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  1. Tony shared his Stilton with me 14 years ago when I told him I didn't really like stinky cheese. That was the start of a love affair with stinky cheese. Thank you Tony.
  2. peppyre

    Tana Butler

    I am so sad to learn of her passing. She was definitely a force on eGullet and the early days here that all of us will likely remember. Some fondly, some not. Despite that, she made an impact. What a huge loss...
  3. Congrats. Years two and three could prove more challenging. No shit... Congratulations Bloviatrix! It's huge milestone. Happy Birthday to the Cub!
  4. I really like steaming a chicken breast. My favourite is to slice up some ginger and scallion (Quite a lot of both), pile that on top of the chicken, drizzle with soy sauce, rice vinegar, and black vinegar. Sometimes I'll add a hot pepper. It just depends what I have in the kitchen. I always steam it whole though and then slice. I could see it drying out pretty quickly.
  5. peppyre


    Did either of you watch the British version? It was incredible. I'm finding this version harder to watch even though it's nearly a shot for shot copy of the original.
  6. We have a stand alone chest freezer and it was one of my best purchases. Especially post-baby. If you've got the space, I would go for it. Ours currently lives in our dining room, which is really just an extension of our kitchen.
  7. I'm back to work after a nearly 14 month maternity leave and I really really don't want to be back there. I had hoped that things would have changed for the better, but really it's still exactly the same. The only good thing about work, getting a shower every day. It's an absolute luxury.
  8. They've actually just started doing this in Vancouver as well. Of course, we don't really have that much interesting architecture here, so I'm not sure what the draw is.
  9. The entire nanny phenomenon is nuts. I live in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Canada and nearly every child has a nanny. It seems here that the prized nannies are all Filipina's. I decided to go against the norm and have a well-educated, white nanny. (The fact that having a nanny in this city is the cheapest childcare available just boggles the mind)
  10. Thank you all. It's been a very tough week.
  11. My darling Pepper 1995-2014 I am absolutely heartbroken
  12. That is so awful and sad. It also makes me very happy that I haven't really formed any relationships with other mothers in this area. The ones that I have met are coworkers and are relatively relaxed like myself. Those poor girls are going to grow with terrible eating disorders.
  13. I told Ty that was my next look for taking the baby out for a walk. I've missed out on months of this look...what was I thinking?
  14. Sneak, he's totally not indifferent to the adorable granddaughter. I think he would be quite happy if I just left her with him for several days. They shared a banana the other day while he was stuck in the hospital and it totally made up for him being stuck there. Splinky, glad you got to meet him. He can certainly be a lot of fun.
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