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  1. So, I wonder if this will be yet another Seattle incarnation of the French bistro as popularly conceived in this country or something more in the bistronomic mold, which would be a lot more interesting (Galusha + Stonebruner have the chops to pull it off). Bistronomic was a new word to me so I had to look it up. From one article I would say that's what Spur is. Gastropub just doesn't give the right impression when discussing Spur. I agree. I look forward to more bistronomic experiences!
  2. Bummer that you had some poorly executed plates. We've been several times and have always been quite pleased. Perhaps there was a cook or 2 missing in the kitchen? Side note: One of my favorite childhood memories is that of the freshly baked cheesecake my mom would make. I couldn't wait to have a piece! As soon as it was set enough, she'd let me have a slice - warm. Yum!
  3. My wife & I dropped in, gosh, I guess it was last summer (you know, a damp, cool, gray day). It must have been a Sunday. The place was full, but we were offered 2 seats at the bar. While the bartender was very busy, he was friendly and provided good service. We had a couple of starters and 2 entrees. My wife had the lasagna, which she loved, and I believe I had the daily fish special. We left happy and content. I remember this because of all the noise regarding The Stranger reviews. I just wondered how, after reading those reviews and other people's comments, that we could have had
  4. For someone visiting from Seattle, is this worth the splurge or should I just stick to beer & brisket? As you probably know, we can't get really good bbq here, but I've got my pick of sushi/seafood/Japanese. I am intrigued by the fusion aspect. Most everyone plays it pretty straightforward here. I'm just figuring that I'll need to mix it up during the 8 days I'll be down there. As much as I love smoked meat, top shelf fish dishes appeal, too!
  5. We've been to Olives several times. The food has always been quite good. http://www.olivescafewinebar.com/index.html Shell Creek is ok. Nancy Leeson seemed to have a good time there. Folks seem to like Ciao Italia Ristorante, but I've never been. And there's T&T Seafood on Hwy 99. And, Hosoonyi Restaurant! Here's a handy, if not quite up to date, site for basic searches up north: http://www.northsounddining.com/
  6. My wife and I went 2 Saturdays ago and got in right before the big dinner rush. We had a wonderful time, impressed by both the service and the food. Ok, and the cocktail I had. It was the Old Fashion and I followed it with an on-tap Trappist triple. We had the duck rillette, rabbit pate, the sloppy joe, and the roasted cauliflower & lentils. And the apple tart for dessert, which was way bigger than I would have expected. We loved the flavors, and considering that my wife is a closet vegetarian, I needn't say more! I wish we didn't live in the suburbs now. This is my wife's old ne
  7. Since I never took my camera out (oh so difficult!) and I was using a friend's new Nikon, I have no pictures to share of: a ridiculously abundant cheese plate, smoked wild salmon, pickled wild salmon, homemade cheese crackers, homemade spinach pie, homemade quiche, barbequed shrimp, roasted lamb, homemade dolmades, stuffed olives, an assortment of Unibroue beers, Ukrainian honey pepper vodka, Champagne, wine, more beer, a homemade cheesecake, cookies from a French bakery in Vancouver, and a 16 inch chocolate Santa that was decapitated after the New Year!
  8. My wife and I stopped in for a late "snack" after the Richard Thompson show. It was pretty quiet, except for the lame 80's background music, which was hard to take after RT! We had the decadent fried duck egg mushroom plate, too! If I had known how big the serving was, I wouldn't have ordered the octopus & white beans! (I finished the mushrooms, but took the leftover octopus home. Yes, it was still excellent warmed-up the next day!) My wife had the cheese-y gnocchi baked with a red sauce. Pretty outrageous! Service was fast and good.
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