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  1. If you bake granola @ 425,instead of 325, it will be done [burnt] in less than half the time!!!
  2. Thai spiced almonds & candied ginger @Trader Joe's and sherry vinegar @Central Market, HEB, Whole Foods, Wheatsville Coop, Sprouts... you get the picture.
  3. I love my tech screwdriver etc sets - replaced a battery in a tablet, opened up my desktop computer for cleaning when I still had one, and need it periodically to repair a z-chair that comes undone. A girl can never have too many tools....
  4. And now to cover any logic about the 2-week issue, he tweets about all the border crossers being allowed in by the current administration as the cause of any ongoing spikes.
  5. I know better than to think that common sense, logic, or facts will mean anything to him or the rest of them. Unfortunately, he's an ongoing disaster.
  6. Austin update: Monday, the plumber installed my new tankless water heater, and I have hot water for the first time in two weeks. First shower at home in that time and fresh, clean sheets. Oh, frabjus day!!! Of course, to temper that enthusiasm, I managed to run my lower retainer through the disposal - that must be why the gods made credit cards....
  7. Having that second dose last week has done wonders for my outlook - removing the potential of hospitalization and death lifted my shoulders just a bit. If only our a-hole governor here in Texas hadn't decided to take everyone's eye off the ERCOT disaster of 2 weeks ago and remove all restrictions including masks. The cynic in me thinks that he's trying to get any new cases from the elimination of restrictions tied to those who had to break their bubbles just to get warm or away from flooding houses/broken pipes.
  8. Update from Austin. Plumber came Sunday morning. Confirmed heater ruptured. Didn't even charge for a service call. Boil water notice lifted for my neighborhood mid-day Monday, for rest of city on Tuesday. It's been in the upper 70s and lower 80s for the last few days. What a difference a week makes. First shower at the Y Monday - what a joy. Have been religiously checking the Amazon site to see when my unit would ship, knowing that until it shipped, the order could still be pulled. Finally this afternoon, status changed to shipped. May arrive on Friday. Then to find a plumber to fix it. B
  9. It was a very interesting experience - showed me how close we are to very primitive conditions, as well as how reliant we are on the infrastructure. We are just a hack away from disaster. As I washed my hair under the kitchen faucet with bracingly cold water, I thought of Franklin's lost Arctic expedition, Shackleton's Antarctic adventure, Americans westward-ho-ing and everyone else who didn't have our comfortable lives. Plumber coming Sunday or Monday to see if heater can be repaired. If replacement is required, I have one on order via Amazon. Wasn't willing to see if distribution cent
  10. Just seemed as though it was 103 hours - only 79 - still under boil notice, house seems downright toasty at 68
  11. Finally got electricity restored after 103 hours down here in Austin. House stayed at 50 degrees until late yesterday, then @48. Tankless water heater on south exterior wall busted Tuesday when sun came out for a bit, but I managed to cut off the water input pipe so I had water to rest of house. Bundled up in wool and down under a couple of afghans with 2 pairs of gloves with one fingertip cut out so I could work phone for texts & updates on power & water. Had pulled 10 gallons of water day before they sent the boil water notice. Small house so the walking circuit inside took 65 steps
  12. G/H has a rooftop scene that will drop your jaw
  13. How is this different from Dupuytren's contracture? My father and brother both had/have it.
  14. I have friends who moved to a Kia Soul when their Element died for good.
  15. I took part of a fresh peach, whizzed it up in a handheld blender container, added some water, whizzed again, and then added that mix to the original honey & oil mix with a bit of added honey. A tad more liquid than usual, but who noticed when spread over 10 cups of granola guts. Thanks for the hack.
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