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  1. I can relate. I called Bryan Flannery a week before we went to the Cape and a box was delivered to Orleans on Monday with five 40 day aged NY strips and a beef cap. Yesterday I called Sylvia Pryzant from Four Story Hills Farm and ordered one of their French breed chickens and a center cut loin of pork for the weekend BBQ. I expect to get it on Friday. FedEx has opened new horizons for food.
  2. Nice, Daniel. You are now mainstream underground!
  3. After a ten day hiatus, I got to the gym today by allowing myself to do just 5 min. warm up on treadmill instead of my usual 30 minute stint. Then went through my conditioning exercises as usual. It was good to get back and I see I have to vary what I do to fit my mental and physical state. All or nothing is not a good attitude. Something, no matter what is better than nothing.
  4. No, its a completely buggy piece of shit because Apple bought the cheapest possible 3G chip set for use in the phone to bring the price down and they won't likely resolve all the disconnects and reception issues until the next revision. Personally, i'd get an older model on eBay and just upgrade it to the newer software if I was inclined to get one. "the fruit-themed gizmo maker" Well, I caved and bought an iPhone last thursday. I found the first usability issue 3 minutes into playing with it, I'm so proud of myself Then when I ran the 2.0.2 upgrade over the weekend, it f
  5. Melonious Thunk


    Impressive, Omni. Very impressive.
  6. There are problems, no doubt. But it still works better than my T-Mobile powered Motorola Razr did. And the sound quality of the phone is light years better. Apple suffers from success, like all celebrities, it gets its share of anger. Verizon, GM, and a few other giants are far worse in many respects.
  7. Updated the firmware on my 3G iPhone yesterday (2.0.2) and reset the email to push every hour insterad of manual fetch. The connection with the Verizon email server is still very dodgey. There are times when it works like a charm and thers when it does not connect. Can't see any reason for the cause, when the cell signal strength is two or three bars. I gather I am not alone with this problem.
  8. Must take myself to the gym this morning after a ten day holiday. Think of how good I feel after I do a session. how good...how good...how good...
  9. The Perfectionist by Rudolph Chelminski. Fascinating story of Bernard Loiseau's rise and destruction, along with a wonderful history of the personalities behind the glorification of haute cuisine in 20th century France.
  10. The Technivorm makes very good coffee. I have one at the lake house and like it as much as the Bodum electric. Geeks consider it the best home coffee brewer. If you get one, buy the one with the thermal carafe. The KBTS makes eight 4 oz cups. It makes the coffee very quickly at 200 degrees, the best temp. for brewing. http://www.sweetmarias.com/prod.technivorm.shtml
  11. We stopped at Pepe's yesterday. Shrimp pie. Sausage and plain. Good flavor but underdone so a bit too doughy.
  12. today eggs scrambled, thick slice maple syrup cured bacon, just baked corn muffin, house made raspberry/cherry preserves, belladonovan coffee at the lake house. Back from the cape. Two Flannery strip for tonight. Back to the gym Monday.
  13. Not a restaurant but a take out place with picnic tables outside near the water. Mac's also has two restaurants nearby, but these are very busy with 60-90 minute waits for tables. This place is more like a lobster pound or clam shack. It is at the end of Commercial Street on the warf.
  14. Last vacation dinner at the Wellfleet pier. Arguably the best fried clams, shrimp and onion rings on the Cape, Oysters right off th4e boatsw and fabulous ice cream, hot butterscotch syrup and cream. Last night we demolished five lobsters nearly 3 lbs each, 5 lbs of steamers and more delicious corn. Back to normal tomorrow. We've been blessed with the best weather one could ask for. In fact it was said that today was the most perfect day in memory. We spent it on a tidal salt marsh swimming in the bay as the tide came in and waiting for it to go out before we could leave. Just gr
  15. By the time you got it, it would be ready for the medical examiner.
  16. It was not a "country ham" it was an aged country ham, which is not edible unless freied ikn thin slices and even then it was so salty I could not take it. The aged ham is sliced like proscuito, but the aged country ham is not. blah.
  17. We've been in Orleans since Saturday after a long a long traffic filled drive. Lobsters have been sweet and meaty. Fried clams from Arnold's in Eastham were delicious. The corn is among the best ever--sweet and huge ears. Tomatoes from the farm stand have been great. A Fedex box with Bryan Flannery's 40 day aged strips and a rib cap roast arrived on schedule and gave us two spectacular beef meals. The strips were top top level in taste and texture and the beef cap, roasted with red wine was unctuous and delicious. The fish store in Orleans has lovely daily catches of striped bass, halibut and
  18. We stopped last weekend at Tantillo's farm stand near New Paltz. They had hot corn in a steamer tray and I took one. It was so good I went for seconds. By far the best corn this summer. I am hoping to get some good corn on the Cape.
  19. Yes it was a Huet. Not Haut-lieu. I stand corrected. It was loght and not overly sweet. Went very well with the foie gras.
  20. Superb lunch today with three MFers. First time in the newly redone dining room. I like the muted look and the comfortable chairs. The round table with a banquette for two and armchairs for two was spacious and pleasant. The four dishes I had (salad of watercress and sugar snap peas, sweet pea soup, scallops and short rib were all very good. The short ribs were a standout. The scallops were a bit dry and the sauce was quite pungent, but the overall effect was not unpleasant to me. We shared two orders of foie gras, which was delicious, with a raspberry crust. Cheeses were pleasant,
  21. That image of Brando is so so iconic. Mythic almost.
  22. If these are the operant words, I would swallow my pride and admit that you really can't beat the boxed set of Richard Simmons' "Sweatin' with the Oldies." [she says, ducking incoming flotsam] I'm such a Ditz. Sorry, it's "Sweatin' TO the Oldies" and not "with." It was funnier before. There are a couple of oldies in my gym, then there are the muscled studs and babes.
  23. If these are the operant words, I would swallow my pride and admit that you really can't beat the boxed set of Richard Simmons' "Sweatin' with the Oldies." [she says, ducking incoming flotsam]
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