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  1. Early this morning I watched the first one born being fed repeatedly while its not as strong sibling rolled around and get ignored. One parent pulled little strings of meat from something hidden and pass to the other parent who would drop the string into the chick's mouth. Fascinating. Late one night I saw the sitting parent protect the chick&egg from some rain. The infrared cameras are so clear. Could see water drops beaded up on her coat. Not sure when they sleep.
  2. from a blog I follow: online and other booking in cuba
  3. 1000 hours of classic jazz, to stream or download
  4. I bought from this outfit after researching on several appliance forums: http://modernaire.com/modernaire/Home.html I'm very pleased with the sucking power and relatively low noise. Easy to clean.
  5. Also if you click on an individual show and then on This Episode on TV, it will open to a new page showing other times it might be on again. Helps when recording multiple shows at one time.
  6. I use Zap2It, checking the week ahead on Sundays so that I know what to look forward to and to record. http://tvschedule.zap2it.com/tvlistings/ZCGrid.do If you register, you can set up the grid to your liking, focusing on your most watched channels.
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    NFL 2016

    A short time before, he had taken a big hit and was noticeably distressed by how his left shoulder felt. He could merely have been avoiding further insult to the area.
  8. Not quite two years ago, I bought a Metrokane Rabbit Vertical Corkscrew. Recently I noticed a broken piece of black plastic on my counter-top, and set it aside to figure out its origin. Then the corkscrew began acting up, sometimes taking several tries to get the screw down into/through a cork. Looking inside, I noticed that half of an O-ring was missing. Apparently, it was to keep the screw moving straight down, rather than going off to the side. I emailed the company about service under the 10-year warranty. Less than 24 hours later, after sending pictures of the broken part and the piece I
  9. In case you watched Grease live, here's a snippet of the Associate Director's job
  10. Wonder if they could get away with using the names from their football introduction sketches and riffing on the action on the field
  11. Key and Peele will be offering live commentary to the Super Bowl
  12. There's a Chrome extension that adds a "super browsing" capability to the Netflix main page, enabling you to drill down to more specific categories of shows available.
  13. You might consider the Lodge dutch oven, reduced today on Amazon to $48. Sweethome.com picked it over all the others: "You could spend a lot more on a Dutch oven, but for $75 the 6-quart Lodge Color Enamel Dutch Oven kept pace with France-made pots four times the price. It seared, braised, steamed, and caramelized foods on a par with more expensive competitors, and it features great handles and dimensions that make the Lodge perfect for many cooking tasks. We’ve spent more than 68 hours on researching and testing over the past three years, and after using the Lodge for two of those, we
  14. From The Sweethome: http://tinyurl.com/o9ztvg6
  15. Today Amazon.com has 25%off one book with code 25OFFBOOK
  16. Lippy, sending some Texas-sized good wishes your way. Will keep you in my thoughts.
  17. Replacing a router. There are three pieces of firmware upgrades on the mfr's site. Is my assumption that I should install these in the order of oldest firmware first correct?
  18. Most television critics i follow find this fall's new crop to be utterly miss-able.
  19. Leaving for France in the morning. A couple of days in Paris, then via high-speed rail to Grenoble. We're on a home exchange in Biviers until the 23rd. The hosts who came to Austin last October will be there for the first day or so, to welcome us with a big dinner and to show us around town and Grenoble, before they leave for Puglia. The next door neighbor is from Lyon, so we should get some inside info from her as well.
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    Oliver Sacks

    An Oliver Sacks reading list
  21. when i clicked on this link my browser locked and i got one of those fake malware warning messages asking me to call some company and pay them to clean my computer Sorry about that, but I had posted on my tablet which was probably in the mobile view without the shortcuts for inserting links. Here's the article.
  22. Heres an account of someone's experience with a rental mifi: http://tinyurl.com/nbdckq8
  23. I'm in the midst of this process myself, because my Sprint Galaxy S4 has the wrong kind of network to use in most of the world, and I'm off to France in 2 weeks. I ordered a used Galaxy S4 from Mobile Pros on eBay. It's a Verizon phone but is unlocked for GSM. However, as I haven't gotten to France yet I can't relate my success with a French SIM card. Will let you know as soon as I can. I assume it can be used on American networks, because it's not marketed solely to use abroad.
  24. I'm not visiting the Pacific Northwest any time soon: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/07/20/the-really-big-one?mbid=social_twitter [sorry for link - - no link sub available]
  25. Lamarcus coming home to Texas
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