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  1. The only good thing about all the tornadoes and tornado warnings that have blanketed the Austin and Central Texas area is that I have been refining the contents of the box and bags I'll take to the one of the garages across the driveway from me that we've designated as our tornado shelter. It has three walls and a ceiling made of concrete, so we should be a bit safer than hanging on to our bathroom plumbing. Only if the Colorado River floods to biblical proportions will our compound be threatened because we're on a hill. As they say, Texas has decades of drought broken by flood. Maybe the
  2. See here for seeds and growing info: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Minnesota+Midget+cantaloupe+ Even Amazon.com has seeds.
  3. mongo, have you ever heard of the Minnesota Midget variety of cantaloupe? Said to have shorter growing season but just as sweet as the usual suspects. Softball-sized on a compact vine.
  4. Just split each bag. I live alone and get 3 1/2 cups of cooked beans out of 1/2 package [225g] to 3 1/2 cups water.
  5. If you're not regularly stretching the Achilles, you'll have this problem periodically. You can look online, or do what I do: stand near a wall with one foot back about three feet [other foot's toes against wall], lean forward with back leg straight as you hinge forward at the ankle, then bend back knee to get the Achilles stretching.
  6. My annual physical revealed that I have finally reached the age where my height is declining. I am NOT changing my driver's license.
  7. I recently bought another Lenovo to replace a five-year-old Lenovo running XP. No problems with either.
  8. Me, too and my typical save rate is 3-5 articles a week.
  9. I've used Dawn Power Dissolver with good results.
  10. I use Yahoo's version of Zap2It to plan my weekly TV viewing. You can set it up to show only those channels you receive/watch. I find it easier to look up and down a list of channels on my laptop/tablet and move from day to day on Zap2It than via the TWC Guide. As for ideas on what to look for in the future or what I might be missing now, I follow [via blog posts or Twitter] the following critics/reviewers/early announcers: Alan Sepinwall [HitFix], Maureen Ryan [HuffPost] , Todd VanDerWerff, [Vox] and David Bianculli [best bets for tonight's TV].
  11. This year, I've noticed little black half-inch or so "threads" in many of the avocados I'm mashing. Don't remember them in previous years. They don't mash into the rest of the avocado flesh and I usually have to discard that section. Anyone else seen this? What are they?
  12. Strong medicine. From a local source: Strong identified the bad apples early (and bad fruit takes many forms for Strong - it's not just about legalistic rule-breaking, it's about comportment and character), put them on highly supported, easy-to-follow academic, disciplinary and character-building plans and monitored them over several months, both directly and through his proxies in the staff, S&C and academic support. Folks who are all aligned with Strong. No place to hide. No coach to smooth things over for you, because he wants you starting for his position group. Strong's a
  13. One of my long-time favorites. Saw her about 5 years ago in an intimate supper cabaret performance. Met every expectation. RIP
  14. Pacific Merchants is offering 15% off fermentation crocks and the rest of their site through June 16th. Use "foodinjars15" as the discount code.
  15. No matter how prepared you might have been, it's still horrible news and I remember what that heart ache is like. My thoughts are with both of you.
  16. I'm dying here - that looks wonderful
  17. Available now on Netflix streaming
  18. IIRC, the typical wait at Franklin's is on the order or 2-3 hours, unless you hire someone to stand in line for you, or you reserve a a large order [currently taking pre-orders for May!!!] So, unless you absolutely have to have Franklin's, I'd advise going elsewhere or getting in line at 8a.
  19. Just dropped my Thermapen into the dishwater and don't have any rice in the house to use as a desiccant - - hoping quinoa will work until I get to the store later this afternoon.
  20. That's why I switched to duckduckgo as my search engine - - doesn't save search data for ad purposes. Try it.
  21. Just download the Kindle app for your smartphone or tablet or laptop or computer
  22. sorry about our rash, it might be the ppi. the fillers in the generic ones change all the time and they don't promise you that they are gluten free (or rather they don't promise you there's been no cross contamination). so assume that some months the bottle is gluten free and some months the fillers are gluten filled. the brand name ones are generally gluten free. i've spent the last week working with my doctor to get my new insurer to make tier and formulary exceptions so that all my meds can be gluten free at slightly less bankrupting prices. I took my sleuthing in two stages and the f
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