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  1. The rash I had chalked up to my being gluten-intolerant has reappeared after a year of being gluten-free and rash-free. The only things that have changed in my intake in the last month or so are a shift in manufacturers of the generic PPI I take daily and the store-bought granola. Believing that I didn't have full-blown celiac disease based on external symptoms and a lack of internal symptoms and test results, I've allowed myself to eat granola that "might" have been processed in a facility that might have gluten flying around. It may be that the different granola brand is the issue. I do
  2. If she's like many of us, that end will never come....
  3. correct: it was one of the kindle daily deals yesterday. I'll make that clearer for future picks.
  4. Amazon.com has Ottolenghi's Plenty e-book for 1.99 today
  5. Semi-binge-watching Lilyhammer on Netflix. Highly recommended. Looking forward to a new Dan Harmon Community tonight. Season 4 sucked.
  6. That show was amazing. Difficult to watch but sooo good. I may be binge-watching the remaining 3 episodes tonight. Just as I binge-watched Top of the Lake last weekend. Don't know why it took me several years to discover that the Sundance Channel is among my options with my Time Warner subscription. Even though some aren't in HD, there are quite a few movies that I revisit too.
  7. I hope that foodie52 will forgive me for thinking it odd that one of the best -- if the THE best -- current American choirs comes from Austin. I hope she also won't think me presumptuous if I say that, if she doesn't already go to their local concerts, she should. I guaranty that she'll love them. I've seen foodie52 at only one - but I've been a donor/season ticket holder for years. I never fail to be moved, usually to tears. And Requiem is one of my go-to gifts. They had an appearance in NYC a couple of years ago that also included one of their free "community sings" IIRC. If I see t
  8. The first three [of six] episodes of Rectify on the Sundance Channel. Another of the year's best IMO
  9. Amazon.com has Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch and Phillip Meyer's The Son Kindle editions for $2.99 today as first of 12 days of special deals
  10. Costco has the Roku 3 for $84.99 (including $10 mfr discount) - - save $15
  11. On the Sundance Channel: The Returned, a French series, with a lot of creepiness and high production value. Sunday, they will re-run all episodes to date, beginning at 2.45p [eastern, I suppose]
  12. memesuze


    It's a good thing that Shonda Rhimes has placed a time limit on the number of seasons. Plot is pretty ratcheted up right now.
  13. Finding the filters from AdBlock Plus that allow me to prevent photos from automatically displaying/previewing on Twitter on the desktop
  14. memesuze


    QVC has the 32-oz dry blade container for $50 plus S/H
  15. When I was getting ready for my recent trip to China, the travel clinic nurse warmed me about the daytime mosquitoes that cause one disease, and the nighttime mosquitoes that cause another. IIRC, malaria and dengue fever. As only one of those diseases could be "prevented" with a vaccination, it ramped up my worry level a bit.
  16. During my recent stay in Shanghai, I stayed at the YouFeel Hotel. Only $25 a night, but no one spoke a bit of English, leading to a few pantomime moments--trying to convey asking whether there was a washer and dryer on premises as there had been in Beijing or in requesting hand towels and a bath mat that the maid forgot one day. The latter request led to the doorman coming up to check out whether we had hidden them somewhere in the room or in our luggage.
  17. I'm home in my own bed after two good weeks in Shanghai and Beijing - - some very good meals., some not so good - - no real mistakes, no problems, no injuries - - a good trip for me Thank god for a good subway system, and apparently 5+inches of rain in my absence
  18. Not sure what thread this should go in but my Internet connection here in China is iffy Amazon has the Kindle edition of Rachel Kushner's The Flamethrowers on sale today for $1.99 Pls cross-post if necessary
  19. I occasionally store flours in freezer--initially to kill all the creepy-crawlies and eggs. But if I think there's a chance it might not be used for some time and/or if it might go "rancid" I'll do it.
  20. Don't forget Roger Ebert's cooking everything with a rice cooker cookbook - - I've never looked at it, but it's an option for cooking more than just rice
  21. Leaving early tomorrow morning for two weeks in China, mostly Shanghai, but 4 or 5 days in Beijing. Originally, trip was to include a side trip to Tai Yuan, where my traveling companion's daughter-in-law's family lives, so that we could attend a wedding banquet. However, she has come down with pregnancy and is not traveling, even by train. Fortunately, her American husband will shepherd us to/through Beijing. He's been teaching English as a second language for several years now.
  22. RAIN IN AUSTIN - 3.25" so far today,at my house and expected to continue falling through tomorrow sometime
  23. So, it's 2.30a and I can't sleep. I pick up Clive Cotterill's The Woman Who Wouldn't Die to finish the last 30 pages. Get to page 305, and the main mystery has been solved but we're in the midst of a secondary mystery resolution, turn the page to page 306, which is completely blank, and then the novel finishes on page 307, with the resolution somewhere lost in the printing press on 306. Now I really can't get back to sleep.
  24. He's beginning to remind me of Jody Conradt, when she was sticking around in an attempt to get us another womens' bb national championship before retiring - the game passed her by, and it may be doing so with Mack. Mack's CEO style is working only on the schmoozing side, not on the game management side. Why can't he and DeLoss ride off into the sunset together at the end of this dismal season. Joe Jamail and all the other deep pockets can't be happy.
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