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  1. Reminds me . . . this needs to be made into a handout card:
  2. I still find myself surprised that this is a new thing in NY. Prominently displayed health inspection grades have been the norm in just about every restaurant -- from five star to five napkin -- that I've been in since I began paying for my own food. I've lived in NC, TN, GA, OH, SC, OR, KS and now NC again, and health/food inspection grades are standard. How has NYC escaped and why are restaurateurs bitching about something that has been the rule in restaurants elsewhere for twenty years or more?
  3. Several years ago I was taking one of my kids to a school field trip very early in the morning. There wasn't a safe opening to pull in to traffic from the side street we were on. It was dark and a little rainy so visibility was low. I wasn't taking chances. The person behind me didn't appreciate my caution. He honked. Then honked again. Then revved his engine and eased up on my bumper. At that point I'd had enough so I got out of my car to go back and tell him to ease up a little and that I'd pull out when it was safe. I'd forgotten a few things: A) I'm not a small guy; B) It was about six in
  4. And congratulations to Wichita State for their NIT win. They played a great game. A bunch of our friends from Wichita are very happy tonight.
  5. Interesting. I'm surprised they were having trouble with this. My standard sandwich loaf is 50% whole wheat. Getting it to rise properly has never been a problem. Adding nonfat dry milk powder seems to do the trick. The loaves rise just fine and don't deflate when slashed before baking. The NFD milk powder and the honey also keep the bread fresher longer, probably because they retain moisture. Basic recipe, makes one 2-pound loaf of sandwich bread: ~2 cups/9oz AP flour (I'm partial to King Arthur) ~2 cups/9oz whole wheat flour 1/4 cup/1oz nonfat dry milk powder 1Tbsp/0.5oz kosher salt
  6. I've gone through a little more than a pound of SAF every year for the last three or four years. I keep the opened bag in a zip-top freezer bag in the freezer. I don't portion any into the fridge, I just use it from the freezer and add it directly to the dry ingredients. If there were any downside to that I would vacuum seal it between uses, but there aren't. It works every time. Yours will be fine. On the other hand, I have some liquid brewing yeasts that are fussier than a purebred Chihuahua. They could take a lesson from the SAF.
  7. Are any of your cats squinting or have goop buildup around their eyes? Sneezing alone isn't too bad but sneezing and squinting (impending conjunctivitis) can be chlamydia (not exactly the kind we were warned about in college). Chester went through a bout of it last year, probably brought by Otto, who was just getting over a respiratory infection when we got him from the rescue place. It got really bad because the vet who saw him first refused to believe that's what it was because he'd been vaccinated. Stupid cow. Went to another vet in the same practice who immediately diagnosed it. Took weeks
  8. Beer This has been around a while. I wish they'd picked a different name. Beer Sommelier would have worked nicely, I think. Coming up with a new term just adds another hurdle to acceptance of the idea. All in all it's a good way to raise the profile of craft beer, though I'm not sure having a Cicerone at your restaurant is going to be any kind of draw for the next couple of years. Lots of groundwork to be laid.
  9. I have a request from a magazine for a female chef with good hands and good knife skills for a techniques video or two to accompany a feature I'm writing. Apparently my battle scarred hands aren't attractive enough :-P. Studios located in NYC and Birmingham, AL. If you have someone to recommend in either location, please let me know. Thanks.
  10. This looks pretty interesting. I assume several of you got this email as well, but here ya go:
  11. Life Keef is surprisingly articulate and readable. I'm liking this one quite a bit. I was never a big Stones fan, but I sense an iPod upload soon.
  12. I hope when all the members of this "fringe religious group" die, people picket their funerals with "Have a good time burning in hell" signs. Or even better, that no one attends their funerals at all. Yes, that would be the Phelps family and the Westboro Baptist Church from Topeka, KS. Apparently I will be spending my Saturday counter-protesting these wacktards. My wife and I were going on about how f'd up their protests are, how loathsome the Phelps family is, the harm they caused when we lived in Kansas, et al, and our 16-year-old took it very seriously. He decided, in spite of the fact
  13. Frasca - chef Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson was a Food & Wine Best New Chef for 2005, and deservedly so. I had a very nice dinner at Mateo last time I was in Boulder (this was about five years ago). The steak frites was particularly well executed.
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