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  1. 1 hour ago, Orik said:

    applesauce is apple + hfcs + vitamin c, so you could use 3/4 cup made of 20% honey, 75% water, 5% lemon juice I guess. Maybe add some gelling agent instead of the fruit pectin. 

    I took part of a fresh peach, whizzed it up in a handheld blender container, added some water, whizzed again, and then added that mix to the original honey & oil mix with a bit of added honey. A tad more liquid than usual, but who noticed when spread over 10 cups of granola guts. Thanks for the hack.

  2. Watched the first 3 episodes on my laptop at hbo.com before I discovered that Hulu was also carrying it for free. Now to finish rest before it disappears after Sunday. 

  3. 9 hours ago, small h said:

    Yes - hover over Active Topics and choose Unread Content. That's my default.

    There's nothing extra showing when I put my cursor over Active Topics. I can only click on Active Topics, which then restricts me to the headings/options of Show Me, Content Types, Read Status, Ownership, Following, Time Period and Sorting. So then when I click on Read Status, the default of Everything is checked, with the option of my selecting Content I Haven't Read. I know it's only one more step I have to go through, but I miss the New Content button from the previous iteration.

  4. I miss the new posts easy select option - now I have to go to Active Topics and then click on Read status and then click on Content I Haven't Read. I haven't found a way to keep Content I Haven't Read as my personal default. Am I missing something?

  5. For those of you with access to Kanopy, several Varda films are currently available:


    The Beaches of Agnes

    Cleo from 5 to 7

    Faces Places

    Jane B Par Agnes V



    Netflix has Faces Places


    Amazon Prime has:


    The Beaches of Agnes


    Salut Les Cubains [part of Cinevardaphoto tryptich]

    and several others if you also have Fandor/Mubi/Doc Channel through Amazon Prime

  6. I was sent that same notice, but because I save any NYT recipes as a bookmark of the recipe's page in two separate bookmarking sites/apps, Diigo and LinkLocker, I haven't noticed a problem with retrieving any NYT recipes. Maybe that will change, as I might be within that 25-day free window. Can't remember when I was sent the notice.


    Sure, it's not as convenient as having them all within a dedicated NYT Recipe Box, but I never used that and prefer to have all my recipes from a number of sites in one place, Diigo and LinkLocker [i know, that's 2 places, but I'm a pants and suspenders kind of gal. A bookmarking service I formerly used went belly up a year or so ago, and I don't want to lose all my bookmarks.]

  7. From Letters of Note:


    In 1993 NY Post columnist Liz Smith wrote: "[Aretha Franklin] must know she’s too bosomy to wear such clothing, but she just doesn't care what we think, and that attitude is what separates mere stars from true divas.” Aretha wrote to her...


  8. Just received the list of alumni planning to attend a milestone college reunion. Why is it that the ones coming are the same super-rahrahs you successfully avoided during your school years?


    Of course, maybe they've changed. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


    Maybe I'VE changed. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I just attended my college 50th class reunion. And I too was very apprehensive about attending because of the list of those attending, few of which I really hung out with in college.


    However, just as I had not yet registered, many others had held back until the last minute. It turned out to be a grand time, partly because of some last-minute registrants, including one favorite drinking buddy, and because so many of us had grown up and mellowed to the extent that we could enjoy being around each other even it we hadn't necessarily done so 50 years ago.


    I must admit that this was a small college, only 365 in my entering freshman class, with 165 of those making it to graduation. Due to the small size of the school, all the students and faculty and staff knew each other . Another plus for the reunion was the opportunity I had to tell my favorite professor, who was only 5 years ahead of us and is now on the Board of Trustees, how much she had meant to me.

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  9. I think they have light/dark sensors and are programmed to go off when it's pitch-black inside just to be evil. Don't bother with the 10-year lithium battery ones - one of mine crapped out after one year. I couldn't switch it off so ended up smashing it to bits and flinging it outside with gusto.


    It's worse if you're house/cat-sitting and there are four linked alarms going off, you can't figure out which one is the main one, one is up a flight of stairs just outside the cats' sleeping area, they're freaking out, and you have to go outside into a strange garage to find the ladder, all the while that damn screech is going off right in your ear as you're pulling it off the ceiling. Please god, never again.

  10. Other than chasing a mama raccoon through my old house that came in to chow down on cat food, my closest encounter with wildlife at home was a middle-of-the-night kerfuffle that woke me out of a dead sleep. When I entered the kitchen, lit only by an outside light, I noticed an owl quietly sitting on the edge of my sink. I carefully reached my left hand around behind the owl, grabbed him lightly, and then unlocked two back doors to throw him up to fly away. Not sure how it entered - either my cat caught it outside and brought it through two cat doors, or it chased my cat through two cat doors. I think the former is more likely. I'm just thankful that we all stayed calm and I didn't have to open all the doors to chase it outside.


    That house had a family of raccoons in the attic for a time, along with possums. In my new house in the middle of Austin, I frequently see silver foxes early in the morning, and occasionally have a scruffy coyote trot across my driveway in the middle of the day. Access to nearby creeks is key here.


    It was reported before last night's game that he had practiced more with the new balls after his first outing and felt he had mastered the problem. Obviously not.

  11. Your Social Security benefits may also be vulnerable


    "What should you do? At a minimum, I recommend immediately printing out and safely preserving your Social Security earnings record. The date may help prove that the real you has the earliest Social Security records. And if you are now collecting benefits? I’d start saving notices of benefits you’ve received or changes to your benefits. Also print out bank statements showing you’ve received benefits. Having these things in your possession with dates that pre-date when your benefits were redirected may help. Then again, Social Security may decide you set up a scam involving your pretending to have been scammed — all in order to double your monthly check. This concern might arise if you failed to report in a timely manner not receiving benefits. So make sure your check arrives each month if you are already receiving benefits.
    Another idea for those not yet receiving benefits is to send a certified letter, return receipt required, to Social Security every few months stating that you continue to live at your current address, that you have not yet filed for benefits and to notify you if anyone falsely files for benefits on your record. Keep a copy of these letters to document you never filed for benefits prior to the time you did."
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