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  1. and from the anesthesiologists themselves: page one and page two
  2. oops, found what I was looking for: anesthesiologists changing guidelines
  3. I don't think it was simply Longhorn Gal's libation accompanying the deep-fried peeps the Austin bunch devoured last year that created our oohs and aahs - we all were astonished at their tastiness
  4. Mongo, you might want to check cnet.com or the pcmagazine site for comparisons - I'm pretty sure one or the other has kept pretty up-to-date on options to the iPod.
  5. Jaymes is a temporary expatriate, on loan to MIssouri, from whence we drag her back periodically cuz as wonderful as Austin is, it just ain't the same without her
  6. Looks as though RedQueen will be spending Saturday making individual brioche rolls....at least it won't be sunny to tempt you outdoors.
  7. I've wandered around in there shopping, but never noticed the counter - wondering if the new Korean shopping center just south on Lamar - near the Walgreens - will be absorbing this grocer....I love all those sides that come with bulgogi
  8. hearing on the "clueless questions" thread that balmagowry is alive and kicking - hope she joins in....
  9. I want those all to be available when I come by for my afternoon ounce of wine tasting - no need to join Longhorn Gal and the singles at 419
  10. memesuze


    That sounds similar to a chickpea with potato salad from Suvir Saran's Indian Home Cooking - it was dressed with his homemade tamarind chutney that had sufficient heat and tartness to make me grin.
  11. There's always prancing around with Suvir's cookbook....
  12. How does this differ from the homemade ground rice I do for larb?
  13. It's been around a couple of years - the place was quite full Saturday - as were our bellies after the meal. I thought the hummus had a bit too much tahini in it, but the baba ganoush was outstanding....you guys' Persian pizza looked interesting - and we all loved the pomegranate-sauced chicken. I like the idea of the Food Trail continuing after the jump over the fence....
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