens won the gold in Munich. When Joe Lewis became heavyweight champ. Now I can share that feeling by seeing a black man nominated for the presidency by one of the two major political parties. No matter what your politics, the moment is elevating. It is as rocking for me as watching live broadcast of a man walking on the moon. Yes I cried. I didn't expect to, but I did. How you you not? This is an incredible country, for all its failings.
  13. Drank this today at Craft Bar and liked it a lot. Where might it be bought at retail in NYC?
  14. You mean you don't have to change your email address if you change your ISP. Understood. I have a pop address that works through my website. It goes through the Verizon server, or can be set to any server, but is simply joel@(my URL).com
  15. I was there this morning and did not see Berried Treasures. Praps I missed them.
  16. Do you have to give it transfusions very often?
  17. We had a superb light lunch at CraftBar. Braised Berkshire pork shoulder, rabbit terrine, salad and a Samuel Smiths Pure Lager. Perfect.
  18. From the killer to the sparrow, they all sing about Rose... pyT8Yq6B9VA bl2R9xPhuoM 2-fxfVYZRfw 0slvTyrzv9A pQQkh_NR60Y 3NEarN5hViM&feature -bxRewGi77k 2-sUzR71wpQ Yes they are red and berries are blue and there is no one quite like you. Bonne appetite. Bonne anniversaire
  19. Bar Stuzzichini is also appealing. Thanks.
  20. Ooh. Good ideas. Craftbar especially. Thanks Rose and Wilf. I am OK with USC but want to try something else. I meant 15 East BTW not 19 West (oh dear!)
  21. May sound silly, but I don't have a go-to place around USGM, except perhaps 19 West. Any suggestions for today?
  22. Verizon's email is also web based. I can get it from any computer anywhere. Any email must go through an ISP, even if it is "private label." That said, Verizon can be troublesome. We'll see how it develops.
  23. I wonder if a gmail or .macmail account would work better?
  24. Hannah calls my iPhone "slidey" because she can flip through the photos by sliding them across the screen. She pulls it from my pcket to see if there are new photos. I also used it to show the kids videos on YouTube. They watched several Tex Avery cartoons and segments from Mask, the Jim Carry movie. Hannah's response when I started to play the video... "wow!"
  25. Happy Rose Day. I hope it brings you joy and pleasure.
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