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  1. I'm booked - American Heart Assn breakfast (at the Austin Country Club - woo hoo!) and then work. Maybe next week? I am off all weekend but am spending saturday boozing along in a Hill Country Wine tour and Sunday recovering at Slapsiefest!
  2. http://www.news8austin.com/content/top_sto...asp?ArID=193352 I am now wanting to go eat a cupcake out of an airstream trailer...
  3. My Jalapenos are gonna set David's butt on fire.... hmmm. That didn't come out right, did it?
  4. Wow, how does one make it onto the Tiffany's list? BTW Austin folks we need to gather and feast together soon.
  5. I sadly have to go attend a graduation in San Marcos tomorrow night. have fun!
  6. Foodie, What they had looked really nice. The presentation is good - all low-profile shelving. And they have a great high-end selection. But honestly, I didn't see much of anything there that you can't find at WF or CM. And I doubt their prices are cheaper, even with the 5% off for paying in cash or debit or check. The cheese island was nice, but not a lot of product. They had 2 slicers for the deli, which was mainly proscutto and appy-type meats as opposed to lunch meat. The only thing I did a direct comparison on was the frozen AMy's organics. The veggie lasagna was $1.50
  7. Good selection on the wine/liqouor side. Some good knowledge, but a more industrial feel than Wiggy's which is my favorite. Food side, good selelction but almost zero service. A poor showing in comparison to the alcohol side. Great selection of specialty chocolates, and some yummy looking coffees. --LHG
  8. Had a lady a month or so ago run her car into the front of my work building. She went over 2 curbs and 20 feet of sidewalk, narrowly missed the outside break area (where people were sitting at the time) and took out a 10 foot section of brick wall, knocked the toilets off the wall of the men's room, and the force of the impact knocked items off of wall shelving in the back of the store. She was an older lady who hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes when pulling into the parking spot. She was very disoriented after the incident, don't know if it was due to injuries or just stress.
  9. Class was great - Phil has an easygoing style and makes the comfort of the audience his priority. The short ribs were awesome, the world's easiest chocolate brulee got great reviews, and the night started with Rancho Gordo beans which were darn tasty. The pizza was yummy too - I used the dough recipe tonight with my niece and it turned out great! I was the proud recipient of my own bag o' beans. Yum! Definitely a don't miss the next time around. The only thing I found disconcerting was that the "Taste of the California Wine Country" served some non-californian wines?!?!?
  10. Lordy, what a lovely ambition. Wow! I have finally found my ambition in life. Victory is mine! And I usually am one of the Stupids. Like the people in the books that we read in the 2nd grade.
  11. Sorry, I was off watching the Longhorns pound on some team in florescent orange. Central Market is correct. Phil is napavalleyphil and my go-to guy for all things involving CA wine. I will endeavour to avoid speaking in code in the future! --LHG
  12. So if you aren't doing anything Thursday night, come join me in heckling Phil as he teaches at the CM cooking school. Flavors of the California Wine Country I hear that there will be short ribs. If that isn't a good reason to show up, I don't know what is! 458-3068 to make a reservation. 6:30 - 9pm --LHG
  13. But we couldn't get the peeps to stand still. Today I saw marshmallow ghost peeps.
  14. What's the difference / committment for a sponsor? Everything except the adoption? how long would she get to stay if she was sponsored? Does the sponsor provide food/shelter/clothing or just $$$? Oh, and my book name should be Sparky Bourgeois. Don't ask.
  15. I purchased some lovely local produce this morning at the farmer's market... and then was harrassed by 2 men of questionable background in an SUV while driving home. I guess they were jealous of my haul! hahaha. Wish I had run into them at the market which would have made my internal monologue of "wow, what a hippie farmer!" much more interesting. See y'all tonight, and tomorrow. Be warned, I am bringing a (normally quite well behaved but who can predict!) 4 year old with me on Sunday. She will be "well fed and instructed on proper behavior" (according to mom) prior to my picking h
  16. I'll step up for a generic vegetable based salad. And then I'll throw something exotic in it. Like a pluot. Or a fig. Or a peep since there will be no fryer. Yes, I have peeps on hand at all times in case of emergency. --LHG
  17. Thanks for the recap Foodie! The photos are making me hungry again. Thanks Rob for being such a great host - it was definitely a top-notch event - both the wine, the food, and the atmosphere. Thanks to LeeAnn for adding her insights and perspective too. My favorite was the "it has aromas of Sweettarts" story. --LHG
  18. Seafood for the champagne... this may be my first ever caviar purchase! I'm on it. I love my new seafood guy, he'll make sure I get the best of what's to be gotten! Oh, and I just re-discovered this cunning little 4 pack of what is some sort of pate that I bought in France last fall. Does anyone read french? I'll bring it along and we can toss it into the mix where appropriate.
  19. Is that the order? I can start looking for champers-appropriate appetizers. Oh, and FYI to all, mom is coming along!
  20. OMG. Crepe-tastic. I love the crepe. The scoop: Flip Happy Crepes. Tues - Sat 530p - 9p, lunch 11-2 on Fri and Sat. 2041 S Lamar in the Floribunda parking lot. My desire for crepes was almost thwarted once again due to a lack of ready cash, however a quick perusal of the in-dash storage area revealed a forgotten stash of quarters. The crepes are MINE!!! There were two very sweet and friendly young women running the crepery. Cheerful and clean and colorful picnic tables. Pink flamingos along the fence. A giant chalkboard menu, including savory crepes (most $5.50 except the sa
  21. I vote that Rob picks us out some wines and suggests types of things to go with. Since it's his party and all, that way he can make sure no one brings things he doesn't like! I'll volunteer for a hors d'oeuvre. Or two. Of course, if I was smart I'd volunteer for a late-course item so that no one would really care what they tasted like at that point! --K
  22. July 30 works for me. Jaymes, get your heiney out here soon!
  23. I vote for late August also. I'm currently slated to be out of town on the 6th. --LHG
  24. Little Deli is awesome. I was there a couple months ago and Food Network was filming a blurb there. But I assiduously (sp?) avoided the camera! I think I had a turkey sandwich and a side of pasta salad. Both were excellent. It's definitely a hole-in-the-wall, but if the weather is cool (aka February) they have a nice bit of outdoor seating. --LHG
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