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  1. Android/Google Play [aka the Google store] users: I just noticed that I am unable to sort the reviews by stars so that I can read all the 1*, 2* to see what issues folks had with a particular app. Am I missing something in the new look? In the past, I would click on the 1* symbol and all of the 1* reviews would come up. Now I can sort by rating, but it seems only to bring up the 5* reviews first and there isn't a way to get past the hundreds of thousands of 5* 4* 3* to get to the lower ratings.
  2. 2 RTBCs: Just received my Chinese visa Time Warner has finally picked up the Longhorn Network
  3. There have been concerns raised about the use to which 3-D printers will be put, e.g., making guns from scratch, but this is a heartwarming use
  4. I found Feedly's support to be very responsive when I had a question.
  5. Bloglines was my first RSS reader. At one point they threatened shutting down, so I switched to GReader. For the life of me I can't recall how much different BL was from GReader. I've switched to Feedly, and have been able to set it up to look like GReader, with the two columns, left one contains a list of all the feeds in the categories I've established, and right one is simply a list of the individual postings under either the feed selected on the left or the category selected on the left. If you don't have Feedly set up like that, you should give it a shot on both your computer/laptop a
  6. 24 of the best Mr. Show sketches [from Bob Odenkirk aka Saul on Breaking Bad]
  7. memesuze

    Mad Men

    Peggy Olsen grows up at work
  8. Consulting the MF hive mind: Any recent thoughts/info/experience on trip insurance? I will be traveling to China [shanghai and a smaller town] in October, and given my history of the last decade with three separate incidents that resulted in a broken kneecap, a broken pelvis, a broken wrist and a broken leg, I'm looking to buy some sort of medically-related insurance, including possible evacuation.
  9. About airline miles/rewards accruals: If I were to purchase two tickets for a trip, can I assign one of the ticket's miles/rewards to another person so long as there's a second rewards account? Or would it simply be handled by making a gift of that amount of miles at a later date to the second rewards account?
  10. 24 hours of her films on TCM beginning the 13th of June [all times ET]: Thursday, June 13 8 p.m. – Bathing Beauty (1944) 10 p.m. – Neptune’s Daughter (1949) 11:45 p.m. – Million Dollar Mermaid (1952) 1:45 a.m. – Dangerous When Wet (1953) 3:30 a.m. – Andy Hardy’s Double Life (1942) 5:15 a.m. – Thrill of a Romance (1945) Friday, June 14 9:15 a.m. – The Hoodlum Saint (1946) 11 a.m. – Fiesta (1947) 1 p.m. – This Time For Keeps (1947) 3 p.m. – On An Island With You (1948) 5 p.m. – Pagan Love Song (1950) 6:30 p.m. – Texas Carnival (1951)
  11. The bottle of canola oil that I inadvertently flung onto my floor and watched create a hail of glass shards had only a couple of tablespoons of oil left which pooled safely in the bottom of the biggest piece.
  12. If you've just made a blueberry dark chocolate smoothie for breakfast, put the thick glass on the counter to return the almond milk to the fridge, and hear a snick..............snick.............plop that glass of smoothie right away into the sink or you'll have a shattered glass and smoothie all over the counter, the floor, and the white lower cabinets and baseboard. There must have been a crack in the glass that I hadn't noticed - it was one of those "french" luminarc working glasses, pretty thick-walled. Fortunately the paint job on the cabinets and baseboards was a good one, and I was
  13. what happens when you wring a washcloth out in zero gravity?
  14. memesuze

    Mad Men

    Just watched the final episode of last season in preparation for tonight's opener. I've never noticed it in other episodes, but this particular episodes had at least 23 door-openings in its 45 minutes. Once I noticed it, re-started and fast-forwarded through to count. Am thinking that it was deliberate, because many of the scenes could have simply begun within the confines of the room.
  15. His "leave of presence" was entirely too short. RIP
  16. Today's food52.com and other April Fool's Day internet pranks
  17. I agree on Justified, and I'd also recommend The Americans, but only if you start with episode one. And that advice would also pertain to Justified, not only to watch the growth and progression of the characters/stories, but to re-live Margo Martindale's arc.
  18. Another shot, and they're doing a Hive Five soon to get public input
  19. a recent japanese volcano eruption
  20. memesuze

    NFL 2013

    I had similar thoughts when the Lakers got Howard and Nash. You never can tell. I've never seen Welker as the prima donna that Howard is. Nash just needed some time to mesh with everyone.
  21. I ran across this last night - not sure the suggested alternatives help any of us thesame way GReader does. Will keep searching.
  22. You might try InstantWatcher to see if things are available and to see the list of films/videos expiring soon [down at the bottom of page]. Also has several search categories at top of page.
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