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  1. I think NYT has a GPS in his car and I believe he knows how to operate it! If you feel adventurous some day and decide to venture up this here way, I'll treat!
  2. I had lunch today at Pizzeria Corvina in Round Rock. It is located in the shopping center at the southeast corner of IH-35 and the toll road (SH 45). I sampled a Ceaser Salad and a pizza with everything. It was very good. The Ceaser was very good and the pizza was a 10 inch pie that might feed two if your a light eater. Since it's near my home, I will go there again. Here is their website: http://www.pizzeriacorvina.com/
  3. You cannot go wrong with Cook. I was in Napa in March and we ate there 3 times during that week. Jude is the chef/owner and does a fantastic job. The waitstaff are a friendly bunch. Ask for Loretta!
  4. Did you know you can fit the W-H-O-L-E state of Texas in a Rancho Gordo tote?
  5. I liked their website. I wonder if anyone has purchased 10 gallons? That will feed quite a lot of people!
  6. OK, many years ago I was walking into the hotel that is across the street from the UN and I bumped into this blonde (or was it a light brunette)...........anyway it was Chris Everett Lloyd. She was in NYC to host SNL. Sat at a table next to Jerry Springer in SF. The restaurant was called Rumpus. He was with a woman, but from the conversation it was more about business than pleasure. Many years ago had dinner in a restauant in NYC and Cindy Crawford was having dinner with a few friends at the next table. I bumped into her on the way to the restrooms. This was before she made su
  7. Wow, how does one make it onto the Tiffany's list? BTW Austin folks we need to gather and feast together soon. Next time I see you I'll tell you. The list is quite short. You might be able to make it on there, though!
  8. I second the recommendation for the Wappo. The outside patio is a wonderful space and the food is very good. It will have something on the menu for everyone and a few dishes (with a South American flair) you should try. The prices will not overwhelm you either. There's a wine bar in the Lincoln Hotel that offers some great pours from local wineries that are hard to get. It does tapas was well.
  9. Well............I do the Domain. I am a snob and an elitest when it comes to some of those stores. Besides, I usually buy special gifts for friends from Tiffany's, so I no longer have to order from the webste. I can go directly to the store. It is also a good people watching venue. For those of you who not familiar with the area, the company that is developing the Domain bought the campus from IBM several years ago. I used to play softball at company picnics on the spot where Oakville Grocery is located. I used to work as an engineer manufacturing circuit cards in the building whe
  10. I was born in a small town about 30 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. Sometime I miss it. I remain a Steelers fan and will until I die! Go to the Old Oyster House in Market Square and have a fish sandwich and a glass of Iron City beer. You'll never get a fish sandwich so fresh and as large as you will there. I was there in July and went there every day for lunch. I was working, so I didn't have a beer, but one day the sandwich was just so good, I ordered a second! If you don't want to "pump and Iron" get a Rolling Rock.
  11. Oakville Grocery in the Domain opened on Sunday. Little to no fanfare. It has some interesting wines and the wine prices are not bad. Check out the pastries. They have procured them from local bakeries, etc. They all look delicious. The breads appear to be from Mandola's, just priced higher. Other items, fresh meats and deli meats, are over the top Go check it out and let me know what you think about it.
  12. My favorite part of the night were the Don Pepe stories! Sincerely, Don Fillipe
  13. Actually, them hunting dogs is pure bread.............my ex wife was the mongrel!
  14. It will have 4 wheels. Can't say all the tires will match. You'll know it's me because there will be a few dogs riding in the bed of the truck.
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