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  1. I, too, could never get through until I timed my call for the opening bell, 6a here in the Central time zone. My machine is at least 30 years old.
  2. Dustin & Genevieve's Hello parody https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQ6-nCLeDsI
  3. I've had both endoscopy and colonoscopy in a surgical suite office separate from a hospital. General anesthesia, easy-peasy. They want you to plan on 1.5 - 2 hours so that you can check in, get the pre-procedure talk, wait your turn after everyone else who is scheduled before you, have the procedure, then wake up and rest a bit before getting dressed. Someone is to drive you home, due to potential aftereffects of the anesthesia.
  4. Mine is a DLC 10Plus, from the early 1980s. So old that it's not on the drop-down list in the online form, but it does have the four rivets on the blade. So I now have to call in to see whether this even fits under the recall, which models are to have begun being sold in 1996. mongo, the DLC-10s on the drop-down list have letters after the 10. So be sure to check the bottom plate for the actual M/N
  5. Recent waves of the buggers came from dried chiles, hibiscus leaves and rice. As they have not reappeared in the last month, I'm probably good for another year
  6. Usually I'd store them in their liquid. However, one of RG's beans, the Alubia Blanco, have a very thick/viscous broth after chilling, and it would be difficult to separate them from their broth without reheating and then cooling down. I have beans in a giant veggie saladofteny and use some of the broth as a substitute for oil in a dressing. Getting the broth out of the container without any beans along was a problem this week with the Alubias.
  7. In the end, I used green chiles I found labeled as such in an India grocery, about 2 inches long, very thin and pointed. Just a hint of heat--perfect for the non-chileheads in the group. I reduced the cilantro also. Enjoying the leftovers.
  8. In Ottolenghi's Plenty, his Spicy Moroccan Carrots calls for 2 medium green chiles, finely chopped. He doesn't specify what variety, in any of his four books, to use as a green chile. The rest of the recipe calls for 2 pounds of carrots, 2.5 cups of cilantro leaves, a sauteed medium onion, various spices, and a bit of preserved lemon. Would you use serranos, poblanos or anaheims?
  9. That may be so, or maybe it's in Murray's head. He played the same weak first set I've seen from him repeatedly in the past. Then he got stronger. It wasn't just Murray: Earlier under the roof, second seed Andy Murray scored a 6-4, 6-1, 6-4 second-round victory over Marcel Granollers. Both players said heavy rain pelting the roof during the match made the sounds of the game impossible to hear and affected play. “You can’t hear anything, really,” Murray said. “I mean, you could hear the line calls.” But that was about it. As Murray and Granollers played, there was a constant din
  10. Negative comments from Murray in this morning's paper about inability to hear ball strike due to rain noise on roof and sound of conversations held in by roof. Affected play somewhat by not hearing type of hit.
  11. If you have a cable provider, the NBC Sports app on a streaming device like Roku or on a tablet has all sports past events.
  12. Mary Roach will be in Santa Cruz on the 16th at Wellstone Center in the Redwoods.
  13. Amazon Prime has a documentary streaming now: Bill Cunningham New York
  14. Personally, I think they could use a very light steaming (or nuking) to soften them, too. Awfully chewy raw. Or you could use them to make kimchi. Tried them raw once. As Suzanne says, chewier than I wanted for a wrap. May try again with a bit of nuking/steaming.
  15. You may need to adjust recipes for today's smaller egg yolks, per Rose Levy Beranbaum
  16. won't help tonight, but pick up one of these jar poppers - it lifts the edge of the top just enough to break the vacuum seal. miracle.
  17. http://www.nationaleaglecenter.org/eagle-nesting-young/ Have you seen this? https://www.eagles.org/dceaglecam/ The DC eagles could fledge this week, IIRC, it's been 10 weeks since hatching.
  18. Check out Alice Medrich's [2014] Flavor Flours: 30 pages of buckwheat recipes. And chapters on rice, oat, chestnut, teff, sorghum, nut and coconut flours and corn flour & cornmeal.
  19. Norwegian political thriller series on Netflix: Occupied
  20. David Lebovitz's My Paris Kitchen for $1.99 Kindle beginning today--other Nook, iBooks formats TBA
  21. By the time I had to replace a side mirror for the second time due to the bad angle I need to make backing out of my garage, I learned to replace and paint it myself, saving over $200. I ordered my parts/paint from A1Auto.com and looked at videos on YouTube.
  22. Best frozen in pot likker, rather than dry--therefore in container rather than flat in bag. Once frozen, can be popped out of container and stored in freezer bag.
  23. memesuze

    roast chicken

    I was eating a fair amount of Costco chicken for lunches a few years ago until I began noticing that weird flavor. Then it was like noticing a small flaw in a piece of clothing that would be unnoticed by anyone else. Never was able to eat it again.
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